"Person ID","Last Name, Given Name(s)","Birth Date","Death Date","Military Service: Place","Military Service" "I12923","Ackley, Captain Ephraim","26 Feb 1751","Abt 1823","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I24120","Ackley, Lorenzo","23 Feb 1826","20 Jul 1894","Civil War, Union Army ","Pennsylvania Infantry, Third Regiment, Company A." "I12929","Ackley, Nathaniel","19 Apr 1740","2 Dec 1759","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I12935","Ackley, Warren","26 Oct 1758","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I17526","Adams, Albion S","4 Dec 1825","17 May 1889","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted as sergeant 10 Dec 1861. 13th Maine Infantry Company E. Promoted 29 May 1863 to captain of the 85th U.S. Colored Troops, 6 June 1864. Discharged 13 Aug 1864." "I18337","Adams, Alonzo Bishop","8 Jul 1843","1909","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I26484","Adams, Alphonzo","20 May 1842","6 Apr 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted in Company H, 12th Infantry Regiment Illinois on 23 Aug 1861. Killed at the Battle of Shiloh, 6 Apr 1862." "I17536","Adams, Bernard Lee Jr","27 May 1917","29 Jan 2020","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I17448","Adams, Bernard Lee Sr.","2 Oct 1886","7 Feb 1954","","Maine, Infantry. George McL. Preston's Company K. Enlisted April 21, 1903." "I18335","Adams, Charles Naylor","3 Aug 1840","18 Apr 1930","Civil War, Union Army ","Company C, 16th Regiment, Maine Volunteers. Honorably discharged due to disability from combat wound." "I65203","Adams, George Jr","19 Jun 1648","17 Feb 1733","Continental Army, King Philips War","" "I17525","Adams, Jefferson Jeptha","6 Mar 1824","8 Jan 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Mustered into Company E, 13th Maine Volunteers on 10 December 1861 along side his brother Jonas. Died of disease at a field hospital in New Orleans while in the service of his country." "I17443","Adams, Jephthah Hill","10 Oct 1794","10 Sep 1872","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I31799","Adams, John Newton","10 Feb 1932","","U.S. Army Air Corps","" "I17531","Adams, Jonas Green","28 May 1838","22 Jul 1912","Civil War, Union Army ","Company E, 13th Regiment, Infantry. Mustered in 10 December 1861 along side his brother Jefferson." "I17529","Adams, Josiah Green","3 Aug 1833","24 Sep 1914","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I26471","Adams, Lafayette","10 Oct 1838","20 Aug 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted in Company I, Illinois 64th Infantry Regiment on 8 Mar 1864. Killed in action on 20 Aug 1864 at the Siege of Atlanta." "I17527","Adams, Nathaniel Russell","22 Apr 1828","8 Jun 1907","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I43712","Affleck, Myron Hopkins Strong Jr","7 Feb 1918","14 Jan 2002","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I36353","Aldrin, Edwin Eugene Jr","20 Jan 1930","","U.S. Air Force, Korea","He flew 66 combat missions in F-86 Sabres in Korea and shot down two MiG-15 aircraft." "I36352","Aldrin, Edwin Eugene Sr","12 Apr 1896","28 Dec 1974","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I65523","Allen, William Howard","8 Jul 1790","9 Nov 1822","U.S. Navy War of 1812","He served aboard USS Argus. She was captured by the British on August 14, 1813. During the battle he sustained a leg injury which required amputation. He was imprisoned for 18 months, at Ashburton, England.

Later he commanded the USS Alligator. He was sent to the West Indies to fight pirates. He died while attacking three pirate vessels in 1822." "I36017","Allyn, Samuel","21 Nov 1735","6 Sep 1781","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I55196","Allyn, Tryal","14 Apr 1744","Mar 1814","Continental Army, American Revolution","8th regiment, Connecticut millitia. " "I57549","Alvarez, Luis Walter","13 Jun 1911","1 Sep 1988","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Alvarez worked on the Manhattan project that developed the nuclear bomb He was given the rank of Lieutenant Colonel so that he could fly aboard military air craft to make scientific observations." "I63298","Alvord, Seth Jr","18 Jul 1755","14 Jul 1836","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I2172","Ames, Moses","4 Jun 1763","24 Jun 1825","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I31562","Anderson, Marie","31 Aug 1920","22 Nov 1981","U.S. Navy, WWII","Enlisted June 2, 1949. Also served during the Korean War." "I7579","Andrychowski, Adolph","24 Aug 1915","25 Mar 1986","U.S. Army, WWII","Enlisted in the U.S. Army 7 Apr 1941. Released 10 Nov 1945." "I30375","Andrychowski, Anthony M","24 Mar 1908","28 Mar 1973","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I3437","Andrychowski, Michael Joseph","4 Jan 1940","","U.S. Navy","" "I28745","Andrychowski, Richard Anthony","10 Aug 1917","Mar 1975","U.S. Army, WWII","Enlisted March 5, 1941." "I28746","Andrychowski, Stanley Joseph","16 Apr 1920","Nov 1984","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I28744","Andrychowski, Theodore Joseph","17 Apr 1915","Jun 1993","U.S. Army, WWII","Enlisted March 7, 1941." "I36868","Angell, David Lawrence","10 Apr 1946","11 Sep 2001","U.S. Army","" "I47069","Applegate, Richard Craig","29 Jan 1926","24 Apr 2013","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I60077","Armour, Lester","21 Mar 1895","26 Dec 1970","U.S. Navy, WWI","He served in World War I in the Naval Aviation Corps he also served in WWII.." "I45798","Arms, Charles Jessup","9 Jun 1841","","","Company B, 16th Regiment, Connecticut, Infantry." "I9609","Armstrong, William","26 Jul 1831","3 Nov 1908","Civil War, Union Army ","Company D, 107th Illinois, Volunteer Infantry, Civil War. Participated in the Battle of Bean Station, 14 Dec 1863 and was seriously injured in the hip. Mustered out at Knoxville, Tennessee, 19 Jun 1865." "I37865","Atherton, Dolph Williams","1 Apr 1910","20 Jan 1975","U.S. Navy","" "I1676","Atherton, Humphrey","4 Sep 1608","17 Sep 1661","Continental Army","Humphrey Atherton was admitted as a freeman at Dorchester on May 2, 1638. He began his Massachusetts military career as a member of the artillery company in 1638, was promoted to Lieutenant in 1645, to Captain in 1650, to Major 1652,and to Major General in 1661." "I38451","Avery, Aaron","16 Jan 1741","10 Mar 1777","Continental Army, American Revolution","Served in Hubbard Burrows's company of militia." "I39966","Avery, Able","30 Aug 1760","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I41632","Avery, Abner Spencer","26 May 1845","","Civil War, Union Army ","12th Regiment Vermont Infantry and 3rd regiment Rhode Island Calvary" "I35816","Avery, Abraham","20 May 1754","Feb 1834","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I41314","Avery, Albert","","19 Oct 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Company A, 44th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Killed at the Battle of Cedar Creek." "I44366","Avery, Albert M","1848","Aug 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I41611","Avery, Alden Hale","14 Feb 1832","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company K 23rd Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry" "I40878","Avery, Alexander Sydleman","","9 Aug 1862","Civil War, Union Army","5th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. Killed in action at the Battle of Cedar Mountain." "I43088","Avery, Alexander Washington","29 Jun 1841","22 Apr 1864","Civil War, Union Navy","Company K, 12th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. Died in service." "I42369","Avery, Alfred","10 Dec 1840","1910","Civil War, Union Army","16th Connecticut Infantry." "I38594","Avery, Alfred Anson","12 Sep 1794","2 Oct 1836","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I41496","Avery, Alfred Horatio","14 Feb 1841","28 Jul 1863","Civil War, Confederate Army","Died in the military hospital, at Lauderdale Springs, Mississippi." "I45123","Avery, Alfred Truman","10 Feb 1843","1 Jul 1863","Civil War, Union Army ","Company E 97th New York Volunteer Infantry. Killed at Gettysburg." "I41609","Avery, Alonzo Bailey","2 Mar 1828","5 Mar 1908","Civil War, Union Army ","6th Wisconsin Battery of Light Artillery" "I37941","Avery, Alphonso Calhoun Sr","11 Sep 1835","13 Jun 1913","Civil War, Confederate Army","" "I42728","Avery, Alphonso Calhoun Jr","16 Sep 1874","","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","1st lieutenant of Co. C, 2d North Carolina Volunteers." "I48163","Avery, Alphonso Calhoun III","8 Mar 1912","13 Feb 1974","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I36115","Avery, Amos","10 Mar 1758","15 Jun 1818","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I37438","Avery, Amos Jr","22 May 1757","16 Sep 1837","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I37442","Avery, Amos","Abt 1755","25 Dec 1825","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I35821","Avery, Amos","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Marched on the Lexington Alarm. Was wounded and taken prisoner at the Griswold Massacre." "I40906","Avery, Amos","3 Dec 1828","17 Oct 1863","Civil War, Union Army ","Died in service." "I41587","Avery, Amos","6 Jul 1832","","Civil War, Union Army ","He was wounded in 1864 at the Battle of Proctor's Creek. He never fully recovered and, spent seven years in the Leavenworth military home." "I40808","Avery, Amos","18 Aug 1834","1903","Civil War, Union Army ","New York Volunteers Company C 76th & Company F 109th." "I40825","Avery, Amos Duane","28 Mar 1838","5 Feb 1871","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted in the 10th New York Cavalry in 1861. He wasin thirty battles, including the battle of Appomattox." "I40624","Avery, Amos Geer","3 Mar 1822","18 Sep 1898","Civil War, Union Army ","He was surgeon in the 44th New York Regiment." "I35952","Avery, Amos Walker","24 May 1787","1 Jun 1863","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I35969","Avery, Amos William","27 Jun 1841","9 Sep 1914","Civil War, Union Army","Third Missouri Calvary, Company I." "I41610","Avery, Ampilas Blake","19 Nov 1830","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company K, 23d Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry" "I38989","Avery, Anson","7 Feb 1786","2 Apr 1860","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I58623","Avery, Baldwin Cuthell","25 Oct 1915","17 Dec 2008","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","B-24 pilot. Shot down May 12, 1944. POW." "I38581","Avery, Benjamin","4 Mar 1758","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I44193","Avery, Benjamin Lathrop","2 Feb 1832","","Civil War, Union Army ","Musician, 9th New York Artillery" "I46319","Avery, Burton Wright","5 Apr 1915","6 Dec 1999","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I35942","Avery, Caleb","25 Feb 1760","6 Apr 1835","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was taken prisoner at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I58611","Avery, Carl Raymond","11 Aug 1921","31 May 2002","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I48549","Avery, Carol Legranda","","","U.S. Navy","" "I42368","Avery, Charles","20 Oct 1838","","Civil War, Union Army ","He was a Lieutenant in the 25th Regiment Connecticut, Infantry." "I42930","Avery, Charles Benjamin","21 Apr 1881","","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","8th U.S. Infantry. He was stationed at Havana, Cuba, in 1899." "I40969","Avery, Charles Daniel","4 May 1838","","Civil War, Union Army","Enlisted in the 12th New York battery of light artillery, November 20, 1861 and, discharged June 17, 1865. " "I44243","Avery, Charles Fayette","27 Nov 1842","8 Mar 1895","Civil War, Union Army ","Lost an eye." "I40654","Avery, Charles Grandison Jr","Jul 1828","21 Jul 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted as a private. Company E, 21st Connecticut Infantry, August 2, 1862; died of wounds received in the battle of Drury's Bluff, Virginia, July 21, 1864." "I45465","Avery, Charles Robert","20 Jul 1836","3 Jul 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Died as a result of wounds recived at the Battle of Cold Harbor." "I43789","Avery, Charles Stanton","Nov 1836","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company I, 2nd California Cavalry" "I42585","Avery, Chauncey Stillman","7 May 1825","","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I35928","Avery, Christopher","6 Sep 1760","6 Sep 1781","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I35808","Avery, Christopher","1 Apr 1734","8 Sep 1755","Continental Army, French and Indian War","Killed at Johnson's fight. Lake George,
8 Sep 1755." "I35557","Avery, Christopher","6 Nov 1758","3 May 1830","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I39214","Avery, Christopher","10 Dec 1768","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I39254","Avery, Christopher Swan","25 Nov 1778","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","He served as a physician and surgeon." "I45175","Avery, Clarence Samuel Sr","23 Jan 1897","14 Nov 1941","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I37932","Avery, Clarke Moulton","3 Oct 1820","18 Jun 1864","Civil War, Confederate Army","He was captain of a company in the 1st North Carolina regiment, in the battle at Bethel.

He was lieutenant-colonel of the 33rd North Carolina regiment and, became colonel early in 1862. He was in the battles of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. He was captured at Newbern and kept a prisoner on Johnson's Island, Ohio, for several months.

He was wounded at Spottsylvania and died of his injuries, June 18, 1864." "I56928","Avery, Constance Pamela","14 Jul 1915","9 Aug 1996","French Army WWII","Constance was a nurse in the Hadfield-Spears Ambulance Unit a mobile hospital operation staffed by French doctors and British nurses.

At the close of the war, at the victory parade General Charles de Gaulle, was outraged when he saw the British Union Jack in a French parade. He ordered the War Minister to close down the unit and immediately repatriate all British members." "I39292","Avery, Cyrus","1 Apr 1837","6 Sep 1890","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I43875","Avery, Cyrus Stevens II","19 Oct 1932","13 Feb 2018","U.S. Army","" "I35926","Avery, Daniel","14 Nov 1740","6 Sep 1781","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I38129","Avery, Daniel","18 Sep 1766","30 Jan 1842","","He was appointed ensign in 6th company 8th regiment, Connecticut militia, May, 1791; lieutenant, 1792; captain, May, 1794 {Ms. State Papers, Hartford)." "I38309","Avery, Daniel F","26 May 1791","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I39046","Avery, Daniel Judson","1 Dec 1836","16 Apr 1912","","Company G, 113th Illinois Volunteer Infantry" "I40584","Avery, Daniel Solomon","2 Nov 1815","","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I35929","Avery, David","11 Feb 1728","6 Sep 1781","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I40139","Avery, David Sr","5 Nov 1764","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I40811","Avery, David","15 Aug 1840","3 Mar 1889","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I42756","Avery, David Marcus","2 Sep 1839","19 Oct 1911","Civil War, Union Army ","17th Connecticut Infantry, Company H." "I38401","Avery, Denison Sr","11 Jun 1749","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I49588","Avery, Donald Lee","31 Dec 1921","7 Nov 2017","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I38150","Avery, Dudley","20 Sep 1842","11 Jan 1917","Civil War, Confederate Army","Wounded at Shiloh; presented with a sword for gallant conduct; and complimented at Mansfield for gallant conduct." "I40675","Avery, Dudley","16 Dec 1791","30 Sep 1854","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I38367","Avery, Dudley","3 Oct 1901","28 Jul 1949","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I35834","Avery, Ebenezer","","11 Jan 1828","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I35931","Avery, Ebenezer jr","7 Mar 1733","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I35755","Avery, Ebenezer","29 Mar 1704","11 Jul 1780","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I38478","Avery, Ebenezer III","10 Oct 1760","5 Jun 1856","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I37987","Avery, Ebenezer Punderson","21 May 1765","10 Sep 1840","Continental Army, American Revolution","He Assisted in caring for the wounded after the Fort Griswold Massacre.

He was captain of the 5th company, 1st regiment, Onondaga militia, 1801, and resigned in 1805." "I38042","Avery, Edward","13 Dec 1764","28 May 1786","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I43306","Avery, Edward Thomas","3 Aug 1837","20 Nov 1905","Civil War, Union Army ","22nd Regiment of New York Infantry" "I40931","Avery, Edward Woodbridge","1 Jan 1841","","U.S. Navy","Assistant Surgeon 1864-1865
" "I40931","Avery, Edward Woodbridge","1 Jan 1841","","U.S. Army","Assistant Surgeon" "I40931","Avery, Edward Woodbridge","1 Jan 1841","","German Army","Assistant Surgeon Franco-German war of 1870" "I43395","Avery, Edwin","9 Apr 1838","5 Jan 1917","Civil War, Union Army ","116th Regiment, New York Infantry." "I40818","Avery, Edwin Cicero","20 Nov 1837","1 Dec 1862","","Company I, 161st Regiment, New York Infantry. Died in service." "I42358","Avery, Edwin Prentice","26 Oct 1836","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company A, 18th Regiment Connecticut Infantry. Taken prisoner and held at libby Prison." "I38193","Avery, Egbert","26 Jul 1789","3 Dec 1854","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I43173","Avery, Egbert Hamilton","1 Jan 1816","31 Jan 1899","","Captain of the 3rd Company, 2nd Regiment, Connecticut, Horse Artillery." "I38128","Avery, Elihu","6 Apr 1755","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I35820","Avery, Elijah","15 Sep 1734","6 Sep 1781","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I35837","Avery, Elisha","1755","6 Sep 1781","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I38635","Avery, Elisha Sr","30 Dec 1756","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I38707","Avery, Elisha","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I39901","Avery, Elisha Jr","16 Oct 1783","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I38379","Avery, Elroy McKendree","14 Jul 1844","1 Dec 1935","Civil War, Union Army","He enlisted as a private in 1861. He mustered into the 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry. At the end of the war he mustered out as sergeant-major of the 11th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry." "I53476","Avery, Elroy Putnam Jr","7 Oct 1922","4 Mar 2012","U.S. Merchant Marine WWII","" "I36137","Avery, Francis Dennison","11 Feb 1843","12 Aug 1869","Civil War, Union Army","Company C, 27th Massachusetts Infantry. He was wounded May 14, 1864, at Drewry's Bluff. He died Aug, 12, 1869, from the effects of the wounds. " "I42390","Avery, Francis Greer","16 Feb 1839","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company K, 27th Regiment New York Infantry." "I41764","Avery, Francis Henry","3 Oct 1833","30 Oct 1884","","Enlisted August, 1861, in Company C Fourth Illinois Calvary" "I40197","Avery, Francis Moffit","26 Jun 1839","","Civil War, Union Army ","7th Illinois Calvary." "I41296","Avery, Francis Newton","29 Aug 1826","","U.S. Army Mexican-American War","" "I44233","Avery, Frank Brewster","12 Jul 1857","","U.S. Navy Spanish-American War","" "I44576","Avery, Frank Porter","24 Aug 1853","","U.S. Army","Captain" "I40934","Avery, Franklin Newell","18 Mar 1840","19 Nov 1864","","Being researched" "I39593","Avery, Fred","","13 Mar 1865","Civil War, Union Army ","POW. Died in Andersonville Prison." "I38893","Avery, Frederick","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I40563","Avery, Frederick Allyn Jr","29 Apr 1819","9 Sep 1866","U.S. Navy","Served aboard the Sloop U.S.S. Preble. He was part of the 1859 mission to survey the Isthmus of Darien (now known as the Isthmus of Panama)." "I43533","Avery, Gage Hughes","6 Jan 1880","","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","34th Regiment Michigan Infantry." "I38578","Avery, Gardner","","28 Dec 1831","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I41620","Avery, George","Abt 1836","28 Jun 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","9th Vermont Regiment, Company G. Died in service." "I40005","Avery, George III","23 Jan 1791","17 Aug 1829","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I44136","Avery, George Elfonzo","10 Mar 1834","","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I33859","Avery, George Herbert","30 Apr 1917","13 Aug 2001","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I44738","Avery, George Silas","12 Jul 1873","","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","3rd Regiment, New York Infantry" "I35967","Avery, George Smith","16 Apr 1835","29 Mar 1923","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted in Company F, 12th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, April 19, 1861, as first sergeant, for the three month's service. He re-enlisted in September of the same year in Company I, 3rd Missouri Cavalry and, was promoted to first lieutenant. Promoted to captain in 1862. Promoted to major in 1864. He served until the end of the war." "I41633","Avery, George Spencer","29 Jun 1847","25 Nov 1867","Civil War, Union Army","Company G 9th Vermont Infantry." "I38908","Avery, George Washington","9 Oct 1776","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I41586","Avery, George Washington","24 Mar 1830","","Civil War, Union Army","101st Regiment, New York Volunteers" "I41483","Avery, George Whitfield","27 Sep 1836","","Civil War, Union Army","He was an assistant surgeon of the 9th Connecticut volunteers. The was captured and as a POW pressed into service treating both Union and Confederate soldiers." "I38453","Avery, Griswold Sr","15 Sep 1739","6 Oct 1812","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I38929","Avery, Griswold Jr","27 Sep 1765","","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served as waiter (servant) to his father and had some time as a solder. Personal servants to officers were allowed and regulated. They were expected to carry arms during drill and in line of battle, though in practice this did not always occur. He applied for a pension but it was rejected. The law didn't allow service as a waiter to be counted and he could not prove enough regular service to qualify. He also helped spread the alarm at the burning od New London." "I44835","Avery, Harrison Orsons","24 Jul 1841","30 May 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","25th Regiment, Missouri Infantry. Died at the battle of Shiloh." "I32326","Avery, Harry Gardner","12 Jul 1879","18 Oct 1941","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","" "I42367","Avery, Henry","16 Sep 1835","","Civil War, Union Army ","25th Regiment Connecticut, Infantry" "I36138","Avery, Henry Gardner","7 Feb 1845","23 May 1904","Civil War, Union Army","He enlisted October 2, 1862 in the 52nd Massachusetts Regiment " "I41613","Avery, Henry Hale","3 Jul 1840","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company K, 23rd Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry
" "I38198","Avery, Henry William Sr","12 Oct 1795","5 Mar 1883","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I43170","Avery, Henry William","12 Nov 1838","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company B, 15th Illinois Infantry" "I41659","Avery, Hiram","13 Nov 1842","27 Apr 1929","Civil War, Union Army ","26th Regiment New York Calvary." "I42770","Avery, Homer James","7 Dec 1921","30 Apr 2018","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","He enlisted right after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. He trained at Lackland AFB. He flew 44 missions over Germany as a B-26 bomber pilot." "I43089","Avery, Horace","7 Apr 1844","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company K, 12th Connecticut Volunteers" "I42232","Avery, Horace Ayers","8 Sep 1843","","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I41765","Avery, Howard Delos","4 Apr 1839","20 Oct 1928","","Company C 84th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry" "I42380","Avery, Howard Stanbery","22 Feb 1876","3 Apr 1902","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","Company I, 14th Regiment, United States Infantry. He took part in the battle of Manila and, was wounded at Zapote." "I40790","Avery, Ichabod","25 Aug 1817","29 Oct 1893","","Captain of the state militia." "I44465","Avery, Ira Walter","13 Sep 1855","5 Apr 1893","U.S. Navy","In 1875 he enlisted in the Navy for two years. He was on the ship USS Huron. He one of the survivors when the ship was wrecked. Discharged, January 1878." "I38210","Avery, Irving Montgomery","1 Jul 1832","15 Aug 1909","Civil War, Union Army ","From the Groton Avery Clan book; In 1861, he, with William B. Barton, raised and largely equipped the 48th regiment of New York volunteers; he went to the front as regimental quartermaster; was soon made quartermaster of the second brigade, tenth army corps; was with Admiral Dupont at Port Royal ; was with Grant before Petersburg as quartermaster of the tenth army corps, having been promoted to the rank of colonel. " "I35847","Avery, Isaac","24 Mar 1743","17 Jun 1812","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I39785","Avery, Isaac","4 Sep 1775","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I37938","Avery, Isaac Erwin","20 Dec 1828","3 Jul 1863","Civil War, Confederate Army","Company E of the 6th North Carolina Regiment." "I42385","Avery, Isaac Gallup","4 Jul 1841","14 Mar 1914","Civil War, Union Army","Company H, 21st Regiment Connecticut Infantry. He was at Fredericksburg, Drury's Bluff, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, and other battles." "I49174","Avery, Isaac Thomas Jr","11 Mar 1916","10 Aug 2003","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I42408","Avery, Isaac Wheeler","2 May 1837","8 Sep 1897","Civil War, Confederate Army","" "I38673","Avery, Jabez","","30 Jan 1779","Continental Army, American Revolution","Died in service of Smallpox." "I35563","Avery, James","Abt 1620","18 Apr 1700","Continental Army, King Philips War","" "I48603","Avery, James Billings","7 Jan 1935","11 Jan 2020","U.S. Army","" "I42497","Avery, James Edward","1843","3 Oct 1906","Civil War, Union Army ","Company C, 7th Ohio Infantry." "I43190","Avery, Jared Reid Jr","23 Feb 1845","2 Jun 1904","Civil War, Union Army","" "I42676","Avery, Jared Sage","24 Aug 1842","","Civil War, Union Army ","Lieutenant in Company K, 146th Regiment New York Infantry." "I35831","Avery, Jasper","","6 Sep 1781","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was killed at the Fort Griswold massacre." "I41733","Avery, Joel","19 Sep 1839","10 Sep 1863","Civil War, Union Army","Mustered in, September 3, 1862, into the 116th Regiment, New York Volunteers, Company B. He died in service of disease." "I35932","Avery, John","24 Jan 1738","5 Jan 1826","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I38082","Avery, John","4 Mar 1798","Sept. 15, 1883","U.S. Army, War of 1812","POW" "I38089","Avery, John Jr","29 Feb 1824","21 Jan 1914","Civil War, Union Army","he was a surgeon with the Twenty-first Regiment, Michigan Volunteer Infantry." "I38672","Avery, John","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I39622","Avery, John","23 Nov 1780","2 Feb 1859","U.S. Army, War of 1812","8th regiment of the Connecticut militia." "I42282","Avery, John","8 Mar 1829","28 Apr 1865","Civil War, Union Army ","Private in Company K, 182nd Regiment Ohio
Infantry. Died in service." "I40820","Avery, John Alfred","25 Sep 1842","31 Dec 1862","","Company I, 161st Regiment, New York Infantry. Died in service." "I39010","Avery, John Coleman","18 May 1792","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I41234","Avery, John Cyrus","11 Aug 1843","","Civil War, Union Army ","Sergeant in Company D, 34th regiment, Massachusetts, Infantry" "I45506","Avery, John Dean","29 Dec 1895","7 Sep 1942","U.S. Army, WWI","United States Aviation Corps 316th Aero Squadron" "I37450","Avery, John F","7 Apr 1927","7 Oct 2007","U.S. Navy, WWII","Served in the Seabees." "I42688","Avery, John Gideon","30 Jan 1838","19 Jun 1930","","Company A, 83rd Pennsilvania." "I42815","Avery, John Gifford","4 Apr 1844","21 Nov 1908","Civil War, Union Army","14th Ohio Infantry." "I45467","Avery, John Hart","15 Dec 1841","16 Sep 1923","Civil War, Union Army","Company M, 9th Illinois Calvary." "I38151","Avery, John Marsh","4 Apr 1844","10 Apr 1891","Civil War, Confederate Army","At the age of seventeen, became a member of the staff of General Taylor of the Confederate army. He was exempted from regular service in order to oversee the Salt mining business which was a critical need for the Confederacy. " "I39603","Avery, John Plutarch","2 Apr 1842","","Civil War, Union Navy","Assistant surgeon of the 11th Indiana, volunteers." "I38913","Avery, John Sands","19 Aug 1782","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I39122","Avery, John Stanton","22 Feb 1794","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I35848","Avery, Jonas","13 Jul 1745","17 Dec 1776","","Died in service of disease." "I36114","Avery, Jonathan","10 Sep 1755","14 Jun 1847","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I41542","Avery, Joseph","26 Oct 1835","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company B, 2d Michigan Cavalry" "I50601","Avery, Joseph Thomas","18 Jan 1922","22 Apr 2016","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I43251","Avery, Joshua Edward","27 Sep 1847","28 Jul 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","Died in service." "I38365","Avery, Katherine Buckner","17 May 1895","6 Apr 1982","","Katherine volunteered to serve overseas as a civilian nurse in support of the war effort." "I40202","Avery, Lafayette","9 May 1822","13 Nov 1884","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted April 21, 1864, as an assistant surgeon of the 3rd Missouri Cavalry. He was dishonorably discharged due to habitual drunkenness." "I39735","Avery, Latham Burrows","5 Sep 1817","28 Aug 1857","U.S. Navy","" "I41007","Avery, Leonard B","1845","18 Feb 1865","Civil War, Union Navy","Leonard served as a landsman in the Navy. He died in service at Chelsea Naval Hospital. A pension request was made on behalf of his mother but it was rejected. The government claimed he died of a pre-existing condition and that his mother was not relying on him financially.

