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Rogues, Rascals & Rapscallions

Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime

"Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime"
Pierre-Paul Prud'hon (April 4, 1758 February 16, 1823)

"Everybody loves a rogue though sometime we live to regret it. Scoundrels, con men, and scalawags. Ne'er-do-wells, thieves, cheats, and rascals. Bad boys and bad girls. Swindlers, seducers, deceivers, flimflam men, impostors, frauds, fakes, liars, cads, tricksters; they go many names, and they turn up in stories of all sorts, in every genre under the sun, in myth and legend; and, oh, everywhere in history as well. They are the children of Loki, the brothers of Coyote. Sometimes they are heroes. Sometimes they are villains. More often they are something in between, grey characters; and grey has long been my favorite color. It is so much more interesting than black or white." - George R. R. Martin

Except for extreme cases which have already seen their share of publicity this page focuses on those that have passed. Those that are still living are still writing their histories. In other cases we will respect a two generation limit to protect the living.

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Oscar Merritt Wheelock.
Oscar Merritt Wheelock.
Oscar Merritt Wheelock - A wanted man in the United States, a hero of the Mexican Revolution. 
Albert Fish
Albert Fish
Hamilton Howard (aka Albert) Fish - Serial killer 
Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer - Serial killer. 
James Franklin Wheelock
James Franklin Wheelock
James Franklin Wheelock - Convicted of murder and hanged. 
Norman J Wheelock Murder Trial.
Norman J Wheelock Murder Trial.
Norman J Wheelock - Convicted of murder and electrocuted in the electric chair. 
William Hooper Young.
William Hooper Young.
William Hooper Young - Convicted for the murder Anna Pulitzer a known prostitute. Sentenced to life in prison. 
Mayflower Madam Trial.
Mayflower Madam Trial.
Sydney Biddle Barrows stands trial for promoting prostitution. 
George A Wheelock Reckless Driving.
George A Wheelock Reckless Driving.
Undoubtedly soon after the second car was built one of those two drivers invented road rage. George was certainly a pioneer in the field having been arrested in May of 1904. 
Ruth Jones Love Duel.
Ruth Jones Love Duel.
Ruth (nee Jones) Wheelock's Love Duel. At the age of 60 a jealous Ruth was in involved in a "love duel" with a 22 year old rival. Although what most newspapers reported as a "sword fight with homemade weapons" was mostly a scuffle over a Chinese cutlass in which Ruth got the worst of the deal.  
Brigham Pleads Guilty.
Brigham Pleads Guilty.
When is a Brigham not a Brigham? When he's Charles W. Bartlett. Charles made his living as a forger and swindler. While he currently has no known connection to this tree he has to be mentioned because he dragged the name of Brigham through the mud by operating for over half a century as "Paul Brigham". Any researcher can run across multitudes of newspaper reports of his crimes under the name of Brigham. it was not until he surrendered that his true name was revealed. When he confessed he said he was "trying to break into jail" He eventually succeeded in that and he spent the remainder of his life there. This article is from the Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Times, Tuesday, January 28, 1896 page 2. 
David Crosby Arrest.
David Crosby Arrest.
David Crosby has had several run-ins with the law involving drugs and weapons. He now credits his prison time for enabling him to get sober and saving his life.