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The Political Convention
Political Convention

“Democracy is a poor system of government at best; the only thing that can honestly be said in it is favor is that it is about eight times as good as any other method the human race has ever tried. Democracy’s worst fault is that its leaders are likely to reflect the faults and virtues of their constituents.” – Jubal Harshaw (Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land)

Celebrating the relatives that have served in politics!

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Nathaniel Gorham President William Henry Harrison. President Franklin Pierce. President James Garfield. President Calvin Coolidge. President Benjamin Harrison. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt President Richard M. Nixon President Gerald R. Ford President George H. W. Bush.
President George Walker Bush. Vice President Colfax Schuyler Jr. Vice President Levi P Morton. Vice President Charles Warren Fairbanks Vice President Charles Gates Dawes. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Mark Udall. Sarah Palin. Alderman Ed Burke
Justice Anne M Burke Mike Huckabee. Jeb Bush Roy H Brigham Governor John Davis. Governor Mark Brandt Dayton. Secretary John Forbes Kerry Honorable Elijah Brigham. Governor Paul Brigham. Mayor Daniel Lamb Wheelock.
Charles Alfred Pillsbury. Prescott Bush. Stillman Wright Wheelock. Mayor Mavor Brigham James Rudolph Garfield. Honorable Francis Ball Fay George A Pillsbury. Lewis Henry Morgan. Asst Sec Joseph Henry Brigham. Governor Julius Sterling Morton.
Honorable Caleb Strong. Representitive David S. King. Senator William Henry King. Governor Endicott Peabody Stephen A. Douglas John Avery Jr Fred Grandy Martha McSally