Leonard was the only male child old enough to support his mother. A number of people who knew him testified that he was healthy before his service. In spite of his father's land holdings he owed more money that it was worth. The government did not change it's position. " "I40641","Avery, Luther","14 Jul 1839","6 Feb 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","2nd Iowa Calvary" "I42792","Avery, Martin Hendrix","1 Oct 1840","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company H, 2d Regiment, Ohio Cavalry - August 25, 1861 to September 16, 1864." "I38094","Avery, Marvin Emory","16 Jun 1840","","Civil War, Union Army ","6th Michigan Calvary. Killed in battle near Richmond, in 1864." "I39574","Avery, Mathew Henry","27 Mar 1836","1 Sep 1881","Civil War, Union Army","" "I48550","Avery, Melvin Dixon","","","U.S. Navy","" "I37985","Avery, Miles","5 Sep 1760","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I37985","Avery, Miles","5 Sep 1760","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I43198","Avery, Minor Mahlon","31 Aug 1845","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company I, 15th Illinois Infantry. He was at Raleigh, North Carolina when Johnson surrendered to Sherman." "I41866","Avery, Myron Emory","29 Jun 1845","3 Apr 1865","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted December 1, 1863. Mustered in December 14, 1863 as Private with Company K 6th Indiana Cavalry." "I36062","Avery, Nathan","31 Mar 1759","16 Jan 1841","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I35855","Avery, Nathan","2 May 1744","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I38709","Avery, Nathan Sr","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I43188","Avery, Nathan Fish Denison","25 Feb 1840","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company F, 18th Connecticut Infantry" "I40642","Avery, Nathan Franklin","5 Jul 1843","21 Feb 1863","","26th Connecticut Volunteers." "I35815","Avery, Nathaniel","28 Aug 1751","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I38720","Avery, Nathaniel","May 1764","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I38677","Avery, Nehemiah","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I40809","Avery, Oliver Jr","26 Sep 1836","5 Dec 1923","Civil War, Union Army ","Company H, 3rd Regiment New York Volunteers. April 25, 1861 to May 21, 1863. He was in the Battle of Big Bethel." "I41628","Avery, Orin Austin","10 Feb 1837","1 Oct 1911","Civil War, Union Army ","In 1857, he enlisted in the 5th U. S. cavalry. In 1861, the regiment was sent to Washington; he served with the Army of the Potomac until 1862, when his term expired. He reenlisted in the 3rd Rhode Island Cavalry as lieutenant. Later he was promoted to captain. He mustered out January 25, 1866. " "I45044","Avery, Orrin Jefferson","27 Sep 1841","7 Aug 1912","Civil War, Union Army ","He was a private in Company B, 18th Michigan Infantry and a 2nd Lieutenant Company F, 12th Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry." "I40550","Avery, Orrin Williams","6 Apr 1818","","","lieutenant 20th Connecticut Infantry, Company 2." "I41098","Avery, Oscar","30 Dec 1831","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company D, 26th Regiment, Indiana Infantry" "I35830","Avery, Parke Jr","22 Mar 1741","20 Dec 1821","Continental Army, American Revolution","From the book ""History of the Town Of Stonington"" 1900, he was ""fearfully"" wounded at the Fort Griswold massacre. Other sources confirm that he lost an eye." "I43507","Avery, Parmenas","1 Oct 1841","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company C, 21st Regiment, Connecticut, Infantry" "I46326","Avery, Paul Oscar","20 Apr 1921","5 Mar 2003","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I35934","Avery, Peter","10 May 1764","17 Oct 1845","Continental Army, American Revolution","Taken prisoner at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I43195","Avery, Phineas Orlando","30 Aug 1838","","Civil War, Union Army","He was in the Battle of Shiloh and others." "I47334","Avery, Preston Stoddard","7 Aug 1889","18 Apr 1957","U.S. Army WWI","" "I42395","Avery, Ralph Hurlbut","6 Dec 1841","","Civil War, Union Army ","In 1861 he enlisted in the 6th Regiment Wisconsin Infantry. He re-enlisted
in 49th Rgiment Wisconsin Infantry." "I56645","Avery, Ralph Lee","8 Apr 1945","6 Nov 1967","U.S. Army, Vietnam","2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, United States Army. KIA" "I40829","Avery, Richard Henry","7 Apr 1845","","Civil War, Union Army","116th Regiment, New York Volunteers" "I40082","Avery, Richard Rowland","Abt 1824","Apr 1847","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","" "I35550","Avery, Richardson Sr","25 Jan 1718","3 Feb 1784","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I35570","Avery, Richardson II","25 Dec 1778","6 Jun 1847","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I37979","Avery, Robert","22 Sep 1839","1 Oct 1912","Civil War, Union Army","He was the commander of the 102nd New York Volunteer Infantry. he was severely wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville and, at the Battle of Lookout Mountain his right leg had to be amputated." "I41449","Avery, Robert Earle","22 May 1938","12 Sep 2007","U.S. Navy","" "I37903","Avery, Robert Hanneman","17 Jan 1840","13 Sep 1892","Civil War, Union Army","77th Illinois Infantry. POW at Andersonville Prison." "I38516","Avery, Robert Stanton Sr","25 Feb 1771","27 Jun 1846","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I43101","Avery, Robert Thomas","2 Apr 1815","","","Connecticut, 3rd Company, 2nd Regiment Horse Artillery" "I38582","Avery, Roger","14 Apr 1761","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I44714","Avery, Roland Martin","12 May 1895","14 Nov 1953","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I39270","Avery, Roswell Randall","5 Nov 1791","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I35905","Avery, Rufus","16 Nov 1758","30 Jul 1842","Continental Army, American Revolution","Rufus was a Sergeant when he was defending Fort Griswold. He was taken prisoner at The Fort Griswold Massacre.

He was appointed ensign of the 3d company of militia, 8th regiment, May, 1788; lieutenant of 2d company, October,
1789; captain of 3d company, October, 1792." "I45378","Avery, Rufus Lord","16 Apr 1838","2 Aug 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Died in service of disease." "I41935","Avery, Samuel","13 Jan 1824","","Civil War, Union Army ","48th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry" "I40440","Avery, Samuel Look","9 Dec 1846","27 Feb 1907","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I38716","Avery, Silvanus Sr","","","","Continental Army, American Revolution" "I39137","Avery, Simeon Sr","19 Jul 1791","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I43100","Avery, Simeon Peter","1 Jan 1813","10 Mar 1876","","3d Lieutenant, 3rd Company, 2nd Regiment, Connecticut Artillery." "I35836","Avery, Simon","30 Oct 1753","1 Aug 1809","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I42590","Avery, Simon Gager","12 Dec 1834","20 Mar 1893","Civil War, Union Army","" "I35788","Avery, Solomon","1749","6 Sep 1781","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I37052","Avery, Solomon","17 Jun 1729","23 Dec 1798","Continental Army, American Revolution","There are records that suggest that Solomon also fought for brief time periods in the War." "I35869","Avery, Stephen","13 Jan 1756","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I38296","Avery, Stephen","17 Jul 1756","","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was in Captain Lamb's company, later in Captain Huntington's company. He crossed the Delaware with General Washington and wintered at Valley Forge. (Conn. Men in the Rev'n, 293, 405)." "I37986","Avery, Stephen","13 Aug 1762","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I39268","Avery, Stephen Lyman","12 May 1786","","","Cornet of 4th Troop, 3d Regiment Cavalry, June, 1809, Colonel of the 2d regiment of Horse, 1817." "I41619","Avery, Sylvester H","1832","3 Jun 1863","Civil War, Union Army ","8th Vermont Regiment, Company D. Died in service." "I41893","Avery, Sylvester Stratton","30 May 1840","19 May 1862","","Company B, 7th Illinois Calvary. Died in service." "I38837","Avery, Thaddeus","30 Oct 1749","16 Nov 1836","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I48031","Avery, Thaddeus Jern Sr","1 Aug 1840","4 Jun 1922","Civil War, Union Army ","102 Volunteers, New York Infantry." "I35914","Avery, Thomas","6 Sep 1765","6 Sep 1781","Continental Army, American Revolution","Thomas was killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I40385","Avery, Timothy Allen","20 Sep 1825","21 Sep 1863","Civil War, Union Army","Died in service." "I43086","Avery, Timothy Allyn","8 Jan 1834","","Civil War, Union Army ","lieutenant, Company D, 26th Connecticut Volunteers." "I45197","Avery, Vivian Lloyd","1 Oct 1909","Aug 1984","U.S. Army","" "I37920","Avery, Waightstill","10 May 1741","15 Mar 1821","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I38890","Avery, Waitstill","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I53513","Avery, Waitstill Jr","Mar 1730","2 Nov 1807","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I46620","Avery, Walter Lindsey","10 Dec 1892","1 May 1978","U.S. Army, WWI","Fighter pilot with the 95th Aero Squadron." "I35957","Avery, William","15 Aug 1807","21 Apr 1878","U.S. Army, Blackhawk War","" "I38714","Avery, William","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I41489","Avery, William","","","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted in Company I, 17th 111 Infantry on May 25, 1861, He was made first lieutenant on July 8, 1863. He resigned March 24, 1864." "I59935","Avery, William Arthur","21 Jun 1924","8 Oct 1943","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Waist gunner in a B-17 bomber. Their plane ""Marie Helena"" collided with an enemy aircraft on October 8, 1943. The entire crew was lost." "I44016","Avery, William Bailey","10 Sep 1840","19 Jul 1894","Civil War, Union Army ","Company B, 1st New York Marine Artillery. He received the Medal of Honor on September 2, 1893 for his bravery at the Battle of Tranter's Creek." "I41543","Avery, William Benjamin","9 Feb 1837","","Civil War, Union Army ","1st Michigan Infantry. Severely wounded at the Battle of Malvern Hill. Captured and sent to Libby Prison." "I44882","Avery, William Boardman","13 Nov 1838","23 Jul 1896","Civil War, Union Army ","He was first lieutenant in the 132d Regiment New York Infantry. He was promoted to captain in 1865. He was captured and held in Libby, Andersonville, and Columbia, South Carolina from which he escaped. He held commissions as major, lieutenant-colonel, and colonel." "I43187","Avery, William Burrill","16 Apr 1838","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company C, 21st Connecticut Infantry." "I41047","Avery, William Elias","29 Jul 1838","27 May 1863","","1st lieutenant in the 75th regiment,
NY Volunteers. He was killed in the charge on Port Hudson, May 27, 1863." "I41270","Avery, William Henry","4 Oct 1846","","Civil War, Union Army ","91st Regiment, New York Volunteers" "I44276","Avery, William Henry Harrison","13 Jul 1840","21 May 1917","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted as private in the 113th Regiment, Ohio Infantry in 1862, He mustered out in August, 1865 as captain in the 42nd Regiment U.S. Colored Infantry," "I40539","Avery, William Ledyard","21 Nov 1833","12 May 1898","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I38228","Avery, William Tecumsah","11 Nov 1819","20 May 1880","Civil War, Confederate Army","Officer in the Alabama & Mississippi Confederate Volunteers. He was captured when his regiment surrendered on April 8, 1862. He was held at the Union prison camp at Johnson's Island. In August 27, 1862 he was returned as part of a prisoner exchange. " "I37929","Avery, William Waightstill","25 May 1816","3 Jul 1864","Civil War, Confederate Army","Died of wounds received in battle." "I39255","Avery, William Wheeler","20 Jun 1791","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I39661","Avery, William Williams","5 Nov 1793","5 Nov 1875","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I37945","Avery, Willoughby Francis","7 May 1843","24 Nov 1876","Civil War, Confederate Army","" "I45318","Avery, Willoughby Moulton Jr","1 Apr 1907","16 Mar 1955","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Also served in Korea." "I64517","Babcock, Oliver Jr","22 Jan 1740","25 Jan 1777","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I28126","Bachman, James T","15 Nov 1948","17 Apr 2009","U.S. Army, Vietnam","Sergeant First Class. U.S. Army Vietnam, 20 years in the Wisconsin National Guard. " "I15444","Backus, Elijah","23 Jul 1755","Abt 1835","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I2767","Bailey, Lieutenant Silas Jr","22 Jul 1756","3 Oct 1840","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a Private during the Lexington Alarm. Under Captain How and Houghton. He was promoted and served as a Lieutenant under Captain Marion." "I2396","Bailey, Lieutenant Timothy","9 Feb 1749","6 Dec 1780","Continental Army, American Revolution","He entered as a Private. He was promoted to Sargent under Captains Moore and Mirick. He was made an officer and served under Colonels Whitney, Sawyer, and Hallet. Died in service." "I10567","Baker, Daniel","29 Nov 1824","22 Jan 1908","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I5871","Baker, Donald Archie","10 Jan 1927","21 Apr 1996","U.S. Navy","" "I75","Baker, Harry Thomas","19 May 1888","30 May 1941","U.S. Army, WWI","Battery F, 40th Field Artillery, Camp Custer" "I65","Baker, James Jackson","14 Jan 1845","29 Oct 1919","Civil War, Union Army ","Company B, 8th Regiment, Michigan Calvary. Member, G.A.R. Post No. 210, Albion, Michigan." "I5864","Baker, Keith Darel","7 Mar 1913","15 Nov 2003","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I65123","Baker, Wesley Thurston","1834","25 Jan 1913","Civil War, Union Army","Company C, 4th Michigan Cavalry" "I12732","Baldwin, Captain Caleb","2 May 1723","6 Dec 1823","Continental Army, American Revolution","2nd Connecticut Regiment" "I11464","Bales, Thomas Henry Floyd","14 Nov 1917","8 Aug 1944","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","42nd Bomber Squadron, 11th Bomber Group. KIA. " "I10435","Ball, Isaac","31 Dec 1747","Abt 1790","Continental Army, American Revolution","Marched as a Private on the Lexington Alarm on 19 April 1775 in Captain Ichabod Dexter's Company, Colonel Doolittle's Regiment of Massachusetts Militia. After serving 5 days, on 24 April 1775, he enlisted as a Private in Captain Dexter's Company, Colonel Woodbridge's Regiment." "I12520","Ballard, Captain Jeremiah","29 Mar 1697","1761","Continental Army, American Revolution","Company Commander at Valley Forge." "I1982","Ballard, John William","17 Jan 1653","7 Dec 1715","Continental Army, King Philips War","He was in Captain Joseph Gardner's Company. " "I57099","Barber, Thomas","","11 Sep 1662","Continental Army","He was a sergeant in the Pequot War in 1637.

In 1650 Sargeant Barber was fined 5 pounds and forced to surrender his rank, for the disorderly striking of Lieutenant Cooke in an argument over church matters. Thomas believed that the church had no right to interfere in temporal matters. This penalty was later canceled when Thomas apologized." "I28360","Bardeen, George Edward Jr","4 Apr 1888","","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I22947","Bardeen, George Edward","10 Nov 1850","26 Jan 1924","Civil War, Union Army ","1st Massachusetts Infantry, Company F." "I62807","Barker, Robert William","12 Dec 1923","","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I12937","Barney, John","1785","10 Aug 1854","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I16251","Bascom, Charles Joseph","26 Feb 1824","1 May 1909","Civil War, Union Army ","Company C, 11th Michigan Infantry. Enlisted August 28, 1861, discharged February 25, 1863
" "I64479","Bassett, Charles Arthur II","30 Dec 1931","28 Feb 1966","U.S. Air Force","" "I57195","Bassich, Beauregard Louis","16 May 1926","21 Aug 2015","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","" "I19330","Bates, Allen","15 Jul 1845","28 Nov 1927","Civil War, Union Army ","Company F, 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery" "I14094","Bates, Marion","22 Sep 1899","1919","","Headstone reads: Died In Service To Her Country" "I66511","Bates, Simeon","25 Jul 1764","26 Aug 1834","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I56286","Beaulieu, Joseph Paul Jr","18 Jun 1925","4 Jan 2018","U.S. Air Force","" "I26216","Bedtelyon, Jacob","11 Jul 1836","26 Jul 1904","Civil War, Union Army ","4th Michigan Cavalry, Company K." "I33893","Beers, Richard","Abt 1607","4 Sep 1675","Continental Army, King Philips War","Captain in King Philip's War, and was killed in battle, by the
Indians, September 4, 1675, at Northfield, Massachusetts." "I6203","Bell Jr, William Robert","22 Jul 1920","7 Jun 1997","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Enlisted 21 August 1942." "I66237","Bennett, Aaron","1744","1777","Continental Army, American Revolution","Aaron was a minute man. He also served at Valley Forge. He was discharged in January 1777. He was headed home when he died of illness in White Plains, Westchester, New York." "I66242","Bennett, Henry Hamilton","15 Jan 1843","1 Jan 1908","Civil War, Union Army ","12th Wisconsin Infantry. Fought in the Battle of Vicksburg. Wounded by the accidental discharge of his own gun. Discharged due to wound." "I52404","Bennett, James","5 Dec 1736","9 Apr 1808","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was in the battle of Bunker Hill and, commanded a company engaged in other battles of the revolution." "I5653","Bent, Jabez","29 Jan 1748","26 May 1817","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I63522","Bent, John Peale","5 Aug 1908","5 Jun 2004","U.S. Navy, WWII","He served as a lieutenant for 15 months on aircraft carriers in the Atlantic. He received the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for his service. " "I66552","Bierce, Ambrose Gwinett","24 Jul 1842","1914","Civil War, Union Army ","9th Indiana Infantry. Fought in the Battle of Philippi, Battle of Rich Mountain and, the Battle of Shiloh." "I61206","Biers, Albert","4 Feb 1923","9 Feb 1945","U.S. Army, WWII","129th Infantry Regiment, 37th Infantry Division. Missing In Action. Recipient of the Bronze Star & Purple Heart." "I3818","Bigelow, Charles","22 Apr 1729","20 Nov 1782","Continental Army, American Revolution","Marched to Hadley as a private on 21 August 1777. Served three days." "I37267","Bigelow, Charles Henry","13 Jul 1814","15 Apr 1862","U.S. Army","Graduated from West Point. Spent ten years as an Army engineer, building New England forts. Held the rank of Captain." "I36827","Bigelow, Ephraim","28 Dec 1757","14 Mar 1834","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I1953","Bigelow, Captain Joseph","1 Jan 1703","24 Jan 1783","Continental Army, American Revolution","He never actively served during the Revolutionary War. The title was awarded for his financial contributions to the war effort." "I36828","Bigelow, Joseph","17 Sept 1763","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I1355","Bigelow, William","16 Dec 1807","","U.S. Navy","Was lost at sea." "I18536","Biglo, Joshua","5 Nov 1655","","Continental Army, King Philips War","Soldier in Captain Ting's company and was wounded. In consideration of his services the General Court gave him a grant of land in Narragansett." "I38960","Bingham, Ozias","12 Jun 1750","9 Feb 1845","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I65240","Bishop, William","1732","21 Feb 1815","British Army, French and Indian War","" "I66060","Bissell, Whitner Nutting","29 Oct 1909","5 Mar 1996","U.S. Army Air Corps","" "I24651","Blackman, Denver Lee","2 Nov 1917","20 Apr 2009","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I35132","Blanchard, Augustus","29 Jul 1746","27 Feb 1809","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I37693","Bledsoe, Maynard Tevis","28 Feb 1900","1 Jul 1955","U.S. Navy, WWI","also WWII." "I56211","Block, Harlon Henry","6 Nov 1924","1 Mar 1945","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","Block joined the Marine Corps in February 1943. He became a Paramarine and participated in combat on Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea. The Paramarines were disbanded in 1944. He was then assigned to the 5th Marine Division and, was with them at the Battle of Iwo Jima.

On February 23, 1945 a platoon size patrol took Mount Suribachi and raised the battalion's flag as a signal the summit was secure.

Lieutenant Colonel Chandler W. Johnson decided that a larger flag should be taken up the mountain because the battalion's flag was too small to be seen.

Sergeant Michael Strank and three Marines were ordered to accomplish that task. Strank subsequently ordered three other Marines including Corporal Block to accompany them. No photos were taken of the first flag raising. When the second one went up Joe Rosenthal of the Associated Press took what became one of the most iconic photographs of World War II. Block was not immediately recognized as one of the second flag-raisers. In January 1947 a Marine Corps investigation determined that he was in the photograph and another man had mistakenly been identified as one of the flag raisers.

Sergeant Strank was killed on March 1, 1945. Corpral Block assumed command of Strank's squad, later the same day, Corporal Block was mortally wounded by an enemy mortar round explosion while leading the squad during an attack." "I50521","Blood, Shattuck","21 Nov 1733","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I50513","Blood, William","13 Dec 1711","6 Nov 1759","Continental Army, French and Indian War","Died at Crown point." "I12606","Blount, Sir Walter","Abt 1350","21 Jul 1403","","At the Battle of Shrewsbury he served as the royal standard bearer, was mistaken for the king and killed in combat." "I50108","Bogart, Humphrey DeForest","25 Dec 1899","14 Jan 1957","U.S. Navy, WWI","He tried to re-enlist in WWII, but was rejected because of his age. He then volunteered both himself and his Yacht ""Santana"" for U.S. Coast Guard duty and patrolled the California coast." "I33133","Bornholdt, Richard Turner","24 Jul 1918","6 Sep 1996","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I29838","Bowen, Verna Sarah","29 Jan 1917","30 Sep 1996","U.S. Army, WWII","Sergeant." "I49138","Bower, Richard LeGrande","10 Nov 1924","5 Jan 2020","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I4915","Boyce, George O","15 Aug 1834","19 Feb 1914","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I20749","Boyer, Dennis Clark","28 Jul 1941","11 Oct 2009","U.S. Army, Vietnam","" "I20732","Boyer, William H","1829","29 Apr 1865","Civil War, Union Army ","17th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Company K." "I28357","Brady, Gale Oran","6 Oct 1924","7 May 2000","U.S. Army, WWII","Also served in Korea. U.S. Army Veteran serving 4 years. U.S. Navy Veteran serving 7 years." "I64531","Brand, Vance Devoe","9 May 1931","","U.S. Marine Corps","" "I11946","Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell Sr","14 Jan 1842","1920","Civil War, Union Army ","Officer in the Union Army and the regular army after the war." "I33119","Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell","6 Mar 1872","11 Feb 1898","U.S. Navy Spanish-American War","" "I11628","Brewster, Private First Class Walter Edward","14 Dec 1920","26 Feb 1945","U.S. Army, WWII","Killed in Action" "I60303","Bridges, Jeffrey Leon","4 Dec 1949","","U.S. Coast Guard Reserve","He served in the United States Coast Guard Reserve as a boatswain's mate from 1967 to 1975. " "I60299","Bridges, Lloyd Vernet Jr","15 Jan 1913","10 Mar 1998","U.S. Coast Guard WWII","Later, he was a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, 11th District, California. He did public service announcements for the Coast Guard. Because of his support, he was made an honorary commodore in the Auxiliary." "I60301","Bridges, Lloyd Vernet III","9 Dec 1941","","U.S. Coast Guard Reserve","He served for 8 years." "I16327","Briggs, William Henry Jr","7 Aug 1920","28 May 2000","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I3017","Brigham, Aaron","22 Nov 1762","23 Mar 1831","Continental Army, American Revolution","A private in Captain Amasa Cranston's Company, Colonel Samuel Dennis' Regiment for a month in 1779. In 1780 he was in the Continental Army and discharged 13 Jan 1781." "I3852","Brigham, Aaron","20 Oct 1797","16 Feb 1876","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I3987","Brigham, Aaron","11 Mar 1796","7 Jun 1872","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I4228","Brigham, Aaron Augustus","27 May 1836","7 Dec 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Co. F, 8th Minn. Vols. Killed in the battle of Murfreesboro, 7 Dec, 1864.
" "I1837","Brigham, Abel","25 Mar 1760","Aug 1844","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I2251","Brigham, Abijah","26 Aug 1737","2 Apr 1814","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a Lieutenant on the Sudbury muster roll of 1775; he marched on the Lexington alarm from Sudbury to Cambridge. He. was in Captain in. A. Wheeler's Company, Colonel. E. Howe's regiment, as 2d Lieutenant, commissioned 5 July, 1776; also, enlisted 20 Oct., 1779, as 2nd Lieutenant, in Captain. A. Cranston's Company., Colonel. Denny's regiment." "I3860","Brigham, Abner","19 Feb 1750","14 Mar 1800","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I2784","Brigham, Abraham","25 Feb 1720","10 Nov 1788","Continental Army, American Revolution","He marched on the Lexington alarm with Captain William. Brigham s Company, Colonel. Jonathan Ward's Regiment for service of 14 days." "I2498","Brigham, Addington Munroe","27 Mar 1837","2 Jan 1924","Civil War, Union Army ","Company E 5th Massachusetts Infantry" "I7665","Brigham, Agnes Abigail","","","","" "I2144","Brigham, Albert","11 Jul 1845","8 Jul 1887","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted 25 Nov 1863 for three years. On 4 Jan 1864 he mustered into the 57th Regiment Company B Massachusetts Volunteers. He was wounded in left arm at the battle of Spottsylvania Virginia on 1 May 1864, and was discharged at Washington D.C, 10 Jun 1865, on account of disability caused by wound." "I929","Brigham, Alfred Milo","21 Oct 1828","15 Jun 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","He entered the Union Army in the fall of 1862 as a Corporal in the 39th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. In September 1863 he took an examination and was commissioned lieutenant in the 4th Regiment Infantry U. S. Colored Troops. His first service was in Maryland and northern Virginia. After joining the Colored Regiments he served under General B. F. Butler on the Virginia Peninsula. He was hospitalized for a short time late in 1863, owing to a leg wound received when one of his soldiers accidentally discharged a musket. He was mortally wounded on June 15, 1864 in the attack on the Confederate lines near Petersburg." "I4478","Brigham, Alfred Willard","19 Jun 1837","1907","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted on the eve of the firing on Fort Sumter, as Corporal, Co. B, 13th Mass Vols Wounded at Antietam and discharged. Re-enlisted as 1st Lieutenant Co C, 3d Mass Heavy Artillery, 1863 A.A.Q.M. 3d Brigade Hardin's Div, 22d A.C. from Apr to Oct, 1864. Captain, Co C, 3d Mass. Art., Oct., 1864; Judge Advocate Gen, Court Martial in Fort Stevens, D.C, Jun and Jul, 1865 commanded Fort Mahan, D.C, fall to spring, 1864-65 mustered out, Oct, 1865 retired, disabled by wounds." "I3887","Brigham, Alpheus","30 Apr 1746","Abt 1826","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I428","Brigham, Alvin Ozro","11 Feb 1824","25 Mar 1865","Civil War, Union Army ","He served in the 57th Massachusetts Volunteers under Captain Lawrence. He was on picket duty when he was killed During the attack on Fort Steadman Virginia." "I3468","Brigham, Amariah","18 Sep 1757","28 Oct 1842","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I1903","Brigham, Antipas","25 May 1740","20 Jun 1791","Continental Army, American Revolution"," He served under Captain Daniel Barnes, and Colonel Jonathan Ward." "I344","Brigham, Lieutenant Artemas","29 Sep 1739","25 Nov 1802","Continental Army, American Revolution","In 1775, he marched on the Lexington Alarm, and as a sergeant in 1777, the town voted him 18 for volunteer service. He was assessor in 1778; selectman in 1788 and '89. " "I348","Brigham, Artemas","10 Jan 1753","Abt 4 Jan 1799","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a private in Captain Caleb Wright's company of Minute Men which marched on the Lexington Alarm. He also served under Colonel John Brown." "I3326","Brigham, Asa","2 Dec 1721","6 Nov 1777","Continental Army, American Revolution","Served as a Major under Colonel Nichols. He served as Fitzwilliam town moderator, selectman, and treasurer of the committee of safety." "I2996","Brigham, Asa","9 Nov 1729","18 Nov 1806","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a Private under Captain Sibley and Colonel Whitney." "I3909","Brigham, Asa Jr","10 Sep 1758","1839","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served in Rhode Island in 1778, in Colonel Josiah Whitney's Regiment." "I5212","Brigham, Azel Parkhurst","7 Sep 1832","21 Feb 1916","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted in the army as a musician. Later he served in the Navy." "I1329","Brigham, Barnabas","29 Mar 1756","30 Jan 1817","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a private in Captain Edmund Brigham's Company of Minute-men,Major General Ward's regiment, which marched on the alarm of April 19 1775. He was in Captain Todd's Company, Colonel Craft's Regiment of Artillery, from North Brookfield, from February 1 to May 8, 1776." "I3549","Brigham, Bela Brewster","4 Feb 1784","5 Dec 1870","","He was on the side of the British in the War of 1812." "I4312","Brigham, Bela Brewster","10 May 1807","26 Nov 1841","","Enlisted 18 December 1840 for service in the Seminole Wars. He died in service at Fort Brooke, Florida. (now present day Tampa) Cause of death was listed as ""neuralgia""." "I9979","Brigham, Ben Bule","10 Jul 1900","2 Dec 1957","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I4855","Brigham, Benajah","3 Nov 1840","4 Aug 1940","Civil War, Union Army","" "I9943","Brigham, Benjamin","21 Apr 1815","21 Apr 1836","","Died fighting for the independence of Texas at the Battle of San Jacinto." "I194","Brigham, Benjamin","19 Feb 1714","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I33101","Brigham, Benjamin","4 Apr 1843","6 Jan 1935","Civil War, Confederate Army","" "I2125","Brigham, Benjamin Franklin","24 Jun 1830","14 Apr 1895","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted as a Private on 5 August 1862 at the age of 32. He enlisted in Company C, 24th Infantry Regiment Michigan on 15 Aug 1862.Transferred into Company 9th, 2nd Battalion, Regiment U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps on 15 May 1864. He was wounded 15 May 1864 at Gettysburg and transferred out of Company C, 24th Infantry Regiment Michigan on 15 May 1864. He was discharged from Company 9th, 2nd Battn Regiment U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps on 6 Aug 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky." "I27389","Brigham, Bruce Alan","14 Jun 1924","","U.S. Army","" "I756","Brigham, Calvin Lloyd","30 Jul 1844","11 Jun 1902","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted 23 Nov 1863 for three years. On 4 Jan 1864 he mustered into the 57th Regiment Company B Massachusetts Volunteers..He was wounded before Petersburg, 24 June 1864 in left foot, and was discharged at Worcester Massachusetts 26 June 1865, at the close of war." "I5912","Brigham, Carl Campbell","4 May 1890","","U.S. Army, WWI","He was commissioned as 1st Lieutenant in the Sanitary Corps, psychological service Oct. to Dec 1917 at Camp Dix. He was then assigned to Surgeon General's office in Washington DC with the group of psychologists revising army examinations. Jan to Mar 1918 he was at Camps Meade, Lee and Gordon, for psychological experiments. in Apr he was commissioned 1st Lieutenant in the Tank Corps, but did not go across to France.

Analyzing data from the Army tests he came to the conclusion that the white race was of superior intelligence. He wrote about this in his book; A Study of American Intelligence, Princeton University Press, 1923. Though he later retracted his views on the intellectual superiority and specifically disowned the book." "I1174","Brigham, Charles","21 Jun 1841","Jul 1925","Civil War, Union Army ","Company K, 5th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry" "I3404","Brigham, Captain Charles","27 Jul 1769","2 Dec 1847","","He was appointed fourth sergeant in captain Jonathan Wheeler's foot company, second regiment, second brigade and seventh division. He was promoted to captain. He resigned his commission as captain 20 Jan 1809." "I2795","Brigham, Charles","22 May 1799","22 Sep 1871","","He attained the rank of colonel of his regiment in the state militia." "I2485","Brigham, 2nd Lieutenant Charles Clayton","16 Aug 1898","","U.S. Army","He was a student at the Springfield, Massachusetts Y. M. C. A. College was recommended by the President of the College to receive training that he might become an instructor in the College in the fall of 1918. He enlisted in the U.S. Army July 28 1918 was sent to Plattsburg Barracks for instruction; while there was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant. On September 20 he reported for duty at first station Student's Army Training Corps at Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. He remained there until unit was disbanded Nov 8 1918. He received special orders to report without delay at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy New York on Nov 11. He was an instructor there until the Student's Army Training Corps was disbanded Dec 18, He was discharged Dec 23 1918." "I2056","Brigham, Captain Charles Elmer","14 Mar 1842","28 Jul 1877","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted 14 July 1862, for three years. On 31 July 1862 He mustered into the 34th Regiment, Company C, Massachusetts Volunteers. He was promoted corporal. He was discharged, in the field, 14 Jan 1865 so that he might accept promotion to 1st lieutenant in 25th U. S. Colored Troops; and was afterward made captain." "I4179","Brigham, Charles Henry","14 Nov 1863","1951","U.S. Navy","He served in the Spanish War, on U. S. S. Prairie, as Senior Watch and Division Officer on blockade of Cuba and Porto Rico.. He was in engagement resulting in the destruction of Spanish S. S. Alphonso XII., near Mariel, 5 July, 1898. He was commissioned Lieutenant U. S. N., 23 April, 1898; resigned 28 Sept." "I4713","Brigham, Charles L","3 Jun 1843","22 Oct 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted 14 Aug 1862, Company F, 9th New Hampshire Volunteers. Wounded 30 July 1864, in a mine explosion before Petersburg, Virginia. 28 pieces of buckshot were taken out of his body." "I4447","Brigham, Charles Olin","1 Dec 1836","24 Jun 1890","Civil War, Union Army ","Company G, 4th Connecticut Infantry " "I2133","Brigham, Charles Ruggles","1841","15 Dec 1886","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted 29 1861 for three years. On 16 Jul 1861 he mustered into the 13th Regiment Company K Massachusetts Volunteers. He was discharged in the field, 23 May 1862, by reason of disability. Afterward he served 22 months in Brigade Band, Corps d'Afrique, stationed in Louisiana." "I707","Brigham, Charles William","12 Aug 1834","30 Apr 1908","Civil War, Union Army ","7th Massachusetts Infantry" "I7858","Brigham, Clare R","17 Nov 1920","23 Feb 1986","U.S. Army, WWII","Enlisted 22 Oct 1942." "I287","Brigham, Clarence L","18 Dec 1843","25 Jun 1918","Civil War, Union Army ","Company C, 30th Michigan Infantry" "I7698","Brigham, Claude Ernest","14 Apr 1878","15 Jul 1968","U.S. Army","Coast Artillery Corps. He was appointed, Chief, Chemical Warfare Service." "I321","Brigham, Curtis","21 May 1793","24 Feb 1872","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I2033","Brigham, Daniel","12 Jun 1760","12 Jun 1837","Continental Army, American Revolution","Surgeon's Mate in Colonel John Rand's regiment. " "I2903","Brigham, Daniel","15 Nov 1760","7 Mar 1807","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a private under Captains Morse Barnes and Pritchard and Colonels Read and Howe." "I3500","Brigham, Daniel","28 Apr 1735","1759","","Daniel was a soldier during the French-Indian Wars. He died during the Crown Point Expedition.

The following is excerpted from ""The Hundredth Town. Glimpses of Life in Westborough 1717-1817"" by Harriette Merrifield Forbes

This was just before the war of 1758. Daniel Brigham, a young man of twenty-three, was drafted into the army, and the most strenuous efforts of the family failed to procure a substitute. Just before leaving home, as he was going up the road for the cattle, late one afternoon, he was startled by seeing before him a man wrapped in an Indian blanket. He recognized the figure and face of the man as his own. It disappeared. His brother, standing in the doorway of the old house, also saw the form. He went to the war with the conviction that he should never return.

A few weeks after, he fell ill of a fever, at Crown Point. When near the point of death, an Englishman found him attended by a friendly Indian, and wrapped in an Indian blanket. Afterwards the Englishman brought back to Grafton this account of the realization of their fears.

The exact spot where this apparition was seen has for many generations been pointed out to the children of the family. It is not far beyond the Brigham homestead, now owned by Mr. E. A. Brigham, on the "" old road,"" just after passing the ""dry bridge.""" "I3036","Brigham, Daniel","25 Dec 1760","11 Oct 1818","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I2593","Brigham, David","4 Apr 1745","27 Sep 1824","Continental Army, American Revolution","he was in Captain Ross Wyman's Artillery Company, Colonel Jonathan Ward's Regiment which marched on the Lexington Alarm; in 1777, marched on an alarm at Bennington in Captain John Maynard's Company, Colonel. Job Cushing's Regiment." "I15101","Brigham, David C","6 Jun 1838","20 Jun 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","POW, Co. D. 22nd Michigan Infantry. Captured at the battle of chickamauga. Died at Andersonville Prison, GA." "I18389","Brigham, David Conant Sr.","26 Sep 1924","22 Aug 2009","U.S. Air Force, Korea","Fighter Pilot" "I887","Brigham, Dexter","25 May 1786","22 Dec 1870","U.S. Army, War of 1812","Enlisted 10 September 1814. Discharged 1 November 1814." "I4443","Brigham, Dexter","28 Oct 1829","1854","","He went to sea in 1848, and became an officer in the merchant marine. He was in the U. S. Navy stationed on the African coast to intercept the slave trade in 1853. He was an officer of the ""USS Albany,"" which, in 1854, was lost at sea with all on board." "I2153","Brigham, Dexter Pierpont","14 Oct 1843","1 Jun 1911","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted 11 Jul 1862 for three years. On 31 Jul 1862 he mustered into the 34th Regiment Company C Massachusetts. Volunteers. He was engaged in sixteen battles. He was wounded in left foot at battle of Stickney's Farm Virginia on 13 Oct 1864. He was promoted to corporal. He was discharged at Richmond Virginia 15 Jun 1865, at the close of war." "I355","Brigham, Don Alphonso","7 Nov 1845","18 Mar 1866","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I2678","Brigham, Don Carlos","21 Feb 1764","27 Mar 1843","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I1252","Brigham, Ebenezer","3 Mar 1761","15 Dec 1839","U.S. Army, War of 1812","Captain of Infantry." "I3070","Brigham, Ebenezer","28 Apr 1789","14 Sep 1861","U.S. Army, Blackhawk War","He served as a colonel in the Wisconsin Territorial Militia. Fort Blue Mounds was later built near his home, where he and his neighbors took refuge there during the conflict. He successfully defended the post against several raids by the Sauk and Fox." "I3050","Brigham, Edmund","12 Aug 1733","29 Jun 1806","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served as Captain in Major General Ward's Regiment. From ""The History of the Brigham Family Vol 1"" Capt. Edmund was also deacon; he settled near Chauncey Pond in the northeast part of Westboro, and was an important citizen. He was warden in 1774; member of a committee of vigilance and correspondence, '77 and '78; selectman, '79, '87, '88, '91, 93. Was also Captain of the Company of Minute Men who marched on the Lexington Alarm'. He took 18 men to the Northern Army, (who each had a bounty of 9), and at the surrender of Burgoyne he had command of a company of volunteers. Was kicked by a horse, which incapacitated him for further service in the army. British prisoners, destined for Boston, under charge of officers, accompanied him on his journey home, and were encamped on his grounds for a night, as they passed through Westboro. During the halt, a Hessian prisoner drew a map of Capt. Brigham's fine farm as the one he intended to draw for his service in conquering the country. This map was discovered, about 1800, by a citizen from the vicinity of Westboro, hanging upon the wall of an inn in Germany, and recognized. Up to this time, his descendants have failed to find the grave of this Revolutionary hero." "I2135","Brigham, Edmund","19 Oct 1758","22 Apr 1840","Continental Army, American Revolution","A solder of the Revolution. He was a private." "I2027","Brigham, Edward","21 May 1754","5 May 1838","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served as a Private and Corporal under Captains Wheelock and Brigham, and as a Sergeant under Captain Houghton and Colonels Ward and Jonathan Smith." "I4714","Brigham, Edward H","27 Mar 1845","22 Oct 1880","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted 9 Dec 1861, Company M, 1st New Hampshire Volunteer Cavalry. Re-enlisted 1 Jan 1864 wounded and captured 29 June, 1864, in Ream's Station Virginia. Released from Libby Prison, 30 June, 1865." "I4486","Brigham, Edwin Howard","27 Sep 1840","","Civil War, Union Army ","Hospital Steward, 13th Mass, Vols, Co. A from 20 Jul 1861 to 24 Feb 1864" "I26144","Brigham, Elden Leslie","14 Jun 1907","1 Sep 1994","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I1244","Brigham, Captain Elijah","19 Jul 1776","8 May 1861","U.S. Army","Commissioned 29 Mar 1804. Discharged 6 Apr 1811." "I4674","Brigham, Elijah","14 Mar 1843","","Civil War, Union Army ","Corporal, 134th Ill Regtiment" "I611","Brigham, Reverend Elijah","17 Nov 1804","5 Jan 1878","","He was early a captain in the Militia." "I1181","Brigham, Lieutenant Elijah","5 Sep 1742","8 Jan 1804","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was in Captain Josiah Fay's company of Minute-men, as Lieutenant, and marched on the Lexington Alarm." "I1524","Brigham, Brigadier General Elijah Dana","17 Aug 1813","6 Apr 1868","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I3867","Brigham, Elisha","6 Jan 1750","8 Sep 1808","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was at the battle of Saratoga; as a private in Captain Asa Danforth's Company of Volunteers." "I4398","Brigham, Lieutenant Elliott Fay","13 Jan 1839","","Civil War, Union Army ","4th Massachusetts Calvary" "I1792","Brigham, Elnathan","1757","1835","Continental Army, American Revolution","Elnathan Was a pensioner in 1832, and probably was the one recorded as being in Captain Rudd's Company, Tyler's Brigade, when attempting to dislodge the British from Newport, from Aug.2-Sept 12, 1778, and was at the battle of Long Island. Also in Captain Waterman's Company, 6 Sept. to 8 Sept., 1781, and on duty in New London." "I33082","Brigham, Emerald","1 May 1790","15 Mar 1863","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I678","Brigham, Captain Ephraim Harris","26 Sep 1822","21 Aug 1877","","The country was still mourning the thousands killed at the battle of Malvern Hill when, on 4 July 1862, President Lincoln shocked the nation by calling for three hundred thousand additional troops. The town of Natick MA was expected to provide one hundred and three men. (enough to staff a company). On 28 July there was a town meeting. United States Senator Henry Wilson, Captain Ephraim H. Brigham, and others addressed the crowd. After a series of town meetings the town of Natick provided one hundred and twenty seven men. Twenty four more than expected.

Before the war Captain Brigham was Deputy Sheriff of the town of Natick. He was discharged from the army 25 Aug 1862. He went on Disability on 5 Sep 1864. In time of peace he was a Commission merchant." "I155","Brigham, Ephraim Monroe","16 Sep 1832","2 Jan 1914","Civil War, Union Army ","He served in the 30th Michigan Infantry Co. C" "I7263","Brigham, Erwin Risley Jr","","","","" "I64761","Brigham, Fitch M","Mar 1847","25 Nov 1915","Civil War, Union Army","" "I4857","Brigham, Fletcher","13 Jan 1845","6 Jan 1923","Civil War, Union Army ","Co. C 33 ILL Inf." "I1905","Brigham, Francis Algernon","6 Nov 1838","6 Nov 1917","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted on 29 Jun 1861, for three years. On 16 Jul 1861 he mustered into the 13th Regiment Company K Massachusetts volunteers. He was discharged in Virginia, 2 Apr 1862, by reason of disability. He was afterward mustered 25 Sep,1862, in the 51st Regiment Company E, M. V. M. He served in North Carolina and Maryland . He was discharged at Worcester, Massachusetts 27 July 1863, at the expiration of his service." "I20450","Brigham, Francis Ernest","18 Apr 1929","25 Apr 2001","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I5918","Brigham, Francis Gorham","27 Sep 1882","13 May 1964","U.S. Army, WWI","During World War I Dr. Brigham was in France the practice of his profession with the Army." "I8061","Brigham, Tech Sergeant Francis M","Abt 1923","9 Jan 1943","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","History by: Michael Stupinski

Born in 1923, at the time of the 1930 census Frank was 6 years old and lived at 33 Elizabeth Street with his father George, a lumber yard dealer, his mother Adelphine, and a sister, Marion, age 4. He had completed 4 years of high school and was single when he enlisted for duty in Hartford on July 9, 1941. He gave his occupation as truck driver. Assigned to the 320th Bomber Squadron, 90th Bomber Group, 5th Air Force, he was a radioman / gunner on a B24. His Army Serial Number was 11010936

On January 9, 1943, near the island of New Britain in the Southwest Pacific, Frank's aircraft (serial number 772, the ""Little Eva"") was tracking a Japanese convoy that had been sighted by another aircraft. Flying at 7,000 feet, they spotted the convoy and prepared to make a bombing run against it. At that point 8 Japanese Zeros, flying in groups of four, attacked the bomber from head-on, making repeated runs against the plane. On the sixth attack the nose gunner on the bomber was presumably hit, as he stopped firing. On one of the last runs, the pilot was severely wounded by a bullet that then passed through Sgt. Brigham's left shoulder, also severely wounding him.

The co-pilot took over the controls and dove for cloud cover. The aircraft lost power and the co-pilot prepared the crew for a water landing. The navigator had, by this time, treated Sgt. Brigham's wound the best he could under the circumstances. The wounded pilot helped the co-pilot land the aircraft in the water.

The plane had broken up and was burning when the co-pilot got out of it. He found two empty life rafts, but no other members of the 9-man crew, including Sgt. Brigham, survived. He was in the raft for 9 days before landing on an island, and was eventually picked up after another 4 weeks had passed. Attempts to locate the aircraft and recover the bodies of the crew were fruitless. There is a monument to Sgt. Brigham at Fort William McKinley in Manila, The Philippines. He was awarded the Air Medal and the Purple Heart." "I2145","Brigham, Franklin Whiting","13 Sep 1841","28 Feb 1899","U.S. Navy","" "I2341","Brigham, George","7 Mar 1730","26 Mar 1808","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served as a Private under Captain Silas Gates and Colonel Ward. Eh served as selectman, and a Representative to the General Court." "I7615","Brigham, George Allen","17 Oct 1924","10 Oct 2006","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","Marine aviator. WWII, Korea, Vietnam" "I2023","Brigham, George Cushing","3 Jan 1849","4 Jan 1889","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted 8 Aug 1864, for one year. On 12 Aug 1864 he mustered into Company E 4th Heavy Artillery Massachusetts Volunteers He was discharged in Virginia 17 Jun 1865 at the close of war. He made his living as a mechanic." "I3917","Brigham, Captain George Needham","2 May 1831","25 Mar 1896","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted in July of 1862 as a Sergeant of Company D 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. He was promoted several times making Captain on the 26th of June in 1864. He was wounded at the battles of Gettysburg, Morton's Ford and Reams Station. He was discharged for health reasons on the 8th of Dec 1864.

Service Record:
Enlisted as a Sergeant on 16 July 1862.
Enlisted in Company D, 14th Infantry Regiment Connecticut on 20 Aug 1862.
Promoted to Full 2nd Lieutenant of Co. I on 16 Nov 1863.
Promoted to Full 1st Lieutenant of Co. B on 28 Mar 1864.
Promoted to Full Captain As of Co. B on 26 Jun 1864.
Discharged from Company D, 14th Infantry Regiment Connecticut on 8 Dec 1864.

Wounded 7/3/1863 Gettysburg, PA
Wounded 2/6/1864 Morton's Ford, VA
Wounded 8/25/1864 Reams' Station, VA" "I8057","Brigham, Sergeant George Newton","13 Feb 1896","13 Mar 1979","U.S. Army, WWI","He was assigned to Company I, 47th Infantry Regiment, 4th Division. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Purple Heart. On August 19th, 1918, he was on patrol with another soldier behind enemy lines. The two men attacked a German machine gun emplacement killing two enemy soldiers and destroyed the machine gun nest. Although he was wounded (then) Corporal Brigham refused medical treatment until the mission was completed." "I15100","Brigham, George W","29 Feb 1836","16 Mar 1863","Civil War, Union Army ","Died of disease during Service in Co. D, Michigan 22nd Infantry.

" "I3132","Brigham, Lieutenant George Washington","22 Sep 1836","","Civil War, Union Army ","He was 1st Lieutenant and Quartermaster of the 103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. " "I11198","Brigham, Captain George Washington","6 Nov 1836","15 May 1862","","He was a Captain in the 117th New York Volunteers. He was killed in the battle of Drury Bluff, Virginia." "I201","Brigham, Gershom","27 Jun 1750","22 Oct 1817","Continental Army, American Revolution","Gershom was a minute man from Marlboro, under Captain William Brigham at Concord in 1775." "I2493","Brigham, Harold Montford","6 Apr 1900","","U.S. Marine Corps","He was a student at the High School of Commerce in Worcester Massachusetts. He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps at Worcester, 7 Aug 1918; was examined in Boston; sent tot Paris Island, South Carolina 21 Aug.1918. He remained there nearly three months before shipping out to Naval Training Station at Great Lakes Illinois to study aerial gunnery. He then went to Miami Florida where he was attached to Platoon G, Aviation Force. He hen went to Port au Prince, Haiti, where he remained until 2 Aug 1919 when he was transported to Philadelphia Naval Station where he was discharged 10 Sep 1919." "I3686","Brigham, Harrison Merriam","4 Feb 1838","22 Mar 1906","U.S. Army, War of 1812","He enlisted 27 Jun 186 for three years On 16 Jul 1861 he mustered into the 13th Regiment Company K Massachusetts Volunteers. He was transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps, Feb. 15, 1864; and was discharged at Washington, D.C, 16 Jul 1864 at the expiration of his service." "I5391","Brigham, Harry Whiting","19 Dec 1890","30 Jan 1919","U.S. Army, WWI","He died of illness while in the service of his country." "I4640","Brigham, Haven Theodore","17 May 1846","4 Jan 1926","Civil War, Union Army ","At 16 he enlisted as a private and served for 6 months he was honorably discharged." "I2344","Brigham, Henry","26 Oct 1752","16 Jan 1829","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served as a Sergeant under Captain Daniel Barns and an Ensign under Colonel Jonathan Ward." "I4309","Brigham, Henry Gustavus","13 Sep 1836","25 May 1907","Civil War, Union Army ","107th New York Volunteer Regiment." "I728","Brigham, Henry Harrison","19 Feb 1841","2 Sep 1873","Civil War, Union Army ","He served tor 3 years in Arkansas and Fortress Munroe." "I3133","Brigham, Henry Harrison","1 Sep 1840","13 Oct 1867","Civil War, Union Army ","Henry enlisted on August 12, 1861. He reenlisted at Columbus, Ohio on January 1, 1864. He entered the 2nd Ohio Cavalry as a farrier. A farrier is a blacksmith that specializes in shoeing horses as well as caring for their hooves. He was shot in the hip at the Battle of Cedar Creek, near Strasburg, Virginia on October 19, 1864. They were unable to remove the projectile and it caused him problems for the rest of his life.

He was again shot, this time in the right arm on March 31, 1865 at the Battle of Dinwiddie Court House at Dinwiddie County, Virginia. He was discharged July 16, 1865 due to disability." "I4291","Brigham, Henry Otis","2 Sep 1830","22 Jan 1868","U.S. Army","Educated at Norwich, Vermont, Military Academy. He was a drummer boy in the Mexican War at age l6.

He became 1st Lieutenant then government clerk at Washington DC in 1861, a paymaster in volunteer service at the head of the Pay Department of the Gulf from 1863 to 1865. In Regular Service he was stationed at Detroit." "I25950","Brigham, Irving Arthur","27 May 1871","14 Mar 1947","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","Company C, 2nd Massachusetts Infantry" "I3400","Brigham, Ithamar Sr","6 Oct 1729","3 May 1784","Continental Army, American Revolution","A Solder of the Revolution. He was a Captain under Colonel Ward during the Lexington alarm. He served as a Marlborough Selectman." "I19442","Brigham, Jack Duane","5 Feb 1939","15 May 1991","U.S. Army","" "I3394","Brigham, James","2 Oct 1717","15 Mar 1794","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I1400","Brigham, Jesse","10 Dec 1762","23 Oct 1823","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I1196","Brigham, Sergeant Joel","5 Mar 1756","25 Jun 1813","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served under Captain A. Holden and Colonel Nixon from 1775-1782." "I2147","Brigham, Lieutenant Joel","12 Sep 1785","3 Oct 1837","U.S. Army, War of 1812","He was a Lieutenant in the War of 1812. He came to Chautauqua Co. NY, soon after his fathers death. He settled on the land owned by his father. A few years after, he went to Buffalo with Captain Perkins by lake, taking with him a wagon for sale, for which there was no need in this wooded county; He returned on foot; and when in the 4 mile woods, about a mile beyond Cattaraugus Creek, he heard the report of a gun, and felt a pain, similar to a ""bee sting"". On looking around, he spied a young Indian beside a tree, preparing to load his gun to fire again, but having broken his ramrod, he could not get the ball down. He shook his cane at the young redskin, and made some threats. He soon found he had been shot through the body; the ball having passed through the fold of the intestines and out in front, 2 inches from the navel. Beginning to feel intense pain, and becoming weak, he feared he could not reach safety, and on a scrap of paper, wrote with a piece of lead, an explanation of his condition. He succeeded , however, in getting near Mack's ferry, where he was heard calling for assistance. He was carried to Mack's Tavern, where he was for several days deranged and unconscious. Surgeons from Buffalo attended him and he was confined for 2 or 3 months. On the return of consciousness he thought he could identify the offender. if brought into his presence. Mr. Mack had a number of Indians brought before him. He at once recognized the offender, Longfinger, about 17 years of age. He was found guilty, and imprisoned in Buffalo jail, for 30 days. Though he lived many more years, his injuries are supposed to have hastened his death." "I2156","Brigham, Joel","2 Oct 1714","7 Apr 1797","Continental Army, American Revolution","A private under Captain Howe, Colonel Ward following the 19 Apr 1775 alarm that the British were on the march from Boston. He was a Member of the Committees of Correspondence and Shadow governments organized by the Patriot leaders of the 13 Original Colonies." "I2914","Brigham, Joel Jr","5 Apr 1751","Abt 1840","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served under Captain Barnes and Colonel Howe." "I1769","Brigham, John","19 May 1762","10 Jan 1833","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I3011","Brigham, John","24 Mar 1790","16 Jul 1868","U.S. Army, War of 1812","Captain." "I2916","Brigham, John","16 Apr 1758","20 Aug 1828","Continental Army, American Revolution","John was a Soldier of the American Revolution also of the war of 1812. He was a private under Captain Amasa Cranston and Colonel Samuel Denny." "I527","Brigham, John","8 Aug 1758","2 Apr 1841","Continental Army, American Revolution","There was John, a corporal, and John, a private, from Princeton, and probably it was the service of one man. As a corporal he served only 27 days in Oct., 1777; marching to reinforce Gen. Gates at Saratoga ; as a private he served a little over 3 mos. in Col. Rand's Worcester Co. Regiment in 1780. Resided first at Alstead, New Hampshire and went to Ackworth in 1805." "I4102","Brigham, John Baker","11 Aug 1835","","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted in 1862, in Co. D, 35th Massachusetts Volunteers. He served 3 years." "I4144","Brigham, John Calvin","15 Aug 1833","21 Jan 1869","Civil War, Union Army ","9th New York Volunteers. Enlisted 8 Jun 1861. Discharged 16 July 1862 " "I619","Brigham, John D","5 Aug 1834","27 Feb 1900","Civil War, Union Army ","15th Massachusetts Volunteers. POW Captured at Leesburg Virginia." "I15162","Brigham, John Lowell","6 Jun 1832","10 Oct 1874","Civil War, Union Army ","1st Mass Cavalry" "I26911","Brigham, John Marshall","19 Jul 1917","5 Jan 1963","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I59914","Brigham, John Nathan","15 May 1898","3 Apr 1951","U.S. Merchant Marine WWII","" "I569","Brigham, Captain Jonas Jr","29 Oct 1748","1826","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a Sargent and a Captain under Lt. Colonel Converse." "I4010","Brigham, Jonas","29 Aug 1790","9 Feb 1822","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I3117","Brigham, Jonathan","29 Oct 1754","26 Jul 1848","","Was one of the ""Minute Men"" who responded to the call in April, 1775, under Capt. Daniel Burns and Col. Henshaw, Massachusetts Militia. Enlisted April, 1775, to Feb., 1776, serving as private in the Company of Capt. Barns and Col. Artemas Ward. Enlisted Oct. 2, 1777, as private under Capt. Morse and Col. Read. Residence at time of enlistment, Marlborough, MA. Was at the battles of Bunker Hill and Saratoga. Applied for pension, April 30, 1818, at which time he was a resident of Chautauqua County. He moved from Oneida County, N. Y., in 1810, and settled in the town of Sheridan, Chautauqua County, and in 1813 moved to Mayville." "I4086","Brigham, Jonathan","22 Oct 1754","26 Jul 1848","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a private under Captain Barnes and Colonel Ward." "I3006","Brigham, Lieutenant Joseph","27 Sep 1743","25 Aug 1810","Continental Army, American Revolution","He marched on the Lexington Alarm in Captain William Brigham's Co. He was 2nd Lieutenant in Captain Paul Brigham's Company. He was commissioned 5 Sep 1776." "I3040","Brigham, Captain Joseph","2 Jun 1774","19 Jul 1846","Continental Army, American Revolution","Captain of an Artillery Company. " "I33306","Brigham, Joseph Edward","12 May 1844","19 Jun 1905","Civil War, Union Army ","Company H, 17th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers." "I4628","Brigham, Joseph Henry","12 Dec 1838","30 Jun 1904","Civil War, Union Army ","Commander of the 69th Ohio Volunteer Infantry." "I3945","Brigham, Josiah","1 Sep 1788","24 Jul 1867","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I3185","Brigham, Leander","23 Mar 1823","19 Jun 1888","Civil War, Union Army ","He had serious thoughts of enlisting early in the conflict, but delayed doing so until the call came for the 300,000 nine months men. He then went into the 52d regiment, Co. G, being mustered in, Oct. 11, 1862. He went to Louisiana surviving some of the hard marches, and picket duty, but died, a victim of illness." "I34503","Brigham, Leland Louis","21 May 1894","27 Feb 1962","U.S. Marine Corps, WWI","Also WWII." "I3386","Brigham, Levi","21 Aug 1717","1 Feb 1787","Continental Army, American Revolution","At the age of 41 years old, he was Cornet of the Shrewsbury Troop of Horse, commanded by Captain Benjamin Eager, attached to the 3d regiment of Militia of the counties of Middlesex and Worcester. He served as delegate from Northborough in the Provincial Congress during its 3 sessions. He was commissioned Lieut. Colonel in the 6th Worcester County regiment under Col. John Goulding and Major Job Cushing of Shrewsbury (later promoted to Colonel). In 1778 Col. Brigham received 27 from the town of Northborough for his services in the war since 19 Apr 1775." "I3736","Brigham, Lieutenant Levi","26 Aug 1746","26 Apr 1821","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served as a Lieutenant and as a Member of the Committee for Safety." "I4272","Brigham, Lorenzo D","10 Aug 1837","","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted 29 Aug 1862 in Company H, 8th Infantry Regiment, Massachusetts.
Mustered out of Company H, 8th Infantry 7 Aug 1863 at Boston MA.
" "I1220","Brigham, Lovell","1 Dec 1754","25 Apr 1824","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I1857","Brigham, Sergeant Lyman Farwell","26 Sep 1828","19 Nov 1892","Civil War, Union Army ","Company G, 15th New York Volunteer Engineers" "I4743","Brigham, Martin Van Burren","13 Aug 1834","","Civil War, Union Army ","8th Michigan Calvary" "I1525","Brigham, Mary","6 May 1678","","","Mary was distinguished for heroism in the Indian War. When her father died he left her $375 in his will.

18 Aug 1707 Mary, two of her children, and Miss Mary Goodnow, daughter of Samuel Goodnow were gathering herbs in a meadow when they saw twenty or more Indian warriors stealthily approaching. They immediately ran for the fortified home of Samuel Goodnow. Mary who was six months pregnant, and her children succeeded in reaching it and closing the gate before their pursuers could overtake them. There was one man in the garrison at the time. The rest of the men were at work in the field. The savages attempted to break through the enclosure. They were however repelled by the heroic defenders inside. Mrs. Fay (Nee Brigham) loaded the muskets handing them to her male companion who was able to maintain constant fire upon the enemy. Hearing the gun fire the men in the field returned and the enemy retreated. The name of the male companion was not recorded.

Mary Goodnow being lame from birth could not escape her pursuers. She was overtaken, seized and dragged into the woods.

The same day the Indians surprised and took two men who were laboring in the field. Jonathan Wilder, a native of Lancaster and a Mr. Howe of Marlborough. Mr. Howe was able to escape but, Jonathan was killed.

The next day Capt. Thomas Howe, of Marlborough and about twenty men pursued the Indians. They were joined by another twenty or so men from Lancaster. They overtook the enemy who now numbered thirty-six., a battle ensued in which two white men (John Farren and Richard Singeltary) and ten to twelve Indians died. The packs of the Indians fell into the hands of the whites. In one of them was the scalp of Miss Goodnow.

A few days latter her mangled body was found and buried." "I20464","Brigham, Mike Ernest","4 Jun 1953","5 Mar 2004","U.S. Navy, Vietnam","" "I3638","Brigham, Moses Woods","18 Dec 1801","","","A member of Captain Amasa Turner's Company at the battle of San Jacinto. This was was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution." "I1665","Brigham, Captain Nathan","13 Mar 1730","9 Feb 1806","Continental Army, French and Indian War","From History of the Brigham Family Vol 1: ""He was a Lieut, in the first French War and a distinguished officer. In the service he became warmly attached to Capt. Thomas Gage, afterwards Gen. Gage. To avenge the massacre at Fort William Henry, he and a party volunteered, under the command of Capt. Rogers, to penetrate into Canada, attack and burn the town of St. Francis, and retreat. Having accomplished the task, they were pursued and overtaken by the Indians, who killed and scalped 30 of their number. The remainder fled into the wilderness, and for the most part perished. Of the few who lived to return was Lieut. Brigham, whose deeds of valor were eulogized in ballads. He settled in Southborough, one-half a mile east of the meeting-house. Among other town offices he was chosen one of a committee to 'seat the meeting' in 1778; and one to revise the constitution reported to the towns, in 1786, for their consideration."" " "I2524","Brigham, Nathaniel","7 Oct 1785","17 Sep 1870","U.S. Army, War of 1812","He was a Corporal in Captain Pierpont Brigham's Company of Massachusetts Militia. He served 10 Sep 1814 to 1 Nov 1814." "I32740","Brigham, Norman William","29 Apr 1831","27 Mar 1907","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I2732","Brigham, Origin","10 Sep 1757","1816","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a physician and surgeon in the Revolution. He was the leading physician in Schoharie, New York.. He was an original member of the Society of the Cincinnati. He was Surgeon's mate with Warner in Bailey's 2nd Regiment in 1781." "I2980","Brigham, Orleans","10 Dec 1773","6 Jun 1864","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I4750","Brigham, Orrin W","20 Feb 1840","7 Jun 1916","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I1330","Brigham, Captain Otis","16 Apr 1788","15 Apr 1872","U.S. Army, War of 1812","He was Captain in the war of 1812 and helped to raise troops for the Civil War. He was a prosperous farmer, yet found time to devote to church and town affairs. For 40 years he was superintendent of the first Sunday-school started in Westborough. He was selectman 1827-'28, 1830-'33, 1836-'43; overseer of the poor and moderator of town meetings for many years. He was Representative from Westborough in 1839 and 1840." "I3381","Brigham, Captain Paul","26 Mar 1737","4 Jun 1777","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served under Colonel Ezekiel Howe." "I3235","Brigham, Paul","6 Jan 1746","15 Jun 1824","Continental Army, American Revolution","2nd Vermont Governor. He was a Captain in the Revolutionary War in a Connecticut regiment commanded, first, by Colonel Chandler and afterward by Colonel Isaac Sherman. He entered the Army 1 Jan 1777 and was discharged 22 Apr 1781. A portion of the time he served under the immediate command of General George Washington, and was engaged in the important battles of Germantown, Monmouth, and Fort Mifflin. He wintered in Valley Forge 1777-1778. He was enlisted by General McDougal from Coventry, Connecticut and his regiment seems to have been largely composed of men from that section of the State.

After the war he moved to Norwich, Vermont, where he became a local and state leader, serving in numerous offices including Member of the Vermont House of Representatives, Delegate to Vermont's constitutional conventions, High Sheriff of Windsor County, presidential elector, and Major General of the Vermont Militia. Brigham was Windsor County Assistant Judge from 1783 to 1786 and 1790 to 1795, Probate Judge in 1800, and Presiding Judge in 1801. He served on the Governor's Council from 1792 to 1796, and was Lieutenant Governor from 1796 to 1813, and acted as Governor in 1797 after the resignation and death of Governor Thomas Chittenden. After losing the lieutenant governorship in 1814, Brigham returned to the office in 1815 and served until 1820. The journal of his Army experiences was published as ""A Revolutionary Diary of Captain Paul Brigham, November 19, 1777-September 4, 1778.""" "I3756","Brigham, Paul","17 Jun 1761","17 Nov 1838","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a private under Colonel Chandler." "I19458","Brigham, Paul Marion","6 Sep 1914","30 Jul 2007","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I1275","Brigham, Sergeant Phineas","23 Jul 1755","Aft 1793","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a soldier of the Revolution. He was a private under Captain Edmund Brigham's Company of Minute Men, and marched on the Lexington Alarm. He enlisted in the army, and in 1777 marched with Captain Brigham to reinforce the Northern Army, but went only as far as Hadley and returned. He saw further service in 1778 in Colonel John Jacob's Massachusetts Regiment." "I1730","Brigham, Phineas","22 Jan 1815","20 May 1889","Civil War, Union Army ","Company B, 153rd N.Y. Infantry" "I1035","Brigham, Captain Pierpont","16 Sep 1780","6 Oct 1836","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I1537","Brigham, Pliny","","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","Pliny served at New London, under Captain Moses Hayden." "I15615","Brigham, Ralph Hubbard","27 May 1867","","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","Co. A. 2nd Mass. Regt. He was at El Caney and San Juan Hill." "I5019","Brigham, Reeder Smith","16 Jun 1832","11 Mar 1890","Civil War, Union Navy","He enlisted in the United States Navy 1 September 1864 and was hororably discharged 3 July 1865. He served aboard the USS Grampus (1863) a wheel side steamer that operated out of Cincinnati, the USS Great Western, another side wheel steamer out of Cincinnati and, The USS Louisville (1861) an iron clad gun boat." "I59899","Brigham, Richard Francis","18 Jun 1924","4 Feb 1944","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Served in the 388th Bomb Group, 563rd Bomb Squadron out of Knettishall, Suffolk, England. He was the navigator aboard a B-17 bomber nicknamed ""Cock O' The Walk"". Killed in action over mission to Frankfurt, Germany." "I11197","Brigham, Richard Henry Lee","7 Feb 1835","31 Jul 1878","Civil War, Union Army ","He was in the 49th New York Volunteers. He was discharged disabled after hard service." "I32881","Brigham, Richens Elijah","8 Jun 1922","9 Jun 2014","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I59886","Brigham, Robert Henry Sr","28 Nov 1893","2 Sep 1973","U.S. Navy","" "I41","Brigham, Robert Leroy","23 Aug 1936","30 May 2022","U.S. Navy","" "I8064","Brigham, Rodney Lewis","11 May 1927","21 Dec 1991","U.S. Army, WWII","Enlisted: 19 Mar 1946." "I2075","Brigham, Roger","28 Feb 1762","18 Nov 1837","Continental Army, American Revolution","""History of the Brigham Family"" says he was a soldier of the Revolution. I have not sourced that elsewhere." "I26147","Brigham, Rolland Irwin","16 Sep 1913","26 Jul 1950","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I726","Brigham, Salem Tilly","17 Oct 1824","8 Oct 1903","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted in Co. G 5th MA Vol. from Woburn, 27 Jul 1864, for one hundred days. He was honorably discharged l6 Nov 1864." "I251","Brigham, Samuel","12 Jan 1652","24 Jul 1713","Queen Anne's War","During Queen Anne's War, Samuel Brigham was one of the committee to assign the inhabitants of Marlborough to the twenty-six log forts erected. Among these, Samuel Brigham's Garrison, Thomas Brigham's Garrison, and Nathan Brigham's Garrison. In this war Samuel Brigham was the lieutenant under Capt. Thomas Howe. He received a bounty for destroying an Indian. While he was called Captain during the years of the Revolutionary war there is no Revolutionary War marker at his grave" "I1309","Brigham, Samuel Jr","3 Mar 1723","15 Feb 1756","Continental Army, American Revolution","As a surgeon, he spent 14 weeks on the Crown Point expedition,under Colonel Joshua Browne." "I3810","Brigham, Samuel","1 Jul 1741","28 Feb 1836","Continental Army, American Revolution","According to ""The History of the Brigham Family"" says he was probably was a private in Captain Job Cushing's Company of Minute-men which marched on the Lexington Alarm. " "I2917","Brigham, Samuel","3 Dec 1760","2 Mar 1813","","He was a Private under Colonels Dike and Read." "I1899","Brigham, Samuel","23 Oct 1789","17 Aug 1872","U.S. Army, War of 1812","Drummer" "I3986","Brigham, Samuel Davis","22 Mar 1821","Abt 1893","Civil War, Union Army ","5th Massachusetts Volunteers, Company C." "I1321","Brigham, Samuel Neat","15 Nov 1843","28 Jan 1872","U.S. Navy","He was a midshipman in the Navy." "I4570","Brigham, Reverend Sidney S","15 Feb 1836","11 May 1921","Civil War, Union Army ","Co H, 3rd Vt Vols mustered out Captain Jul 1864 having been in 27 battles and skirmishes." "I2630","Brigham, Silas","16 Oct 1791","26 Mar 1850","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I944","Brigham, Silas Howe","5 Jan 1844","21 Mar 1930","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted 9 August 1864, for one year; On 12 Aug 1864 he mustered into Company E 4th Heavy Artillery, Massachusetts Volunteers. He was promoted to corporal, and was discharged in Virginia, 17 Jun 1865, at the close of war. He had previously served ninety days (May 4 to Aug. 2, 1864) in the 6th Unattached Company, Militia, stationed at Readville, Massachusetts." "I3752","Brigham, Silvanus","30 Jul 1785","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I1089","Brigham, Silvester","17 Jun 1807","Jan 1872","","He was in the Black Hawk War, and noted for courage and strength." "I1797","Brigham, Lieutenant Stephan","1744","7 May 1816","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served in the 8th Company 5th Connecticut Regiment." "I3897","Brigham, Captain Stephen","13 May 1754","11 Oct 1849","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was at Bunker Hill; under Lieutenant Clayes and Captain Jonathan Whitcomb." "I11207","Brigham, Stephen Orson","8 Sep 1887","4 Aug 1918","U.S. Army, WWI","In World War I, he was a First Lieutenant in the 127th Infantry, Company G, American Expeditionary Forces. He was killed in action, on St. Gilles Road, near Dravegny France, on 4 August 1918. His body was returned to the U.S., and reburied at Forest Hill, Madison, Dane, Wisconsin on 31 June 1921." "I4203","Brigham, Theodore","29 Jun 1833","27 Apr 1899","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted in the United States Navy in 1857 and went to the Mediterranean. In 1861 he enlisted in Company B of the 6th Massachusetts Volunteers, and was in the Baltimore Riot. He was discharged in August of the same year." "I3873","Brigham, Thomas","7 Jul 1786","5 Jul 1814","U.S. Army, War of 1812","After three years service in the War of 1812 he was killed in battle on Chippewa Plains, Canada. From History of the Brigham Family:

He met a recruiting officer and enlisted for 9 months in the War of 1812. He was told that he would not have to serve for several weeks. Late that night he received orders to march; hastily sending a messenger to Plymouth, he marched with his company, after sending word to his wife. When he was slain he was with a scouting party, who were all killed and buried in a trench on the Canadian side of the Niagara River. A In 1987 a trench full of human bones was found on the bank of the river, and from some buttons found it was known that the remains were those of American soldiers. The Canadian government permitted the U. S. soldiers to come into Canada and give the remains a military burial. These may have been the bones of that scouting party." "I7715","Brigham, Thomas B","4 Jun 1840","20 Mar 1901","Civil War, Union Army ","Company G, 9th Massachusetts. Infantry. Enlisted on 11 June 1861. He fought in 23 battles. He was wounded at Gaines Mills, Virginia. He was discharged as a Corporal on 21, June, 1864 because of disability, the result of wounds in the neck and leg." "I59888","Brigham, Thomas Bernard Clark","3 Sep 1919","14 Feb 1993","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","He served as a navigator aboard a B-24 bomber nicknamed ""Luck and Stuff. He was assigned to the 466th Bomb Group, 706th Bomb Squadron operating out of Bungay, Suffolk, England. He was shot down April 19, 1944 and held in a German POW camp. " "I7666","Brigham, Master Sergeant Thomas Otis","","","","" "I1142","Brigham, Captain Tilly","6 Jun 1748","17 Aug 1808","Continental Army, American Revolution","His service was a little over 13 mos., beginning June 30, 1778." "I1450","Brigham, Timothy","16 Feb 1735","5 Oct 1828","Continental Army, American Revolution","In 1775 he entered the Revolutionary army as Captain; was second in command under Captain Samuel Wood of Marlborough of the company of Minute Men, which marched down to Cambridge on 19th of April, 1775, and which was in the battle of Bunker Hill, on the 17th of June following. He received 18 from the town for the first term of service." "I2313","Brigham, Timothy","10 Oct 1698","1 Oct 1775","Continental Army, American Revolution","Colonel Timothy was a soldier of the revolution. He was a leader in the movement to set off Southborough from Marlborough. On 14 Aug 1727 the first town-meeting of Southborough was held at his house. He was often moderator of town-meetings. For 24 years he was the town treasurer and selectman of Southborough. He served as Representative, 1753, 1756 and 1769. He was among the first of the patriots to take a stand with the colonies in the Revolutionary struggle. He was first on a committee of rights who reported a series of spirited resolutions in 1773. He died during the siege of Boston." "I2340","Brigham, Lieutenant Uriah","10 Sep 1727","22 Oct 1782","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I2624","Brigham, Uriah","3 Nov 1722","25 Jan 1777","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was in charge of a rifle battery and took care of expense accounts for South Coventry. His anxiety for his country was believed to have hastened his death." "I4751","Brigham, Virgil D","11 Nov 1842","","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted in 1862, Company I 84th Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was taken prisoner at Petersburg Virginia in 1864. He died. in prison in Salisbury North Carolina." "I17604","Brigham, Walter A","29 Feb 1844","1919","Civil War, Union Army ","Company D, 25th Massachusetts Volenteer Infantry" "I202","Brigham, Warren","16 Nov 1753","10 Jan 1840","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I2220","Brigham, Warren Luther","25 Jan 1846","13 Mar 1880","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted 9 Sep 1862 for nine months. He mustered into the 46th Regiment Company D Massachusetts Volunteer Militia on 25 Sep 1826 He was discharged at Newbern North Carolina 28 May 1863, by reason of disability. He afterward served ninety days (May 4 to Aug. 2, 1864) in 6th Unattached Company, Militia stationed at Readville, Massachusetts." "I4110","Brigham, Wilbur F","9 Apr 1839","13 Nov 1901","Civil War, Union Army ","He was very anxious to serve his country in the civil war but the impaired sight of one eye barred him from service. When the call came for men for 100-day service he was allowed to enlist and go out with Company I, 5th Regiment." "I3785","Brigham, Captain William","20 Dec 1784","3 Jul 1879","U.S. Army, War of 1812","He was Capt. of a Militia Company in 1812, and offered himself for the war, but was never called out." "I973","Brigham, William","2 Apr 1779","8 Dec 1811","","William was mortally wounded at the battle of Tippecanoe." "I614","Brigham, Captain William","8 Apr 1735","20 Apr 1793","Continental Army, American Revolution","William was the commanding officer of a company from Marlborough, Massachusetts that marched on the alarm of 19 April 1775." "I4111","Brigham, William F","9 Apr 1839","6 Feb 1865","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted in the Civil War and mustered into Company 9, 36th regiment. He was promoted to Captain but, he became ill and was discharged for disability and was never able to serve as Captain." "I4251","Brigham, William Frank","4 Apr 1842","18 Jul 1864","","Company F 18th Massachusetts Infantry. He served 3 years." "I4598","Brigham, William Hartwell","1 Feb 1863","22 May 1911","","Lt Mass Co. M 5th Infantry 1887. Major and Asst Inspector of Rifle Practice on staff of the first Brigade. Lt Col and Inspector Gen Staff of Gov Crane 1900 Brig Gen and Inspector General staff of Gov Crane 1901-03 Brig Gen and Inspector Gen staff of Gov Bates 1903 and 1904 staff of Gov Guild 1906" "I2333","Brigham, William Henry","1841","29 Aug 1896","Civil War, Union Army ","Served in the 24th Michigan Infantry Co. C. Mustered in, Aug 15, 1862. Detroit MI. Mustered out, June 30, 1865 Detroit, MI." "I5215","Brigham, William Henry Brewster","13 Aug 1841","27 Oct 1931","Civil War, Union Navy","He served in the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry as a musician. When that enlistment ran out he became a private in Company I of New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry. At the end of that enlistment he enlisted in the Navy and served as a landsman aboard the U.S.S. Ohio." "I1736","Brigham, William Munroe Jr","12 Dec 1894","23 Jul 1918","U.S. Army, WWI","He was a student at Norwich University, Northfield VT. There he was the tenor soloist of the collage glee club and a member of the Quartet. In May of 1917 he enlisted in the 1st Reserve Officers Training Camp in Plattsburg NY. He was commissioned 2nd LT of Co. D 104th Inf. 26th Yankee Div. and assigned for overseas duty in World War I. In the second battle of the Marne LT Brigham lead a charge on an enemy machine gun position at Epieds north of Chateau Thierry. He was killed while giving the command ""Come on!"", He was cited for exceptional gallantry by Gen. Edwards, Commander of the 26th Div. Gen. Pershing, recommended him for the Distinguished Service Cross. In 1942, in Marlborough MA, a plaque honoring him was placed on the lawn between the Baptist Church and West Main Street." "I4692","Brigham, William Oakley","16 May 1836","","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted Sep 1862 Co G, 13th Vt Vols was in the battle of Gettysburg, honorably discharged in 1863." "I1509","Brigham, Winslow","18 Jun 1756","4 Sep 1837","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I966","Brooks, Dellison J","8 Apr 1918","11 Jun 1988","U.S. Army, WWII","Enlisted 5 Apr 1943" "I19199","Brooks, George Wheelock","11 Dec 1895","28 Mar 1960","U.S. Army, WWI","Company C, 309 Signal Battalion " "I846","Brooks, Levi Sr","18 Nov 1822","9 Oct 1902","Civil War, Union Army ","27th Massachusetts Voluenteers" "I847","Brooks, Samuel","22 Mar 1829","19 Sep 1903","Civil War, Union Army ","37th Massachusetts Voluenteers" "I29235","Brown, Hugh Card","22 Oct 1919","16 Mar 1942","England, Royal Air Force, WWII","He enlisted in the 133 Squadron RAF. It was one of the Eagle squadrons formed from American volunteers serving with the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. He was killed during a bad weather test flight that crashed." "I3002","Brown, Captain Samuel","8 Dec 1700","","","French and Indian War" "I64439","Browne, Clyde Jack","31 May 1912","Nov 1986","U.S. Army","" "I62959","Browning, Miles Rutherford","10 Apr 1897","29 Sep 1954","U.S. Navy, WWI","Also WWII." "I38160","Bryant, Lincoln Joseph","12 Feb 1897","17 Apr 1961","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I60155","Buckingham, Morris Hamilton","18 Sep 1918","14 Feb 1974","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I14370","Buell, Elsie","30 Oct 1910","5 Oct 2006","U.S. Navy","In 1950, she enlisted in the Navy as a nurse in the Navy Nurse Corps, retiring as a lieutenant commander in 1970." "I14363","Buell, Harold Lloyd","4 Nov 1919","14 Aug 2014","U.S. Navy, WWII","Served December 1940 to January 1962. Approximate flight hours: jet: 600 prop: 3,750. 415 fixed wing carrier/ship landings. Combat awards: Navy Cross, Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross (X3), Purple Heart (X2), and four Presidential Unit Citations.

From the orders awarding him the Navy Cross:

The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Lieutenant Harold Lloyd Buell (NSN: 0-104297), United States Naval Reserve, for extraordinary heroism in operations against the enemy while serving as Pilot of a carrier-based Navy Dive Bomber and Flight Leader in Bombing Fighting Squadron TWO (VBF-2), attached to the U.S.S. HORNET (CV-12), in action against the enemy fleet in the vicinity of the East Philippine Sea on 20 June 1944. In the face of intense, accurate anti-aircraft fire, which blew a three-foot hole in his wing just after release, Lieutenant Buell led his division in a determined, devastating dive bombing attack, himself scoring a direct hit on the large enemy carrier under attack. Although wounded by a fragment from the shell that hit is wing, he flew his severely damaged plane through the night back to our carrier forces. By his brilliant airmanship, aggressive fighting spirit and unwavering devotion to duty, Lieutenant Buell contributed materially to the success of our operations in this historic engagement, and his great personal valor in the face of grave peril was in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service." "I65100","Bullard, James Fred","13 Jul 1844","25 Jan 1928","Civil War, Union Army","Company C 4th Michigan Calvery." "I5925","Burleigh, Cyrus","8 Sep 1793","9 Oct 1873","Royal Army War of 1812","" "I5939","Burleigh, Freeman","1758","1837","","Jessup's Loyal Rangers." "I53119","Burleigh, Herbert Clarence MD","6 Oct 1893","13 Sep 1980","Canadian Army","Medical officer during WWI & WII." "I57415","Burrall, Charles Sr","21 Feb 1719","7 Oct 1803","Continental Army, American Revolution","Colonel of the 14th Foot Regiment of the Connecticut Militia." "I10201","Burroughs, Edgar Rice","1 Sep 1875","19 Mar 1950","U.S. Army","He was diagnosed with heart problems, therefore ineligible to serve, he was discharged in 1897" "I10190","Burroughs, George Tyler","13 Oct 1833","15 Feb 1913","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I34349","Burrows, Harry Lorenzen","10 Aug 1911","16 May 1995","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I35983","Burrows, Hubbard","26 Jun 1739","Sept. 6, 1781","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a private in Captain John Stanton's company, 4th regiment in the French and Indian War. He was a captain of the militia in the Revolutionary war. He was in the siege around New York in 1776 and, was in Captain Walker's company and marched under Lafayette in 1780. He was killed at the Massacre at Fort Griswold" "I3702","Bush, George Herbert Walker","12 Jun 1924","30 Nov 2018","U.S. Navy, WWII","After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Bush decided to join the US Navy. After completing the 10-month course, on 9 June 1943, he was commissioned as an ensign in the Navy Reserves. Just three days before his 19th birthday, this made him the youngest naval aviator to that date.

On 2 September 1944, Bush piloted one of four Grumman Avenger aircraft that attacked the Japanese installations on Chichijima. During the attack, the Avengers encountered intense anti-aircraft fire. Bush's aircraft was hit by flack and his engine caught on fire. Despite his plane being on fire, Bush completed his attack and released bombs over his target, scoring several damaging hits. With his engine burning, Bush flew several miles from the island, where he and one other two crew members on the Avenger bailed out. The other man's parachute did not open. The third man was unable to get out of the plane. Both crew members were killed as a result of the battle. Bush waited for four hours in a raft, while fighters circled protectively overhead. He was rescued by the submarine USS Finback.

For the next month he remained on the Finback, and participated in the rescue of other pilots. He flew a total of 58 combat missions for which he received the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Because of his valuable combat experience, Bush was reassigned to a training wing for new torpedo pilots. Upon the Japanese surrender in 1945, Bush was honorably discharged." "I7593","Bush, George Prescott","24 Apr 1976","","U.S. Navy Reserve","Presently serving as an intelligence officer. He has said that, that attending the 2006 launch of the aircraft carrier named for his grandfather, the ""USS George H.W. Bush"", inspired him to join the navy. He served 8 months in Operation Enduring Freedom. During that deployment, he used a different name for security purposes. Not even those he was serving with knew his real identity." "I640","Bush, George Walker","","","","" "I1137","Bush, Prescott Sheldon Sr","15 May 1895","8 Oct 1972","U.S. Army, WWI","Field artillery captain with the American Expeditionary Forces 1917 - 1919" "I25944","Butler, Hazel Gertrude","27 Sep 1892","27 Dec 1984","U.S. Army, WWI","Army Nurse Corps" "I30205","Butterfield, Alexander P","6 Apr 1926","","U.S. Air Force, Vietam","Colonel" "I29879","Butterfield, Almon Denley","11 Jul 1905","20 Feb 1975","U.S. Army","" "I2516","Butterfield, Benjamin","1726","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Enlisted 1 Jan 1777, POW 7 July 1777 to Nov 1777." "I668","Butterfield, Ensign Benjamin","25 May 1702","","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I34933","Butterfield, Blake","","","","Branch being researched." "I29929","Butterfield, Boyd T","22 Jan 1930","1 Jul 1995","","Korea. Branch unknown. his name appears on the Herriman Cemetery Veteran's memorial. " "I34459","Butterfield, Calvin Arthur","9 Oct 1926","15 Sep 1944","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","Killed in Action. " "I30023","Butterfield, Charles Ovid","20 Mar 1908","11 Apr 1964","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I33393","Butterfield, Dale Boyce","19 Jan 1923","5 Sep 2007","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I15768","Butterfield, Daniel Adams","31 Oct 1831","17 Jul 1901","Civil War, Union Army ","In a series of six major battles known as the ""Seven Days Battles"", at Gaines' Mill on the Chickahominy River, in Hanover County, Virginia on June 27, 1862, he was wounded but demonstrated bravery that was eventually recognized in 1892, with the Medal of Honor.

The reason given on orders for the award reads: ""Seized the colors of the 83d Pennsylvania Volunteers at a critical moment and, under a galling fire of the enemy, encouraged the depleted ranks to renewed exertion.""" "I33426","Butterfield, Dean Leo","1 Sep 1926","21 May 2015","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I34461","Butterfield, Donald Raymond","29 Apr 1930","7 May 1999","U.S. Army, Korea","" "I29937","Butterfield, Douglas Reuben","19 Nov 1923","2 Aug 2014","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I34856","Butterfield, Edward Lawrence","9 Nov 1846","13 Apr 1924","U.S. Army, Blackhawk War","" "I34779","Butterfield, Edwin Roy","4 Mar 1933","1996","U.S. Navy, Korea","" "I34761","Butterfield, Elmo Leroy","25 Apr 1924","16 Dec 1998","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Staff Sergeant Elmo L. Butterfield was captured by German forces after his plane was shot down on September 10, 1944 and was held as a Prisoner of War until the end of hostilities in May 1945." "I34559","Butterfield, Ervin Leroy","12 Nov 1925","7 Jan 2005","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I34585","Butterfield, Floyd","","","U.S. Navy","" "I29904","Butterfield, Franklin Herman","19 Apr 1926","8 Jun 2008","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I29981","Butterfield, George Jefferson","10 Jul 1920","10 Jun 2011","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","" "I29915","Butterfield, George R","","","U.S. Army","" "I30005","Butterfield, Glenn Lamar","14 May 1931","14 Apr 2008","U.S. Navy, Korea","Corpsman" "I34780","Butterfield, Harold Gene","24 May 1934","20 Jan 1966","U.S. Navy, Korea","" "I34562","Butterfield, Harvey Albert","5 Aug 1919","28 Apr 1989","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I29913","Butterfield, Herbert William","7 Dec 1921","27 Jul 1944","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I30203","Butterfield, Horace Bushnell","1899","1986","U.S. Navy","" "I2207","Butterfield, Isaac","1 Nov 1750","12 Oct 1812","Continental Army, American Revolution","He responded to the Lexington Alarm under Captain Reuben Butterfield (his cousin)." "I30164","Butterfield, Jacob Kemp","17 Feb 1813","1 Nov 1889","U.S. Army Mexican-American War","Served in the Mormon Battalion." "I30033","Butterfield, James Reed","18 May 1921","21 Mar 1945","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","KIA" "I29914","Butterfield, James Richard","12 Aug 1923","20 Sep 1996","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I34778","Butterfield, John Francis Jr","2 Oct 1931","27 Jun 2014","U.S. Army (National Guard)","" "I5742","Butterfield, Jonathan","1671","2 Jun 1744","","He was one of a scouting party (Green's Groton in the Indian Wars)." "I1302","Butterfield, Joseph","6 Jun 1680","","","He is called Lieutenant in ""The Butterfields of Middlesex"". Reasearch is on-going. " "I33384","Butterfield, Marvin J","2 Jul 1921","10 Mar 2003","U.S. Army, WWII","From November 1942 to January 1946." "I29999","Butterfield, Melvin","24 Jun 1932","21 Sep 2013","U.S. Army (National Guard)","Served in the 19th Special Forces Group, Korea and, Vietnam." "I5748","Butterfield, Nathaniel","1673","1758","Continental Army, French and Indian War","Died on the Crown Point expedition." "I34695","Butterfield, Owen Darrell","2 Aug 1915","20 Jan 1957","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I29949","Butterfield, Seth James","12 Nov 1933","24 Jul 2015","U.S. Air Force, Vietam","Seth was a B-52 pilot. He flew 36 twenty-four hour Cold War Missions. He flew 69 Vietnam Combat Missions. He retired with more flying time in a B-52 than any other USAF B-52 pilot." "I29983","Butterfield, Wallace Rulon","24 Jul 1925","13 Mar 2010","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I29910","Butterfield, William Henry","3 Aug 1895","5 Nov 1990","U.S. Army Air Service, WWI","He served with the 91st Division in France and Belgium." "I64268","Cady, Eleazer","29 Mar 1745","5 Feb 1819","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I65263","Cady, Frank Randolph","8 Sep 1915","8 Jun 2012","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I7167","Campbell, Marion F","28 Aug 1906","13 Jun 1970","U.S. Army, WWII","Captain, Army Nurse Corps" "I66216","Canary, Martha Jane","1 May 1852","1 Aug 1903","","She worked as a scout for the Army out of Fort Russell, Wyoming. In her autobiography she detailed being in a number of battles with the Indians. Others have disputed that. " "I56306","Carpenter, Malcolm Scott","1 May 1925","10 Oct 2013","U.S. Navy","" "I56306","Carpenter, Malcolm Scott","1 May 1925","10 Oct 2013","U.S. Navy","" "I55876","Carson, John William","23 Oct 1925","23 Jan 2005","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I8777","Carter, Ephraim","1748","1818","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served as corporal at the Lexington Alarm, and, 1776, served as ensign." "I59788","Carter, James Earl","1 Oct 1924","","U.S. Navy","Lieutenant. 1946?1953 (active) 1953?1961 (reserve)." "I64492","Chaffee, Roger Bruce","15 Feb 1935","27 Jan 1967","U.S. Navy","" "I27522","Chamberlain, Leo Andrew","10 Apr 1915","14 Dec 2003","U.S. Army","" "I28293","Chamberlain, Robert","11 Jul 1932","8 May 2004","U.S. Army, Korea","" "I36750","Chapman, Joeseph","Abt 1828","","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I36789","Chapman, John Richard","26 Jul 1944","20 Dec 2015","U.S. Navy","" "I36724","Chapman, King W","7 Mar 1896","","U.S. Navy, WWI","Also WWII" "I36601","Chapman, Nathaniel","13 Sep 1746","18 Feb 1807","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I17649","Chase, Daniel A","13 Jan 1830","7 Apr 1899","Civil War, Union Navy","Served as a surgeon." "I23406","Chase, Jonathan","6 Dec 1732","14 Jan 1800","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I50302","Chesebrough, Nathaniel","","","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I62698","Chester, Colby Mitchel III","27 Dec 1911","4 Dec 1996","","Served in WWII. Branch: being researched." "I62648","Chester, Colby Mitchell Sr","29 Feb 1844","4 May 1932","Civil War, Union Navy","He is the only naval officer to have served in the Civil War, the Spanish?American War, and World War I." "I56624","Childers, Robert Erskine","25 Jun 1870","24 Nov 1922","British Army","He served in the Boer War. He was in South Africa from January 1900 to October 1900." "I56624","Childers, Robert Erskine","25 Jun 1870","24 Nov 1922","Royal Navy","In August 1914, he volunteered and received a commission as lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve." "I56624","Childers, Robert Erskine","25 Jun 1870","24 Nov 1922","England, Royal Air Force, WWI","In April 1918 he transferred to the newly created Royal Air Force. He served there until March 10, 1919." "I56624","Childers, Robert Erskine","25 Jun 1870","24 Nov 1922","Irish Volunteers","He believed in independence for Ireland. In June of 1914 he used his yacht to smuggle a 900 Mauser Model 1871 rifles and 29,000 black powder cartridges to the Irish Volunteers movement. These would eventually be used against the British in their war for independence." "I30121","Christensen, Claud A","27 Nov 1923","3 May 1945","U.S. Army, WWII","PFC 764 Field Artillery Battalion. KIA" "I30119","Christensen, John Louis","13 Feb 1922","26 Sep 1984","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I28505","Churchill, John Strange Spencer","4 Feb 1880","27 Feb 1947","","British Army. Boer War, WWI." "I28519","Churchill, Randolph Frederick Edward","28 May 1911","6 Jun 1968","","Served in World War II with the British SAS (Special Air Service)." "I28520","Churchill, Sarah","7 Oct 1914","24 Sep 1982","","WWII British Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF)" "I28504","Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer","30 Nov 1874","24 Jan 1965","British Army","" "I48515","Clapp, Abner Jr","25 Mar 1775","25 May 1849","U.S. Army, War of 1812","Captain in the calvery." "I50144","Clapp, Albert","15 Jan 1804","26 Jun 1838","Civil War, Union Navy","" "I32638","Clapp, Albert Charles","31 Aug 1829","","Civil War, Union Army","" "I48663","Clapp, Alfred Ralph","1 Apr 1840","15 Sep 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","Killed by a shell in the battle of Harper's Ferry, September 15, 1862. He left his home only four weeks before, saying, ""I have given myself to God and my country, to live or die""." "I31730","Clapp, Amasa","28 Jun 1743","","","Lieutenant Colonel" "I48507","Clapp, Anne Sophia","18 Nov 1818","2 May 1879","Civil War, Union Army ","She was a widow at the start of the Civil War. She volunteered as nurse. She and went out with the 10th Massatusets Regiment. She took care of the sick and wounded paying her own expenses, and supplying the materials she needed. She recived a special commendation from President Lincoln." "I21155","Clapp, Asa G","15 Mar 1762","17 Apr 1848","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I31918","Clapp, Augustus Merrill","25 Oct 1846","9 Mar 1863","","At the age of 15 years 10 months, he enlisted in Company K, 85th Ohio Cavalry, for three months and, was also in Company C, 88th Ohio. He was engaged in the pursuit of Morgan's guerrillas and in guarding rebel prisoners. He reenlisted in the 3rd Ohio Cavalry. He was in one battle where, though unknown to himself at the time, his older brother was among the rebel forces. He died in a hospital at Nashville, Tennessee, of typhoid fever." "I48665","Clapp, Charles Lucius","3 Dec 1843","","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I48793","Clapp, Charles Lyman","23 Oct 1824","22 Feb 1854","U.S. Navy","" "I49316","Clapp, David","30 Aug 1744","5 Sep 1823","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was in the Battle of Rhode Island." "I48662","Clapp, Dexter Elisha","7 Jun 1830","","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I49359","Clapp, Earl","21 Apr 1741","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I26951","Clapp, Ebenezer","13 Oct 1726","22 Sep 1797","Continental Army, French and Indian War","According to the book ""The Clapp Memorial""; ""He was a soldier in Capt. Phineas Stevens's company in 1746, and was in the fight with the French and Indians at No. 4 (now Charlestown, N. H.). He was also in Capt. William Lyman's company, and was out in the service in the month of November, 1747. He died Sept. 22, 1797. " "I32813","Clapp, Edward","9 Dec 1680","3 Dec 1733","Continental Army, French and Indian War","Captain Edward Ward's Company" "I31916","Clapp, Egbert Irving","15 Jun 1842","","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted in Company B, 31st Massachusetts Calvary Regiment, 20 Nov 1861. He served three years, and was discharged in 1864 to reenlist in the same Company and Regiment. He was Promoted to Quarter Master Sergeant 18 Jun 1864 and to 2nd Lieutenant 7 Jun 1865. He was with General Benjamin Butler when he captured New Orleans, and was in the Red River Campaign, where he received severe and lasting injuries when his horse fell on him. He was discharged 9 Sep 1865." "I31964","Clapp, Eliakim","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was present at the execution of Major Andre, 2 Oct 1780." "I50027","Clapp, Ephraim Wheeler","2 Jul 1790","24 Oct 1875","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I49210","Clapp, Ezekiel","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Died in service." "I48708","Clapp, Fayette","5 Jun 1824","Sep 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Died in service of disease." "I49451","Clapp, George Parker","28 Feb 1844","","Civil War, Union Navy","Served on Steamer Massachusetts. He was a POW in Libby Prison for eight months." "I33558","Clapp, Horace Hamilton","30 Jan 1820","27 Aug 1879","Civil War, Confederate Army","" "I32596","Clapp, James","1782","1810","U.S. Army","" "I50040","Clapp, John","","","U.S. Army","In the Battle of the Wabash he was was made prisoner by an Indian chief in the defeat of General St. Clair." "I49470","Clapp, John","5 Jul 1734","13 Feb 1810","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I49508","Clapp, John","14 Jul 1733","24 May 1767","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I50134","Clapp, John","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Died in service." "I31834","Clapp, Joseph","3 Nov 1736","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I32648","Clapp, Joseph","Aug 1770","Abt 1819","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I48956","Clapp, Joseph","27 Aug 1839","","Civil War, Union Army ","8th Regiment Illinois Cavalry" "I48745","Clapp, Lewis Huntington","6 Nov 1816","","U.S. Army Mexican-American War","" "I31915","Clapp, Luther Hart","24 Dec 1839","18 Apr 1919","Civil War, Confederate Army","He was in one battle where, though unknown to himself at the time, his brother, Augustus was among the Union forces." "I48684","Clapp, Nathan Hale","12 Jul 1843","Jul 1863","Civil War, Union Army ","Died in service." "I31734","Clapp, Paul","24 Jun 1752","24 Apr 1845","Continental Army, American Revolution","The book ""The Clapp Memorial"" says he was probably the Paul Clapp who was a soldier at the siege of Quebec, in Captain Hubbard's company, and was taken prisoner." "I55765","Clapp, Peleg Ford","22 Jan 1835","27 Mar 1895","Civil War, Union Army ","Company F, 43rd Regiment Massachusetts Infantry." "I31609","Clapp, Preserved","6 May 1731","","Continental Army, French and Indian War","He was a corporal in the company under the command of Israel Williams." "I21224","Clapp, Roger","3 Apr 1708","","Continental Army","He was in the army in 1748-49, in the regiment under the command of Major Israel Williams." "I32640","Clapp, Roswell","1766","11 Mar 1843","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I21231","Clapp, Supply","1721","1784","Continental Army, French and Indian War","He was a sergeant in the regiment under the command of Colonel Seth Pomeroy. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Lake George. His name was on the sick list returned by Thomas Williams, Surgeon, 23 Nov 1755. He was in the expedition to Crown Point, in the company of Captain Elisha Hawley." "I49509","Clapp, Thomas","22 Jun 1736","4 Aug 1770","","He was an officer in the 44th Regiment of the British Army. He took part in the conquest of Canada." "I7332","Clark, Louis George","3 Jun 1910","12 Mar 1970","U.S. Navy, WWII","MM1" "I7330","Clark, Robert Laverne","1 Mar 1926","18 Mar 2012","U.S. Army","" "I12458","Coe, Captain John","10 May 1658","19 Apr 1741","Continental Army, French and Indian War","He was commissioned ensign of the Foot Company of Stratford in 1698, lieutenant in 1706, and captain in 1709." "I51862","Coffin, Isaac","16 May 1759","23 Jul 1839","Royal Navy","" "I51726","Coffin, John Sr","13 Oct 1647","5 Sep 1711","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I63556","Coffin, John","1756","12 May 1838","British Army, American Revolution","After the war he moved to Canada. In the War of 1812 he fought for Canada." "I7358","Coffman, Gary Lynn","9 Mar 1939","30 Apr 2008","U.S. Army","Reserves" "I7338","Coffman, John Henry","11 May 1893","21 Mar 1967","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I7339","Coffman, Rondall Ellsworth","9 Dec 1923","5 Apr 2005","U.S. Army, WWII","Spec 5" "I39333","Colfax, Jonathan","12 Mar 1758","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I39321","Colfax, Schuyler Washington III","","","U.S. Army (National Guard) WWI","" "I39315","Colfax, William","3 Jul 1756","9 Sep 1838","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was wounded in battle three times. He became Captain of the Guard while serving on General George Washington's Life Guard." "I8147","Collins, Ebenezer","23 Jul 1762","5 Mar 1845","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served under Captain Judah Allen and Colonel Ebanezer Sprout." "I45308","Colton, James Hooper","22 Mar 1834","14 Feb 1893","Civil War, Confederate Army","He served as a chaplain." "I5347","Compton, Norris M","26 Apr 1836","","Civil War, Union Army ","29th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, Company F." "I56654","Comstock, Peter","11 Jul 1731","3 Apr 1803","Continental Army, French and Indian War","He Captain of the 13th Company in Colonel Jonathan Lattimer's Regiment, Third Connecticut Militia, in 1778. He was stationed at New London's Fort Trumbull on September 6, 1781 in the Battle of Groton Heights.
" "I56651","Comstock, Ransford","6 Mar 1737","8 Feb 1814","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I56652","Comstock, Thomas","","16 Aug 1777","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at the Battle of Bennington." "I63399","Cook, Nathaniel","Abt 1756","18 Oct 1816","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I54519","Crane, Robert Edward","13 Jul 1928","29 Jun 1978","U.S. Army (National Guard)","Army National Guard, Connecticut. 1948 to 1950." "I57046","Crippen, Robert Laurel","11 Sep 1937","","U.S. Navy","Naval aviator, test pilot." "I25632","Crosby, Alpheus Benning","22 Feb 1832","9 Aug 1877","","Brigade Surgeon, 1st New Hampshire Volunteers." "I11135","Crosby, Ebenezer","30 Sep 1753","16 Jul 1788","Continental Army, American Revolution","He graduated from Harvard College and became a doctor. He served as a surgeon in the Army during the American Revolution." "I57923","Crosby, Edward Gifford","18 Feb 1842","15 Apr 1912","Civil War, Union Army ","First Michigan Cavalry" "I23113","Crosby, Enoch","4 Jan 1750","26 Jun 1835","Continental Army, American Revolution","Served as a spy." "I12198","Crosby, Floyd Delafield","12 Dec 1899","30 Sep 1985","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Floyd served as a cinematographer for the U.S. Army Air Corps film wing during WWII. He made flight training films. He left the Air Corps in 1946." "I12111","Crosby, George Robert","23 Aug 1913","9 Mar 1993","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","" "I15649","Crosby, Josiah","24 Nov 1730","15 Oct 1793","Continental Army, American Revolution","Served in French Indian war and the Revolution." "I32526","Daggett, Jack Dudley","23 Jun 1926","18 Jan 2013","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I10774","Damon, Jason","30 Jul 1763","30 May 1835","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I343","Dana, General James","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served seven years and commanded a company at the battle of Bunker Hill." "I8891","Daniels, Ephraim","25 Mar 1707","Apr 1747","Continental Army, French and Indian War","He was a soldier in the French War and died of measles when approaching Boston on his way home from Port Royal. The Mendon VRs report that Ephraim was ""buried at sea about 3 leagues from Boston."" " "I8891","Daniels, Ephraim","25 Mar 1707","Apr 1747","Continental Army, French and Indian War","He was a soldier in the French War and died of measles when approaching Boston on his way home from Port Royal. The Mendon VRs report that Ephraim was ""buried at sea about 3 leagues from Boston."" " "I16832","Daugharthy, Orrin","","","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I32868","Davis, Martin Warner","24 Jan 1836","15 Dec 1923","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I54240","Davis, Ruth Elizabeth","5 Apr 1908","6 Oct 1989","","She was never in the uniformed service but, she did everything she could to support the war effort as a civilian. She founded the ""Hollywood Canteen"", a night club where soldiers passing through Los Angeles could mingle with stars. She toured with other actresses to perform for all-black army divisions. Her efforts to promote the sale of war bonds raise millions of dollars." "I21762","Dawes, Charles Gates","27 Aug 1865","23 Apr 1951","U.S. Army, WWI","Brigadier general 1917-1919
" "I21760","Dawes, Rufus R","4 Jul 1838","2 Aug 1899","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I21584","Dayton, Kenneth Nelson","20 Jul 1922","19 Jul 2003","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I21583","Dayton, Wallace Corliss","12 Mar 1921","27 Oct 2002","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I10442","de Acha, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y III","2 Mar 1917","2 Dec 1986","U.S. Army","Drafted in 1942, classified for limited service due to a knee injury. He stayed in Los Angeles, organizing and performing USO shows for returning wounded soldiers." "I15277","del Campo, Manuel","14 Nov 1913","16 Feb 1969","Royal Canadian Air Force WWII","" "I60103","Denison, George","28 Mar 1671","20 Jan 1719","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I59406","Denison, Robert","","","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I46164","Dennison, Jabez Darwin","23 Apr 1843","","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I16388","Derr, Philip","25 Feb 1749","3 Feb 1821","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I21252","Dewey, Chester","7 Dec 1787","23 May 1844","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I21248","Dewey, John","20 Jan 1754","31 Dec 1821","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a private in the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment, from 4 Apr 1776 to Feb 1777.

April 4th, A. D. 1776." "I6204","Dickinson, George Henry","7 May 1900","23 Oct 1974","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I57101","Dickinson, John","22 Aug 1624","19 May 1676","Continental Army, King Philips War","John was serving as a Sergeant under Captain William Turner at Hadley in Franklin County.

On May 19, 1676 he was killed at the The Battle of Great Falls or The Battle of Peskeompskut." "I14792","Dietmeyer, Henry","7 Feb 1845","2 Mar 1905","Civil War, Union Army ","64th Illinois Infantry" "I57012","Dix, Albert Edward","1 Dec 1906","9 Dec 1997","British Army WWII","" "I20709","Dole, Charles Sumner","25 Oct 1873","19 Mar 1951","U.S. Army, WWI","Army Corps of Engineers" "I24429","Donaldson, Donald Gordon","14 Jul 1923","5 Apr 2003","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Arrived in Europe 9 MAR 45. Participated in several campaigns. After the war he served as a reservist. He was discharged as a First Lieutenant 17 Jan 47. He was recalled to active duty and served as "" Motion Picture Officer"" from 3 Nov 50 to 31 Mar 53." "I18990","Doolin, Woodrow Wilson","16 Jul 1918","14 May 1975","U.S. Navy","" "I5526","Doud, Ralph Brigham Jr","11 Jul 1918","25 Aug 1986","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I17283","Dow, Tony Lee","13 Apr 1945","27 Jul 2022","U.S. Army (National Guard)","1965-1968" "I54770","Downer, Avery","1763","15 Jul 1854","","As a physician, he cared for the wounded after the battle of Fort Griswold. He was the last survivor of the Battle of Fort Griswold, passing in 1854." "I29518","Downer, Zaccheus Sr","13 Nov 1755","27 Jul 1850","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I22782","Driggs, Dick Wilson","12 Feb 1919","24 Jun 2005","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","First Liuetenant" "I27544","Drilling, Eva A","24 Apr 1892","30 Nov 1976","","Not in the military but, served as a civilian cook at the Traverse City Naval Air Base during WW II." "I29126","Drury, Josiah","17 Sep 1707","","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I23379","Dudley, Francis Sr","1640","1702","Continental Army, King Philips War","" "I58892","Duke of Cambridge, Prince William","21 Jun 1982","","England, Royal Air Force","" "I51500","Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry","15 Sep 1984","","British Army","2005?2015" "I38222","Dulles, Avery Robert","24 Aug 1918","12 Dec 2008","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I38221","Dulles, John Foster","25 Feb 1888","24 May 1959","U.S. Army, WWI","At the start of World War I, he tried to join the United States Army but was rejected because of poor eyesight. Instead, he received an Army commission as Major on the War Industries Board." "I38571","Duncan, Daniel Dudley Avery","16 Feb 1921","17 Nov 1945","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I38499","Duncan, Donald Patterson","13 Feb 1893","2 Jul 1960","U.S. Navy","414st Field Artillery United States Naval Academy." "I12498","Dunham, Carroll IV","3 Mar 1919","17 Aug 1995","U.S. Army","New York National Guard. Troop E 101st Calvary." "I28055","Dunlap, William Elden","1898","17 Jul 1978","U.S. Army, WWI","Also served in WWII." "I14882","Eager, Uriah","5 Feb., 1740","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I1331","Eames, Gershom","1649","25 Nov 1676","","He went to Watertown, MA, on the breaking out of King Philip's War. Gershom Eames, was killed in King Phillips' War on Nov. 25, 1676." "I16776","Easterbrooks, Able","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Fought at Bunker Hill." "I50383","Eisenhower, Dwight David","14 Oct 1890","28 Mar 1969","U.S. Army, WWI","Also WWII" "I50385","Eisenhower, John Sheldon Doud","3 Aug 1922","21 Dec 2013","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I24626","Elder, Neal","22 Aug 1927","8 May 1949","U.S. Army, WWII","PFC Engineers" "I24625","Elder, William Thomas","12 Jul 1868","8 Mar 1945","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","Private Company D 7th Regiment Illinois Infantry" "I38934","Eldridge, Charles","28 Aug 1743","20 Nov 1798","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was wounded at Ft Griswold. His house and store were destroyed in the burning of New London" "I12078","Everts, Lieutenant Ambrose","18 Dec 1760","1800","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served as ensign and lieutenant in the Connecticut militia." "I60020","Fabyan, George","15 Mar 1867","17 May 1936","","Illinois Governor Richard Yates appointed George Fabyan to his military guard in 1901 and, gave him the honorary title of Colonel.

In 1992 the National Security Agency recognized George's Riverbank Laboratories as the birthplace of U.S. cryptology. They honored Fabyan him with a plaque reading ""To the Memory of George Fabyan From a Grateful Government: In recognition of the voluntary and confidential service rendered by Colonel Fabyan and his Riverbank Laboratories in the sensitive areas of cryptanalysis and cryptologic training during a critical time of national need on the eve of America's entry into World War I.""" "I18803","Fay, James","20 Dec 1756","4 May 1778","Continental Army, American Revolution","According to the book ""One Branch of the Fay Family"" he died in the revolution; his mother is said to have said at his departure, ""I shall never see him again,"" to which he replied, ""If my grave is there, mother, I must go to it, it will not come to me.""" "I3705","Fay, Captain Jedediah","30 Jan 1727","","Continental Army, French and Indian War","He was a Captain in the French and Indian wars also Deputy to the General Assembly." "I14123","Fay, John","23 Dec 1734","16 Aug 1777","Continental Army, American Revolution","KIA, Battle of Saratoga" "I37795","Fay, John","23 May 1756","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I27068","Fay, Kent","7 Sep 1909","30 Aug 1944","U.S. Army, WWII","KIA" "I26526","Fay, Lyman","16 Jun 1834","7 Apr 1916","Civil War, Union Army ","Company A, First Illinois Light Artillery. 6 October 1864 to 10 July 1865." "I9920","Fay, Nathan","15 Oct 1750","8 Jun 1845","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I1795","Fay, Captain Stephen","5 May 1715","","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I56113","Fenton, Percy Forman","10 Dec 1898","","Canadian Army WWI","Percy enlisted, October 9, 1916, in the 2nd Construction Battalion based in Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada's only all-black battalion." "I63255","Ferris, Gilbert","26 Sep 1746","1 Dec 1834","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I26833","Fetcher, William Monroe","2 Dec 1918","13 Nov 1942","U.S. Navy Reserve","William was a communications officer aboard the USS Juneau (CL-52) which was torpedoed and sunk on 13 Nov 1942." "I50850","Fiske, Abijah","1 Nov 1755","14 Mar 1833","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I50849","Fiske, Amos","25 Apr 1754","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I35579","Fiske, William","26 Apr 1732","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Served in Captain turner's Company, Colonel Van Rensselaer's Regiment, New York." "I51684","Flagg, Gershom","16 Apr 1641","6 Jul 1690","Continental Army","Was killed in the Battle of Port Royal which was part of King William's War beteen France and England. It lasted from 1688 to 1697." "I56937","Flagg, Jonas","1731","27 Apr 1819","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I54921","Flagg, Wilson Falor","26 Oct 1938","11 Sep 2001","U.S. Navy, Vietnam","He became a Navy pilot in 1962. He served on active duty from 1961 to 1967, including three tours as a fighter pilot in the Vietnam War.

He served in the reserves until his retirement in 1995." "I55696","Folger, William Mayhew","19 May 1844","22 Jul 1928","Civil War, Union Navy","Also served in the Spanish-American War" "I14307","Fonda, Henry Jaynes","16 May 1905","12 Aug 1982","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I22548","Forest, Frank E","","11 Mar 2009","U.S. Army","" "I59106","Freeman, Henry Blanchard","17 Jan 1837","16 Oct 1915","Civil War, Union Army ","He received the Medal of Honor on February 17, 1894.

The citation reads; ""for extraordinary heroism on 31 December 1862, while serving with 18th U.S. Infantry, in action at Stone River, Tennessee. First Lieutenant Freeman voluntarily went to the front and picked up and carried to a place of safety, under a heavy fire from the enemy, an acting field officer who had been wounded, and was about to fall into enemy hands.""" "I66265","Freeman, Mortimer Roy","25 Jul 1875","7 Sep 1935","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","" "I53085","Freeman, Thomas","Abt 1765","Abt 1812","King's Service - Royal Army","Jessup's Rangers" "I43705","French, Almon Bruce","13 Sep 1838","28 Aug 1923","Civil War, Union Army","" "I43700","French, William Jr","1744","15 Aug 1838","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I14645","Fuller, Reverend Arthur Buckminster","10 Aug 1822","11 Dec 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","He served in the Civil as a chaplain with a Massachusetts regiment. He mustered in on 1 August 1861. He was honorably discharged on 10 December 1862 due to health reasons. On the day after his discharge he was at the Battle of Fredericksburg. He volunteered to join troops who were attempting to drive the Confederate sharpshooters out of the city. He was killed in battle." "I6837","Gamble, Dallas Richard","4 Feb 1927","10 Dec 2004","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I6834","Gamble, Edward Warren","9 Apr 1885","2 Mar 1968","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I24142","Garfield, James Abram","19 Nov 1831","19 Sep 1881","Civil War, Union Army ","In 1861 he received a commission as a colonel in the 42nd Ohio Infantry. He was eventually promoted to the rank of major General." "I18721","Garfield, Thomas","12 Dec 1680","4 Feb 1750","","Served in the town militia." "I47641","Gates, George Washington","4 Jul 1844","26 May 1864","Civil War, Union Army","36th Illinois Infantry. Killed in the Battle of Dallas." "I44195","Gaul, James Harvey","17 May 1911","26 Jan 1945","U.S. Navy, WWII","U.S. Naval Reservist Lieutenant, executed by German firing squad January 1945 at the Mauthausen Concentration Camp near Linz, Austria. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross." "I58891","George, Charles Philip Arthur","14 Nov 1948","","Royal Navy","" "I32092","Gerber, Donald Raymond","24 Jul 1924","7 Jul 2008","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","Enlisted 18 June 1942." "I32081","Gerber, Marcella Catherine","7 Mar 1917","30 Nov 2005","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","" "I47664","Gerould, Frank Avery","15 Aug 1893","9 Mar 1968","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I38966","Gerould, Frank Wheelock","13 Jan 1854","10 Jun 1918","U.S. Army (National Guard)","" "I6249","Gibbs, Robert G","11 Mar 1836","17 Aug 1886","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I65527","Gillett, Joseph","25 Jul 1641","18 Sep 1675","Continental Army, King Philips War","In September 1675 during King Philip?s War Deerfield was attacked several times by the Indians. It was decided to evacuate Deerfield. Captain Thomas Lathrop?s company of soldiers were bringing loaded carts toward Northampton when they were ambushed at a spot since known as Bloody Brook. Joseph Gillett and Captain Lathrop were among the 64 settlers killed." "I59341","Gilman, Nicholas","3 Aug 1755","2 May 1814","Continental Army, American Revolution","Adjutant (administrative officer) of the 3rd New Hampshire Regiment. He was part of the forces that defeated General Burgoyne at the Battle of Freeman's Farm.

He wintered at Valley Forge with General George Washington. His duties kept him in close contact with Washington and other leaders of the Revolution." "I25380","Gilman, William Lankton","11 Sep 1838","24 Nov 1915","Civil War, Union Army ","15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. William was wounded at The Battle of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County, Virginia." "I34488","Givens, Richard Ayres","16 Jun 1932","7 Feb 2003","U.S. Army","1954-1956" "I29000","Glensor, Harry Willard","25 Aug 1906","5 Oct 1944","U.S. Coast Guard","" "I36458","Goddard, Nahum Parks","21 Mar 1829","5 Jul 1891","U.S. Army","Band leader" "I15644","Goodell, Milton P","27 Jun 1837","9 May 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted in 1862. Wounded and taken prisoner. Died in Andersonville Prison." "I22732","Goodenow, Daniel","1 Jan 1726","27 Dec 1818","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I59067","Gould, Benjamin","15 May 1751","30 May 1841","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I43668","Gould, Charles Barney","18 Apr 1877","18 Sep 1902","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","3d U.S. Cavalry. He went to the Philippines as an aide to General Liscomb. He also served on General Wheeler's staff." "I3556","Goulding, John","3 Oct 1726","22 Nov 1791","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I63252","Gray, Donald W","13 Jan 1918","19 Nov 1981","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I23859","Gray, Herbert Clarke","10 Aug 1862","8 Mar 1948","U.S. Air Force","" "I20573","Green, Jonas","15 Mar 1731","30 Jun 1814","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I50876","Green, Simeon","15 Sep 1729","16 Sep 1813","Continental Army, American Revolution","Wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill" "I50878","Green, Simeon","24 Apr 1755","","","Per the Shattuck Geneology; He died in the army. Date unkown." "I59113","Greene, Nathaniel Jr","7 Aug 1742","19 Jun 1786","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I53286","Greenleaf, Stephen Sr","","1 Dec 1690","Continental Army, King Philips War","" "I53435","Greenleaf, Stephen Jr","15 Aug 1652","13 Oct 1743","Continental Army","" "I65093","Griffith, Elias","13 Feb 1760","Feb 1850","Continental Army","" "I65092","Griffith, Ephriam","25 Jul 1733","Dec 1824","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I408","Gurley, Jacob Baker","28 Jul 1742","20 Feb 1804","Continental Army, American Revolution","He marched on the Lexington Alarm." "I28478","Guthrie, William","30 Dec 1730","1806","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I23796","Gwynne, Fred Hubbard","July 10 1926","July 2 1993","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I60607","Gyllenhaal, Hugh Anders","4 Nov 1921","14 Mar 1979","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I65840","Hager, James Henry","30 Aug 1941","1 May 2008","U.S. Army, Vietnam","The brothers served in the United States Army and performed at officers' and non-commissioned officers' clubs in the United States and Europe." "I65841","Hager, John William","30 Aug 1941","9 Jan 2009","U.S. Army, Vietnam","The brothers served in the United States Army and performed at officers' and non-commissioned officers' clubs in the United States and Europe." "I946","Haight, Wilfred John","22 Jan 1928","14 Jun 1999","U.S. Army, WWII","also Korea" "I10684","Hall, Justin Smith","12 Apr 1840","24 May 1928","Civil War, Union Army ","Company B, 51st Illinois Volunteer Infantry" "I66150","Hambleton, Iceal Eugene","16 Nov 1918","19 Sep 2004","U.S. Air Force, Vietam","U.S. Army Air Corp WWII, U.S. Air Force Korea, Viet Nam." "I35311","Hamilton, Pierpont Morgan","3 Aug 1898","4 Mar 1982","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Later U.S. Air Force. Awarded the Medal of Honor." "I16050","Hardy, Aaron Young","14 May 1890","11 Dec 1961","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I16053","Hardy, Brigham Young","9 Jun 1897","8 Jul 1966","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I52619","Hardy, Isaac","23 Nov 1782","1813","U.S. Navy War of 1812","Died in the battle of Lake Erie off the coast of Ohio." "I18264","Harlacher, Edward Joseph","10 Feb 1923","27 May 1944","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I31724","Harriman, Sheldon Leroy","27 Mar 1926","1 Dec 1950","U.S. Army, Korea","Sergeant, WWII & Korea." "I63238","Harris, Daniel","27 May 1726","7 Sep 1819","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I32276","Harris, Frederick E","25 Apr 1874","14 Oct 1968","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","" "I36577","Harrison, Benjamin","20 Aug 1833","13 Mar 1901","Civil War, Union Army","" "I25314","Harrison, George Rockingham Gilmer","20 May 1848","","Civil War, Confederate Army","He was severely wounded in the battle of Griswaldville, Georgia, 22 Nov 1864,
but partially recovered." "I36580","Harrison, Russell Benjamin","12 Aug 1854","13 Dec 1936","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","" "I36574","Harrison, William Henry","9 Feb 1773","4 Apr 1841","U.S. Army, War of 1812","He served as a General." "I36584","Harrison, William Henry","10 Aug 1896","8 Oct 1990","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I61468","Hartley, Ted","6 Nov 1934","","U.S. Navy","In May 1964, his fighter crashed during a carrier landing. He suffered a broken back, and was medically retired from the Navy." "I58369","Hartman, David Downs","19 May 1935","","U.S. Air Force","He served three years of as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, Strategic Air Command." "I12170","Havens, Dwight Loren","23 Jun 1926","26 Jul 2009","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I15275","Hawks, Kenneth Neil","12 Aug 1898","2 Jan 1930","U.S. Army Air Service, WWI","" "I2762","Haynes, Charles","7 Sep 1736","22 Oct 1806","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a private under Captain Asahel Wheeler." "I9834","Heath, Charles R","Mar 1872","15 Jun 1933","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I61139","Hefner, Cooper","4 Sep 1991","","U.S. Air Force","2019-present" "I61133","Hefner, Hugh Marston","9 Apr 1926","27 Sep 2017","U.S. Army","After high school he served from 1944 to 1946 as a U.S. Army writer for a military newspaper." "I36812","Hehn, Bruce Albert","Abt 1931","","U.S. Army","" "I65144","Heinlein, Robert Anson","7 Jul 1907","8 May 1988","U.S. Navy","He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1929. He served as a communications officer aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Lexington. He also served as a gunnery officer aboard the destroyer USS Roper." "I48681","Hemenway, William H","","","Civil War, Union Army ","Wounded at Fredericksburg." "I13942","Hemingway, Ernest Miller","21 Jul 1899","2 Jul 1961","","He was rejected from the U.S. Army due to poor eyesight. He then joined the Red Cross as an ambulance driver in Italy.

He was seriously wounded by mortar fire and, despite the wounds continued assisting Italian soldiers to safety, for which he was awarded the Italian Silver Medal of Bravery." "I13944","Hemingway, John Hadley Nicanor","10 Oct 1923","2 Dec 2000","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I5781","Heniff, Eloy W","17 Aug 1920","11 Apr 2012","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Served in the Army Air Corps in WWII. He was a bombardier on board a B-17 when he was shot down on his twenty-third mission on 6/21/1944. He Was taken prisoner and held in Stalag 7A Moosburg Bavaria 48-12 (Work Camps 3324-46 Krumbachstrasse 48011, Work Camp 3368 Munich 48-11). Latter served in the U.S. Air Force." "I5780","Heniff, Raymond Charles","5 Aug 1918","26 Jun 1969","U.S. Army, WWII","HS CO 1575 engineers. " "I31470","Henry, Richard Wayne","28 Sep 1919","20 Sep 1980","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I22356","Hepburn, Robert Houghton","4 Apr 1913","26 Nov 2007","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I56178","Herbert, Frank Patrick","8 Oct 1920","11 Feb 1986","U.S. Navy, WWII","He served in the Navy's Seabees for six months as a photographer. He suffered an accidental head injury and was given a medical discharge." "I7742","Herron, Hilbert Oliver","28 Sep 1915","8 Dec 1972","U.S. Coast Guard WWII","" "I15316","Hickok, Keith Edwards","1910","1985","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I20315","Hiegert, Bernard Phillip","18 Sep 1928","30 Jan 1951","U.S. Army, Korea","KIA, Korea. Also served in WWII" "I50","Hiegert, Charles Brooks","12 Jul 1909","19 Jan 1981","U.S. Navy, WWII","Enlistment Date 1: 18 Jan 1944 Release Date 1: 19 May 1954 Enlistment Date 2: 14 Dec 1945 Release Date 2: 7 Apr 1970" "I20310","Hiegert, Edwin Morris","13 Sep 1918","16 Jul 1980","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I20323","Hiegert, Emil George","22 May 1896","1 Jul 1977","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I20332","Hiegert, Eugene Edward","11 Feb 1928","15 Sep 1981","U.S. Army, Korea","" "I20309","Hiegert, Ferdinand Bernard","25 Feb 1917","29 Jun 2005","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I20313","Hiegert, Florian Frank","30 Apr 1923","27 Nov 1997","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Enlisted 13 Oct 1942" "I20325","Hiegert, Francis L","19 Aug 1897","8 Jan 1975","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I20330","Hiegert, Henry John","29 Aug 1893","12 Oct 1918","U.S. Army, WWI","44th Infantry" "I20331","Hiegert, Henry Sylvester","Sept. 17, 1920","6 Dec 2000","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I20336","Hiegert, Kenneth J","Abt 1924","","U.S. Army, WWII","Enlisted February 14, 1945 in Fort Leavenworth Kansas." "I48176","Hiegert, Leonard Phillip","15 Jan 1916","17 May 1971","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I20346","Hiegert, Norbert John","23 Dec 1917","13 Feb 1994","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I20335","Hiegert, Paul Anthony","18 Nov 1930","8 Nov 2019","U.S. Navy","" "I20312","Hiegert, Raymond E","9 Sep 1921","10 Jun 2004","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I20287","Hiegert, Walter Otto","24 Apr 1921","2 Dec 2007","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I20316","Hiegert, William Carl","26 Dec 1896","29 Aug 1957","U.S. Marine Corps, WWI","" "I20349","Hiegert, William Dean","6 Dec 1944","19 Aug 1997","U.S. Air Force, Vietam","" "I65084","Hieronymus, Benjamin Rector","27 Jun 1841","19 Mar 1926","Civil War, Union Army","Company A 117th Illinois infantry" "I28900","Hill, Burton Phillips","22 Aug 1876","27 Nov 1943","U.S. Army","" "I12067","Hogan, Jeremiah","9 Sep 1888","20 Jan 1954","U.S. Army, WWI","IL Wagoner Sup. Co. 349 Inf." "I21707","Holden, Freeman L","Abt 1837","","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I44303","Hopkins, Edward Bicknel","29 Jul 1842","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company F, 11th Michigan Infantry" "I36222","Horstman, William Charles","15 Sep 1920","16 Sep 1958","","Killed in service when he was a crew member on a B-52 that crashed." "I22162","Housley, Norman Leroy Sr","10 Jul 1930","7 May 2014","U.S. Air Force","" "I14896","Howe, Samuel","22 May 1737","1756","Continental Army, French and Indian War","KIA" "I60449","Hubbard, Harry Ross","31 Aug 1886","9 Dec 1975","U.S. Navy, WWI","Lieutenant Commander, Served in WWI and WWII." "I60450","Hubbard, Lafayette Ronald","13 Mar 1911","24 Jan 1986","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I54651","Hynde, Melville Grant","3 Nov 1921","27 Feb 2010","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","" "I36925","Ingraham, James Frederick III","12 Dec 1925","12 Dec 2013","U.S. Navy","" "I16022","Irvin, Alvin Jay Sr","23 Nov 1893","13 Sep 1963","U.S. Army, WWI","SGT, 6 MTR TRK CO MTC, World War I" "I57909","James, Alexander Franklin","10 Jan 1843","18 Feb 1915","Civil War, Confederate Army","" "I57908","James, Jesse Woodson","5 Sep 1847","3 Apr 1882","","While he was never officially in the military, Jesse fought in guerrilla groups for the Confederacy. On two occasions he was shot in the chest and received life threatening wounds." "I8077","Jarvis, Roy Dale","25 Aug 1928","20 Jan 1994","U.S. Navy","" "I24054","Jenkins, Jacqueline Blanche","1921","2000","U.S. Navy, WWII","Lieutenant, codebreaker" "I26302","Jennings, Clarence Arthur","6 Oct 1915","21 Feb 1987","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I22820","Jeske, Wendell Lloyd","18 Nov 1919","25 Nov 2005","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I52461","Jewett, Andrew","10 Oct 1797","25 Dec 1814","U.S. Army","Died in service." "I22205","Johnson, Edwin Gilbert","1846","1897","Civil War, Union Army ","39th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry (100 days, 1864) Organized at Milwaukee, Wis., and mustered in June 3, 1864. Moved to Memphis, Tenn., June 13-17. Attached to 2nd Brigade, Post and Defences of Memphis, District of West Tennessee. Garrison, railroad guard and picket duty at and about Memphis, Tenn., till September. Repulse of Forest's attack on Memphis August 21. Mustered out September 22, 1864." "I22284","Johnson, John Seward Sr","14 Jul 1895","23 May 1983","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I22283","Johnson, Robert Wood Jr","4 Apr 1893","30 Jan 1968","U.S. Army","" "I22221","Johnson, Samuel Curtis Jr","2 Mar 1928","22 May 2004","U.S. Air Force","He served in the Air Force as an intelligence officer for 2 years." "I57190","Johnston, William Preston","5 Jan 1831","16 Jul 1899","Civil War, Confederate Army","He served as Major of the 1st Kentucky Infantry. In May 1862 became and Aide-De-Camp with the rank of Colonel to Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy. He was captured with President Davis near Irwinville, Georgia on May 10, 1865." "I24444","Jones, Benaiah","12 Aug 1755","19 Aug 1839","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I24451","Jones, Luther Davis","12 Oct 1894","18 Jan 1965","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I61595","Kahle, Robert Vinton","6 Dec 1932","28 Apr 2001","U.S. Air Force","" "I7379","Kauffman, Rear Admiral Draper Laurence","4 Aug 1911","18 Aug 1979","U.S. Navy, WWII","Draper Laurence Kauffman graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1933. Poor eyesight denied him a commission in the regular Navy. Employed by the United States Line Steamship Company, his travels in Europe alerted him to the danger of Nazi Germany. In February 1940, he joined the American Volunteer Ambulance Corps in France. On 16 June, he was captured by the Germans and held prisoner for two months. Released in August, he made his way to England and was commissioned a sub-Lieutenant in the British Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, later rising to Lieutenant. At the height of the Blitz on London (1940 - 41), he served as a bomb and mine disposal officer, and achieved a high degree of proficiency in bomb disposal techniques.

Securing a U.S. Naval Reserve commission a month before Pearl Harbor, Kauffman was rushed to Hawaii after the Japanese attack, and there disarmed an enemy bomb, the first to be recovered intact for study.

After establishing bomb disposal schools for the Navy and the Army. LT. Commander Kauffman in 1943 organized the Navy's first demolition units - later to be known as Underwater Demolition Teams. After commanding all UDTs in the invasion of Saipan, Tinian and Guam, Commander Kauffman planned and directed UDTs operations at Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

His first postwar assignment came in February 1946 when he was assigned to Joint Task Force One, the organization which conducted Operation CROSSROADS, the atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll. Later under the CNO, as head of the Defense and Protection Section, he established the U.S. Navy Radiological Safety School, and aided in setting-up a comparable school for the Army.
In 1954, Captain Kauffman served in the Strategic Plans Division under the CNO, and in 1955 was appointed Aide to Secretary of the Navy, Thomas S. Gates, Jr.

In July of 1960, Kauffman was selected as Rear Admiral. In 1962, he became Chief of the Strategic Plans and Policy Division. In 1965, he became the 44th Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy, where he served for three years. His next assignment was as the Commander of the U.S. Naval Forces in the Philippines, and Representative of the Commander-in-Chief, Pacific, a billet once filled 25 years earlier by his father.

On 1 June 1973, Admiral Kauffman retired from the Navy.

-U.S. Navy biography" "I7377","Kauffman, Vice Admiral James Laurence","18 Apr 1887","21 Oct 1963","U.S. Navy, WWII","James Laurence Kauffman attended Pennsylvania Military College, the Army and Navy Preparatory School, and graduated in 1908 from the U.S. Naval Academy.

He held a variety of wide-ranging command billets, ashore and afloat, during World War I. Serving in command of the gunboat RANIER, as an Executive Officer of the destroyer CALDWELL, he became Lieutenant Commander on 1 January 1918. He transferred from the CALDWELL to command the Bath-built USS JENKINS (DD 42). Admiral Kauffman, during his career, spent more time in command, and more time at sea, than any other officer of his time.

At the end of the war, Kauffman returned to the U.S. to commission and command a new ship, the USS BARNEY (DD 149). In November of 1920, he became the Executive Officer of the new Radio Division of the Bureau of Engineering. In May of 1923, he was appointed Naval Aide and Flag Secretary to Admiral S. S. Robinson, Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Fleet.

In June of 1925, Kauffman was selected to the rank of Commander. His next tour of duty was as a member of the U.S. Naval Mission to Brazil. Appointed Captain in 1936, Kauffman served as Commanding Officer of the USS MEMPHIS, and later at the shipyard at Mare Island.

In 1941, Rear Admiral Kauffman was sent by President Roosevelt to establish and command a Naval Operating Base in Iceland. In 1942, as the principal Navy anti-submarine expert, he commanded the Gulf Sea Frontier, which included the Gulf of Mexico north to the shore of the Carolinas. Under his dynamic leadership, the U-boat menace in that area was checked. Kauffman later became the senior member of the Allied Anti-Submarine Survey Board, evaluating ASW techniques for Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill. Moving on to the Pacific in 1943, he assumed command of all the Pacific Fleet's cruisers, destroyers and frigates, 401 ships with 150,000 men.

In October 1944, he reported to General Douglas McArthur as Commander Philippine Sea Frontier. In May of 1946, Vice Admiral Kauffman returned home and was assigned to duty as the Commandant of the Fourth Naval District, where he remained until he retired in 1949.
His second career began the day after termination of his first. As the first President of Jefferson Medical College and Jefferson Medical Center, a position he retained for 10 years, he presided over the greatest period of growth in Jefferson's history.

-U.S. Navy biography" "I51443","Keller, Charles Ernest Jr","12 Sep 1916","23 May 1990","","During World War II he tried to enlist in every branch of service but was rejected due to a congenital back condition. He could have played out the war in the major leagues, but was determined to help his country as best he could.

The Merchant Marine finally accepted his enlistment. He entered service in December 1943. He was commissioned an ensign on December 30, 1943. He trained at St. Petersburg, Florida Maritime Training Station in on January 21, 1944. He was assigned to Sheepshead Bay, New York, in the spring of 1944, where he trained as a purser-pharmacist's mate.

Beginning in the summer of 1944, Keller served at sea aboard a troop transport ship acrossing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Keller was discharged from service on August 17, 1945, in time to play 44 games for the Yankees before the season ended. Despite his time away from the game he batted .301 and clouted 10 homeruns." "I18","Keller, Henry Carl","27 Sep 1926","12 Feb 1993","U.S. Navy, WWII","GM3" "I17004","Kennedy, George Harris","18 Feb 1925","28 Feb 2016","U.S. Army, WWII","He enlisted in the United States Army in 1943 wanting to be a fighter pilot in the Army Air Corps. He wound up in the infantry, serving under General George S. Patton and distinguished himself with valor. He won two Bronze Stars and four rows of combat and service ribbons.
" "I18143","Kerry, John Forbes","11 Dec 1943","","U.S. Navy","At the Communists War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, John Kerry's picture hangs in a section dedicated to the anti-war activists who helped the Vietnamese Communists win the Vietnam War." "I2316","Kimball, Noah Brooks","19 May 1756","21 Aug 1806","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was at the Lexington Alarm with his father." "I29506","King, John Creighton","17 Jul 1923","21 Feb 2003","U.S. Air Force","He served in WWII, Korea and, Vietnam." "I54008","King, Leslie Lynch Jr","14 Jul 1913","26 Dec 2006","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I29502","King, Paul Browning","26 Feb 1892","11 Apr 1933","U.S. Army Air Corps","" "I32268","Kingdon, Howard Frederick","16 Apr 1899","10 Jan 1985","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I12399","Knight, Peter","7 Jun 1789","11 Jul 1865","1912","" "I17394","Knowlton, William Allen","19 Jun 1920","10 Aug 2008","U.S. Army","Four star general, United States Army, 1943-1980. " "I22743","Lahey, Walter James","30 Mar 1924","1 Apr 1945","U.S. Navy, WWII","Killed in Action" "I6419","Lamphear, James Jr","1747","6 Mar 1820","","A midshipman during the Revolution. He served aboard the Sloop ""Schuyler"" under Commander John Carr and the Frigate ""Trumbull"" under Commander Nicholson." "I6353","Lamphear, Samuel","23 Dec 1723","1782","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served under Captain Babcock and Colonel Topham." "I27699","Landon, Floyd W","9 Mar 1895","7 Mar 1950","U.S. Army, WWI","339th Infantry 85th Division." "I27703","Landon, Lawrence","14 Jul 1928","15 Sep 1965","U.S. Army, WWII","Company B 1st Combat Engineer Battalion." "I27704","Landon, Murray W","25 Jun 1933","22 Dec 2010","U.S. Army, Korea","" "I25098","Lane, Aaron G","23 Dec 1817","14 Sep 1883","U.S. Army Mexican-American War","" "I22092","Lane, Daniel","8 Jul 1735","28 Mar 1825","Continental Army, American Revolution","He enlisted, 5 Aug 1778, in Col. J. Gale's Regiment for New Jersey, and served 26 days. " "I25044","Lane, Daniel T","6 Jun 1825","","Civil War, Union Army ","He was in the 127th Illinois Volunteers. He was wounded at Dallas, Ga., May, 1864," "I2811","Lane, Edward John","1 May 1831","21 Dec 1899","Civil War, Union Army ","Company C 4th Michigan Calvery." "I24979","Lane, Ezekial","17 Aug 1792","26 Apr 1881","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I22093","Lane, Ezekiel","4 Jul 1739","16 Aug 1777","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed in the Battle of Bennington, 16 Aug 1777. " "I22020","Lane, Gad Sr","31 Aug 1744","27 Nov 1833","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I22025","Lane, Gad Jr","27 Dec 1782","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I22150","Lane, George E","Abt 1840","1 Sep 1863","Civil War, Union Army ","Company H, 28th Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers." "I24981","Lane, Isaiah","31 May 1797","15 Dec 1854","","The Lane Genealogies states he was a ""soldier stationed at Portsmouth"" but, gives no further detail." "I22385","Lane, Jacob","15 Jan 1757","6 May 1797","Continental Army, American Revolution","A soldier in the Revolution under Col. L. Baldwin." "I22050","Lane, John","5 Feb 1654","","","He was a soldier in King Philip's war, in the same company where his brother Samuel served under Captain Poole. " "I22091","Lane, John Sr","17 Oct 1733","11 Mar 1813","","21 July 1777, as second lieutenant in S. Dearborn's Company, Thomas Stickney's Regiment, he marched from Chester, and
was in the battle of Bennington, 16 Aug 1777. Upon the death of Lieutenant Ezekiel Lane, he was promoted to first lieutenant." "I23229","Lane, John","14 Feb 1726","21 Mar 1811","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was chosen by the Provincial Congress, 24 Aug 1775, First Major in Colonel J. Moulton's Third Regiment of Militia." "I22319","Lane, John Jr","30 Jan 1758","","","At 17 years of age he enlisted in Captain H. Hutchins' Company; was in the Battle of Bunker Hill; and March, 1777,
in S. Blodgett's Company, Enoch Poor's Regiment, for three years. From
July to Oct, 1 7S0, in Col. T. Bartlett's Regiment at West Boint, " "I25310","Lane, John Godfrey","31 May 1840","21 Aug 1864","Civil War, Confederate Army","4th Georgia Company H ""Baldwin Blues"". Killed near Charles Town, West Virginia during the Battle of Summit Point." "I22101","Lane, Jonathan","13 Dec 1763","2 Mar 1847","","Enlisted in M. Leavitt's Company, Thomas Bartlett's Regiment for West Point, July 1780, discharged October, 1780." "I24841","Lane, Jonathan","16 Feb 1761","6 Sep 1819","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I25193","Lane, Joshua Winthrop","22 Dec 1848","9 Aug 1863","Civil War, Union Army ","KIA" "I25194","Lane, Marcena Westley","3 Nov 1845","","Civil War, Union Army ","11th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, Company I. Wounded at the second Battle of the Wilderness." "I22037","Lane, Samuel Sr","23 Jan 1651","1690","Continental Army, King Philips War","He was a soldier, under Captain Turner of the same company in which John Lane, in 1675, served under Capt. Poole in King Philip's War." "I22320","Lane, Samuel","1 Apr 1760","1825","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I23265","Lane, Simon","3 Jul 1733","30 Nov 1813","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I22015","Lane, Zebina Jr","1818","1902","Civil War, Union Army ","35th New York Volunteer Infantry. 11 Jun 1861 - 16 Aug 1862" "I25670","Langley, John Wesley","21 Oct 1841","10 May 1918","Civil War, Union Navy","Assistant surgeon in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War." "I25669","Langley, Samuel Pierpont","22 Aug 1834","27 Feb 1906","","While Langley never served in the military his accomplishments have caused his name to be immortalized within the military. " "I15430","Lanphear, Donald Jack","1 Jul 1925","28 Dec 1995","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I2081","Lanphear, Harold Rex","23 Jun 1928","22 Jun 2009","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I6391","Lanphear, Isaiah","Abt 1740","20 Dec 1809","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served in the 15th Regiment under Captain Yale and Lt Colonel Mead." "I372","Lanphear, Joseph Vernon","17 Sep 1888","28 Aug 1962","U.S. Marine Corps","On 18 Dec 1909 he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps." "I27573","Lanphear, Lauren Edison","1 Jan 1840","12 Jan 1911","","Enlisted in Union Army 17 Sep 1861, Company C, Michigan 3rd Cavalry Regiment on 03 Oct 1861. Mustered out on 12 Feb 1866 at San Antonio, Texas
" "I6434","Lanphear, Nathan","1825","1912","Civil War, Union Army ","Served in the 85th New York Volunteers.

Quite a number of the Eighty-fifth regiment were killed or wounded at the battle of Fair Oaks. Nathan was wounded by the bursting of a shell, a pieces striking him on the side of his head, while two of his comrades were killed by his side. He did not realize that he was wounded until daylight came, and the scattered men of the Eighth-fifth gathered in the morning. Then he was asked what was the matter with his head, as they saw the blood had been running down his back from his head. He took off his cap only to find a hole cut in his cap and quite a gash cut in his scalp. He had been so excited in the battle that he did not know he was wounded.

On 20 April 1864 the rebels surrounded them at Plymoth, There was no chance of escape. They surrendered, and were all marched to Andersonville prison. He was confined until 11 September 1864, then taken first to Charleston, S. C., then
to Florence. He was paroled 6 December 1864, when his weight had been reduced from 164 lbs. to 90.

During its term of service the Eighth-fifth lost 36 soldiers by death from wounds, 103 from accident or disease, and the 222 died in prison." "I6240","Lanphear, Nathan Jr","18 Feb 1742","Aft 1793","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was in the Westerly Rhode Island Militia under Captain George Stillman. He was at the surrender of Burgoine at Saratoga." "I2108","Lanphear, Orin Perkins","20 Dec 1847","31 May 1924","Civil War, Union Army ","e enlisted in the 186 NY Infantry at the age of sixteen, and served until the close of the war. He served mostly in Virginia, in the army of the Potomac. His regiment was present at the surrender of General Lee." "I909","Lanphear, Otis E","14 Aug 1843","20 Jan 1908","Civil War, Union Army ","At the age of 20 he enlisted along side his brother Truman in the Union Army. Company C, Michigan 3rd Cavalry Regiment on 25 Feb 1864. Mustered out on 12 Feb 1866 at San Antonio, Texas" "I6405","Lanphear, Paul","25 Feb 1762","1 May 1836","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I6431","Lanphear, Samuel","14 Oct 1785","17 Jan 1860","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I27572","Lanphear, Truman","15 Jan 1837","21 Oct 1904","Civil War, Union Army","At Kalamazoo, Michigan, on February 25, 1864, At the age of 27 he enlisted in the Union Army, Company C, Michigan 3rd Cavalry Regiment. " "I34","Lanphear, Truman R","17 Jul 1845","29 Jun 1872","Civil War, Union Army ","At Kalamazoo, Michigan, on February 25, 1864, At the age of 18 he enlisted alongside his brother Otis in the Union Army, Company C, Michigan 3rd Cavalry Regiment. On June 10, 1865 he transferred to Company I. He mustered out on October 5, 1865 at New Orleans, Louisiana." "I753","Lanphear, Vernon Truman","18 Jun 1924","15 Sep 2006","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I24325","Lawrence, Andrew Dowing","4 Oct 1828","24 Jun 1921","","Andrew's grave site has a veteran's flag holder. Particulars are still being researched. " "I53686","Lawrence, Thomas","25 Dec 1757","27 Jul 1822","Continental Army, American Revolution","Wounded at Bunker Hill." "I65113","Leathers, Charles Lymon","Oct 1842","13 Dec 1914","Civil War, Union Army","Company C 4th Michigan Calvery." "I48943","Ledyard, Caleb","18 Oct 1762","1781","U.S. Navy","While on escort duty the U.S.S Trumbull became separated from the convoy in a rain squall which carried away her fore-topmast and her main top gallant mast. The frigate soon found herself engaged with the British frigate HMS Iris, the former Continental frigate Hancock (II), and the 18-gun ship General Monk, the former Continental privateer General Washington Trumbull was trapped and with no escaping they fought for over and hour. Eleven Americans were wounded and five killed before the Trumbull struck her colors. Taken in tow by the British to New York, the Trumbull was so badly damaged she was abandoned. " "I35946","Ledyard, Youngs Jr","24 Jun 1751","7 Sep 1781","Continental Army, American Revolution","Died of wounds received at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I59915","Leeds, Paul Babcock","25 Jan 1835","26 Aug 1887","Civil War, Confederate Army","" "I30249","Leonard, Joseph Warren","18 Apr 1828","18 Jan 1905","Civil War, Union Army ","1st Lieutenant in Company I, 11th Vermont Volunteers." "I33155","Lester, Roy E","","","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I65928","Lewallen, Timothy Charles","7 Feb 1949","1 Sep 2013","U.S. Air National Guard","Served 8 years." "I11292","Likens, Bailey","Abt 1830","19 Apr 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","Company . 17th Kentucky Infantry. Died at the battle of Shiloh." "I59484","Lindley, Louis Burton Jr","29 Jun 1919","8 Dec 1983","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","When his recruiter asked him his profession, he responded ""Rodeo"". This was misread on a form as ""radio"", and he spent his entire enlistment at a radio station in the American Midwest." "I26223","Litty, Frederick L","11 Mar 1922","20 Sep 2011","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I33012","Logan, Robert E","","","U.S. Army","" "I11607","Londis, Ted Paul Sr","2 Aug 1925","28 Dec 1996","U.S. Navy, WWII","Served aboard the U.S.S. Sangamon." "I61724","Lonnecker, William Shelly","4 Nov 1921","24 Jul 2002","U.S. Air Force, Korea","Also served in the Air Force during Vietnam and, was in the U.S. Navy during World War II." "I1447","Losey, Richard Harrison","22 Dec 1840","28 May 1901","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted 19 Aug 1862, 9th Regiment Minnesota Infantry. Mustered out 24 Aug 1865." "I65135","Loveland, Henry Jared","21 Apr 1839","9 Jul 1908","Civil War, Union Army","Company C, 4th Michigan Cavalry" "I14530","Lowes, Robert E","18 Apr 1845","20 Sep 1863","Civil War, Union Army ","22nd Regiment, Michigan Infantry, Company D. Died in the Battle of Chickamauga." "I63630","Lumbert, Frank Elmer","23 Jan 1892","20 Nov 1990","U.S. Army","" "I63942","Lumbert, Fred E","22 May 1935","23 Aug 2021","U.S. Air Force","" "I7499","Lynas, Billy","14 Apr 1928","21 Jan 1976","U.S. Army, Korea","" "I30278","Lynas, Burl L","6 Sep 1909","25 Nov 1974","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I20","Lynas, Eugene Jr","8 Sep 1934","25 Sep 2004","U.S. Army, Korea","" "I30275","Lynas, Ward D","29 Sep 1916","24 Feb 1974","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I51779","Macy, William Hall Sr","29 Jan 1922","13 Jul 2007","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and, an Air Medal. He was the co-pilot on a flying a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber. He completed 35 missions." "I64099","Malloon, James","25 Mar 1728","30 Jun 1800","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I20340","Mann, Orville Lewis","31 Aug 1894","25 May 1959","U.S. Army, WWI","1st Engineers Company E." "I43892","Marble, Abner Sr","19 Jun 1740","1791","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I65216","March, Joseph Moncure","27 Jul 1899","14 Feb 1977","U.S. Army WWI","" "I53883","Marquardt, Arthur Perkins","18 Dec 1898","20 Jun 1979","U.S. Navy Reserve","" "I56160","Marsh, Silas","13 May 1747","3 Jun 1836","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I65192","Marston, William Moulton","9 May 1893","2 May 1947","U.S. Army WWI","" "I34151","Martineau, Willard J","23 Nov 1916","25 Apr 2001","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I24696","Marvin, Jerome Place","20 Feb 1846","10 Oct 1917","Civil War, Union Army ","137th Ohio Infantry Regiment" "I15278","Matson, Eli","1768","1849","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I7087","McCormick, Nicholas Martin","1 Jul 1840","14 May 1931","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted in Company B, Illinois 104th Infantry Regiment on 27 Aug 1862. Mustered out on 06 Jun 1865." "I17462","McCoy, Sydney Russell","10 Aug 1885","5 Aug 1963","U.S. Navy","" "I38258","McIlhenny, Douglas Westfeldt","7 Aug 1919","28 Mar 2009","U.S. Army (National Guard)","Member of the 122 Squadron of the Louisiana National Guard during World War II and the Korean." "I38235","McIlhenny, Edmund","15 Oct 1815","25 Nov 1890","Civil War, Confederate Army","Edmund served as a civilian employee of the Confederate army. He was a clerk in a commissary office, then a financial agent for the paymaster. " "I38239","McIlhenny, John Avery","29 Oct 1867","8 Nov 1942","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","In his book ""The Rough Riders"" President Roosevelt said; ""We could have filled up the whole regiment many times over from the South Atlantic and Gulf States, alone, but were only able to accept a very few applicants. One of them was John Mcllhenny, of Louisiana; a planter and manufacturer, a big-game hunter and book-lover, who could have had a commission in the Louisiana toops, but who preferred to go as a trooper in the Rough Riders because he believed we would surely see fighting. He could have commanded any influence, social or political, he wished; but he never asked a favor of any kind. He went into one of the New Mexican troops, and by his high qualities and zealous attention to duty speedily rose to a sergeantcy, and finally won his lieutenancy for gallantry in action." "I38245","McIlhenny, Walter Stauffer","22 Oct 1910","22 Jun 1985","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","Received the Navy Cross for his actions during the Battle of Guadalcanal. Retired as a Brigadier General. " "I43901","McKay, John Barron","8 Dec 1922","27 Apr 1975","U.S. Navy, WWII","He flew 82 combat missions as a Navy Fighter Pilot in World War II. He was awarded the The Air Medal which is awarded for acts of heroism or meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight. He subsequently earned two Oak Leaf Clusters to signify additional awards. " "I43899","McKay, Milton Barron","12 Nov 1895","7 Nov 1974","U.S. Navy","" "I36779","McKinley, Clifford Verrell","Abt 1918","","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I55585","McSally, Martha Elizabeth","22 Mar 1966","","U.S. Air Force","Fighter pilot. Retired at the rank of Colonel. Flew combat missions in...

Operation Southern Watch
Operation Allied Force
Operation Enduring Freedom

In 2001 she sued the Department of Defense, challenging the military policy that required U.S. and U.K. servicewomen stationed in Saudi Arabia to wear the body-covering abaya when traveling off base in the country.

In 2002 it was announced service women would no longer be required to wear a abaya. Congress went on to pass legislation prohibiting anyone in the military from ""requiring or encouraging servicewomen to put on abayas in Saudi Arabia or to use taxpayers' money to buy them." "I48614","Mead, Edgar Avery","1 Sep 1872","19 Feb 1961","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","" "I6840","Meier, Louis John","28 Mar 1897","28 May 1942","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I34471","Mellen, John Barton","27 Aug 1946","20 Dec 2002","U.S. Army, Vietnam","" "I17465","Merchant, Richard Dale","17 Jul 1918","17 Dec 2003","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I46317","Meriwether, Minor","15 Jan 1827","6 Jun 1910","Civil War, Confederate Army","" "I60035","Merrill, Augustus","4 Oct 1843","14 Oct 1895","Civil War, Union Army","Company B, 1st Regiment, Maine Veteran Infantry. Medal of Honor. His citation reads; ""With six men captured 69 Confederate prisoners and recaptured several soldiers who had fallen into enemy's hands."" " "I60777","Merrill, Gideon","1749","27 Jun 1803","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I58404","Merrill, Stephen","1748","30 Jun 1828","Continental Army, American Revolution","Enlisted 1780 as a private in Captain Richard Titcomb's company, Colonel Nathan Wade's regiment, Essex county, Massachusetts." "I20371","Miller, Edmund K","8 Oct 1891","23 Nov 1963","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I26353","Miller, Margery Ann","1918","2005","U.S. Army, WWII","Nurse Corps" "I10072","Miller, Robert Lincoln","24 Nov 1906","4 Oct 1989","U.S. Navy, WWII","8 May 1944 to 9 May 1945" "I56680","Mills, John Alphonzo Sr","23 Feb 1826","29 Jan 1892","Civil War, Union Army","Private companies A & B 11th Michigan Infantry." "I56679","Mills, Lucius Edwin","28 Mar 1823","3 Jul 1911","Civil War, Union Army","Private, K Company, 16th Michgan Infantry." "I56666","Mills, Samuel","13 Sep 1762","125 May 1848","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I56685","Mills, Samuel Curtis","19 Feb 1836","111 April 1923","Civil War, Union Army","" "I62302","Miner, Christopher","11 Jan 1744","24 Sep 1815","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I37028","Miner, Ephraim Sr","","19 May 1724","Continental Army, King Philips War","" "I7762","Mitchell, Daniel Francis","3 Jan 1843","","Civil War, Union Army ","He was in Quarter-master's Department." "I7761","Mitchell, Captain William Dexter","31 Jul 1841","10 Mar 1865","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted in the Civil War in 1861. He was Captain of Company K, 5th Kentucky Cavalry, on General Sherman's ""March to the Sea. He was killed in the Battle of Monroe's Crossroads." "I42580","Monroe, James D","14 Apr 1827","4 Jun 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Died in service." "I36349","Moon, Faye Arnold","12 Mar 1877","29 Mar 1928","Civil War, Union Army","Chaplin." "I64149","Moore, Abijah","31 Aug 1724","18 Apr 1792","Continental Army, American Revolution","18th Massachusetts Bay Provincial Regiment." "I62608","Moore, Charles Arthur Sr","19 Sep 1846","6 Dec 1914","Civil War, Union Navy","" "I60975","Moore, Charles Sprague Jr","31 Dec 1909","21 Sep 1946","U.S. Navy","" "I60977","Moore, Jack Carlton","14 Sep 1914","28 Dec 1999","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I33298","Moran, Louis A","","","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I1845","Morey, Joseph","25 Jul 1738","Aft 1790","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I43786","Morgan, Charles Henry","13 Apr 1843","","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I48407","Morgan, Edwin Denison","8 Feb 1811","14 Feb 1883","Civil War, Union Army","" "I56746","Morgan, George K","Abt 1843","9 Jan 1862","Civil War, Union Army","Private in Company D, 8th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry." "I35309","Morgan, Henry Sturgis Jr","10 Aug 1924","6 May 2011","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I35218","Morgan, Henry Sturgis","24 Oct 1900","7 Feb 1982","U.S. Navy, WWII","He served with the Office of Strategic Services and held the rank of Commander." "I35298","Morgan, Junius Spencer III","15 Mar 1892","19 Oct 1960","U.S. Navy, WWI","He was commissioned an ensign on 15 Sep 1917 in the United States Navy Reserve. He was later promoted to lieutenant during WWI. He returned to reserve status on 13 Dec 1918.

On 1 Dec 1941, he was recalled to active duty. During WWII he was promoted to the rank of commander. He served with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and rose to the rank of captain." "I35980","Morgan, Simeon","23 Sep 1755","6 Sep 1781","","Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I48383","Morgan, William","17 Jun 1723","11 Apr 1777","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I56750","Morgan, William E","23 Oct 1835","","Civil War, Union Army","On August 25, 1862, he enlisted in Company K, 25th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. In the battle of Irish Bend, April 14, 1863, he was wounded and permanently disabled from service." "I19771","Morrel, Mary Edna","23 Oct 1915","30 May 1997","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I19257","Morrill, Edgar William","7 Sep 1897","13 May 1942","U.S. Navy Reserve","" "I27265","Morse, John","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I66318","Moses, Gary Lee","23 Jul 1942","24 Feb 2012","U.S. Air Force","Air Traffic Controller" "I53088","Mosher, Lewis Sr","Abt 1756","Abt 1815","King's Service - Royal Army","Jessup's Loyal Rangers" "I25371","Mowery, Christian","22 Sep 1843","1 Oct 1887","Civil War, Union Army ","Company D 11th West Virginia 15 Nov 1861 to 17 Jun 1865" "I55352","Musgrave, Franklin Story","19 Aug 1935","","U.S. Marine Corps","An auto accident forced him to miss enough high school that he didn't graduate. He joined the Marine Corp and served as an aircraft techincian.

While completing duty assignments in Korea, Japan and Hawaii, and aboard the carrier USS Wasp in the Far East he earned his GED." "I55355","Musgrave, Percy III","5 Sep 1933","14 Mar 1959","U.S. Navy","Died in a plane crash off the aircraft carrier USS Wasp." "I55353","Musgrave, Percy B Sr","24 Sep 1872","25 Oct 1922","U.S. Army, WWI","Medical Reserve Corps, American Expeditionary Forces." "I55356","Musgrave, Thomas Bateson","28 May 1939","21 Dec 1964","U.S. Marine Corps","" "I10932","Nagel, Private August","27 Aug 1838","10 Apr 1904","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted 15 Nov 1862 as a Private with Co. D, 34th Wisconsin Infantry. Mustered Out on 8 Sep 1863." "I11641","Nagel, Darwin","25 Mar 1931","26 Jun 2012","U.S. Army, Korea","" "I139","Nagel, David Wayne","29 Oct 1944","30 Jul 2021","U.S. Army","Military Police" "I34425","Nagel, Earl H","7 Sep 1919","18 Dec 1984","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I6823","Nagel, Elmer Paul Jr","5 Sep 1921","26 Sep 1993","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Enlisted: 11 Nov 1942" "I11640","Nagel, Gerald","25 Nov 1927","15 May 2012","U.S. Navy, WWII","1943-1947" "I15060","Nagel, John William","28 Feb 1880","9 Jan 1949","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","" "I19089","Nagel, Julius Walter","6 Jul 1892","23 Sep 1957","U.S. Army Air Service, WWI","Ordinance Department" "I1","Nagel, Kenneth Allen","","","","" "I1","Nagel, Kenneth Allen","","","","" "I34424","Nagel, LeRoy G","1917","1 Jun 2004","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I34426","Nagel, Norbert H","6 Jun 1922","1 Sep 2002","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I7117","Nagel, Norman A","16 Nov 1917","24 Aug 2010","U.S. Army, WWII","Enlisted 6 Jan 1942 at Camp Grant, Illinois." "I36286","Nagel, Patrick","25 Nov 1945","4 Feb 1984","U.S. Army, Vietnam","101st Airborne" "I11392","Nagel, Raymond Henry","19 Nov 1894","11 Oct 1979","U.S. Army, WWI","Corporal" "I6","Nagel, Scott Allen","","","","" "I18972","Nagel, Steven Ray","27 Oct 1946","21 Aug 2014","U.S. Air Force","Test pilot, astronaut." "I11636","Nagel, Terril John","27 May 1935","9 May 2001","U.S. Army","" "I34438","Nagel, Theodora H","31 May 1925","16 Jan 2002","U.S. Army, Vietnam","First woman to be named Adjutant General of a Major Army Command." "I10954","Nagel, Udo Edmond","11 Dec 1890","20 Jul 1968","U.S. Army, WWI","CPL CO B, 26 Infantry
" "I5793","Nagel, Private First Class Vilas Milton","30 Aug 1910","8 Apr 1971","U.S. Army, WWII","PFC" "I15721","Newton, Alvin Jr","1 Jul 1778","24 May 1853","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I6879","Niergarth, Captain Arthur William","3 Jan 1920","9 Sep 2005","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1943 and served in the Pacific islands as an officer in charge of maintaining a squadron of C-47s." "I19902","Niles, Robert","2 Sep 1734","","Continental Army, French and Indian War","During the Revolutionary War, he was a privateer, captain and commander of the sloops, ""Spy"" and ""Dolphin."" After the American congress ratified the treaty with France, he delivered the news to Benjamin Franklin in France. His crossing of the Atlantic took 27 days. The shortest time then known.

He served in the campaign against the French and Indians in 1757, in Captain Gallup's company, Colonel Lyman's regiment." "I47880","Nixon, Christopher","27 Apr 1736","12 Aug 1800","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I37157","Nixon, Richard Milhous","9 Jan 1913","22 Apr 1994","U.S. Navy, WWII","1942 to 1946 (active) and, 1946 to 1966 (inactive)." "I11509","Norem, Ervin Justin","29 Mar 1895","12 Jan 1968","U.S. Army, WWI","also WWII." "I7844","Northrup, Doyal Adelbert","9 Jan 1926","15 Feb 2023","U.S. Army, WWII","Enlisted 16 Mar 1944" "I9039","Northrup, Elwin Ronald","27 Aug 1932","27 Jun 1994","U.S. Army","" "I36616","Norton, Seneca Hughes","10 Aug 1843","16 Dec 1920","Civil War, Union Army","" "I15114","Nutt, Charles E","28 Jun 1913","11 Jan 2004","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","" "I24053","Nye, Edwin Darby","3 Mar 1917","23 Aug 1997","U.S. Navy, WWII","POW" "I48145","Nye, Jonathan","1775","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I66375","Olney, Nathan Hale","17 Apr 1824","28 Sep 1866","U.S. Army","" "I57291","Olney, Stephen Jr","22 Dec 1752","12 Dec 1841","","Captain in the Rhode Island militia" "I50802","Parker, Abel","17 Jan 1724","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill." "I43565","Parker, Charles Irving","10 Mar 1838","31 May 1916","Civil War, Union Army ","Dartmouth Zouaves, 7th Rhode Island Cavalry" "I62957","Parker, Edward Graham","7 Oct 1870","4 Oct 1919","U.S. Navy","" "I59792","Parker, James","1655","29 Jun 1677","Continental Army, King Philips War","Killed at the battle of Black Point." "I51190","Parker, Nathaniel Jr","2 Dec 1741","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill" "I65065","Parr, Jerry Studstill","16 Sep 1930","9 Oct 2015","U.S. Air Force","" "I65063","Parr, Oliver Stevens","21 Aug 1890","25 Nov 1956","U.S. Army WWI","" "I25435","Parsons, Reverend Justin Sheldon","19 Jul 1759","26 Apr 1847","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I63189","Partridge, Charles Addison","8 Dec 1843","13 Dec 1910","Civil War, Union Army ","Company C, 96th Illinois Volunteers." "I60595","Partridge, Moses","28 Aug 1733","6 Oct 1804","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I65207","Patch, Nathan","8 Apr 1735","22 Jun 180","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I55605","Patch, Oliver","30 Nov 1778","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill." "I35151","Peabody, Endicott","15 Feb 1920","1 Dec 1997","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I35068","Peabody, Francis","7 Dec 1801","31 Oct 1867","","He was an artillery commander for the Massachusetts Militia. He was commissioned in 1825, as a colonial. In 1826 he helped organize the largest and last muster and sham fight exercises ever held in the area. This was the last exercise under the old militia rules that required all males within military age be enrolled and mustered. " "I35058","Peabody, Helen","8 Feb 1890","6 Sep 1948","","While Helen was not in the military she helped the war effort by becoming a canteen worker for the YMCA. The YMCA ran a number of ""huts"" throughout France and England. Their purpose could be likened to a current day USO facility. " "I43646","Peckham, George William Jr","23 Mar 1845","19 Jan 1914","Civil War, Union Army","1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery" "I56888","Pennington, Clare","21 Jul 1909","18 Sep 1994","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I35306","Pennoyer, Paul Geddes Jr","11 Feb 1920","7 Jan 2010","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I36072","Perkins, Elisha","","6 Sep 1781","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I49534","Perkins, George Hamilton","20 Oct 1836","28 Oct 1899","Civil War, Union Navy","In 1896 he received a Congressional authorized promotion to the rank of commodore in recognition of his gallantry and skill during the Battle of Mobile Bay." "I57597","Perry, Christopher Grant Champlin","2 Apr 1812","5 Apr 1854","Continental Army","Rhode Island Militia - given command of the 1st Brigade encompassing Newport and Bristol Counties." "I54319","Perry, Christopher Raymond","4 Dec 1761","1 Jun 1818","U.S. Navy","" "I57600","Perry, Christopher Raymond","29 Jun 1816","8 Oct 1848","U.S. Army Mexican-American War","" "I54321","Perry, Oliver Hazard","23 Aug 1785","23 Aug 1819","U.S. Navy","" "I57599","Perry, Oliver Hazard","23 Feb 1815","20 Aug 1878","U.S. Navy","" "I17409","Petraeus, David Howell","7 Nov 1952","","U.S. Army","Four Star General, United States Army, 1974 - 2011" "I17411","Petraeus, Stephen","","","U.S. Army","" "I22815","Pettis, Sedgwick Warren","3 Jul 1844","27 Dec 1894","Civil War, Union Army ","27th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry, Company F." "I11378","Piehl, Alvin F","15 Nov 1893","23 Apr 1989","U.S. Army, WWI","Private First Class" "I11379","Piehl, Friedrich","","","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I15168","Pierce, Anson Orlando","11 Oct 1843","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company H, 6th Vermont, Infantry. He was taken prisoner and confined in Libby prison." "I51566","Pierce, Franklin Sr","23 Nov 1804","8 Oct 1869","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","" "I2615","Pierce, Marvin","17 Jun 1893","17 Jul 1969","U.S. Army (National Guard)","" "I13204","Pierson, Alfred R","31 Aug 1837","9 Aug 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted 30 Apr 1861 at Monticello to serve two years. Mustered in as corporal, CO. H 22 May 1861. Promoted to Sergeant, 27 Mar 1862. Killed in battle, 9 Aug 1862 at Cedar Mountain, Virginia." "I13201","Pierson, Noah B","14 Jan 1833","19 Sep 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted June 24, 1861. He mustered July 17, 1861 into the 5th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry Company I. He was Killed in the The Battle of Iuka, fought on September 19, 1862, in Iuka, Mississippi." "I18195","Pillsbury, Charles Alfred","4 Apr 1917","1 Jan 1943","U.S. Navy, WWII","Killed in air combat." "I18194","Pillsbury, George Sturgis","17 Jul 1921","13 Oct 2012","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","" "I18191","Pillsbury, John Sargent Jr","28 Oct 1912","28 Mar 2005","U.S. Navy, WWII","Lieutenant Commander" "I17689","Plugh, Byron Theodore","6 Jun 1843","29 Mar 1932","Civil War, Union Army ","12th Wisconsin Hvy Arty" "I29395","Poisson, J Richard","","","U.S. Navy Reserve","" "I61938","Pournelle, Jennifer Rene","1 May 1955","","U.S. Army","" "I61936","Pournelle, Jerry Eugene","7 Aug 1933","8 Sep 2017","U.S. Army, Korea","" "I61937","Pournelle, Phillip E","","","U.S. Navy","" "I32478","Pratt, Arnold Russell","30 May 1921","19 Oct 1992","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I38162","Pratt, Bertram Roberson","19 May 1912","3 Dec 1991","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I32463","Pratt, Charles Sumner","13 Aug 1844","5 Jul 1907","Civil War, Union Army","Company G, 13th Massachusetts Infantry and Company B 26th New York Calvary. " "I9858","Pratt, David","10 Aug 1762","30 May 1844","","An article in The Canton Sentinel dated 6/19/1924 spoke of the Daughters of the American Revolution having ""appropriately marked the long forgotten and neglected grave of David Pratt"". However their web site (accessed 5/4/2012) says: ""Future Applicants Must Provide Correct Service""." "I3316","Prescott, Abel Jr","12 Apr 1749","3 Sep 1775","","On April 18th 1775 Paul Revere and two others including Abel's brother Samuel set off to warn the colonist in Lexington MA that the British Army was coming to arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams and seize weapons that were stored in Concord. As they started off to the west Abel Prescott Jr. headed south to warn the towns of Sudbury and Farmingham. While returning British soldiers fired upon him and he was slightly wounded in his side. He managed to escape the soldiers by hiding in the house of Mrs. Heywood, however the following September he died as a result of Dysentery a complication of his bullet wound." "I23259","Prescott, James","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I32242","Priest, Lynn Alfred","13 Jul 1919","21 Oct 2007","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I18488","Quayle, James Danforth","4 Feb 1947","","U.S. Army (National Guard)","Sergeant 1969 - 1975" "I33671","Rall, Theodore Joseph","Abt 1920","","U.S. Army","" "I27546","Ransom, Robert Leland","18 Apr 1922","1 Sep 1995","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I27545","Ransom, Willard A","31 Aug 1913","20 Apr 1992","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I11961","Read, Daniel","1754","1838","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a Private in Captain Daniel Brown's company of the Berkshire county militia at the battle of Bennington." "I59205","Reagan, Ronald Wilson","6 Feb 1911","5 Jun 2004","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Reagan was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Officers' Reserve Corps. Due to poor eyesight he was classified for limited service and was not eligible for overseas deployment. He as assigned as a transportation officer.

he transferred to the Army Air Corps in 1942. There he served in public relations, the Motion Picture Unit and, campaigned for the sale of war bonds. He was responsible for producing over 400 training films. Before he was discharged on December 9, 1945 he had been promoted to captain." "I65759","Redfield, William Henry","26 Jun 1927","17 Aug 1976","U.S. Army WWII","" "I62831","Redington, Joseph Edward Sr","1 Feb 1917","24 Jun 1999","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I315","Reed, General Daniel","12 Jul 1761","31 Aug 1845","Continental Army, American Revolution","During the war he was a private. He received his commission after the war." "I46505","Remington, Obadiah","20 Sep 1829","15 Jan 1865","Civil War, Union Army ","Killed on the battlefield at Fort Fisher, Jan. 15, 1865." "I16353","Reynolds, Gideon","1779","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","Brown's Regiment, East Tennessee Volunteers." "I6714","Reynolds, Larry Lynn Sr","15 Sep 1950","12 Jul 2015","U.S. Army","" "I7004","Reynolds, Noble Thomas","20 Feb 1916","14 Feb 1945","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I24649","Reynolds, Orlan","9 Feb 1924","31 Oct 1991","U.S. Army, WWII","PFC" "I31141","Rice, A Judson","15 Aug 1847","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company C, 45th, Wisconsin Volunteers Infantry." "I10249","Rice, Aaron","13 Aug 1700","1755","Continental Army, French and Indian War","He died at the battle of Crown Point." "I30972","Rice, Benjamin","2 Feb 1745","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I30980","Rice, Benjamin","11 Sep 1778","26 Apr 1862","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I35008","Rice, Charles Edmund","28 May 1837","29 May 1918","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I23340","Rice, Dwight C","1844","30 Sep 1917","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted in Company K, 6th Michigan Cavalry on 28 December 1863 at Kalamazoo. He was promoted to Corporal on 1 February 1865. Transferred to Company H, 1st Michigan Cavalry on 17 November 1865. Discharged 26 march 1866 at Fort Bridger, Utah Territory. " "I30982","Rice, Ebenezer","17 Feb 1786","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I23707","Rice, Edmund","2 Dec 1842","20 Jul 1906","Civil War, Union Army ","For his actions at the battle of Gettysburg in repelling Pickett's Charge, he was presented with the Medal of Honor in 1891" "I23691","Rice, Edmund","28 Dec 1755","14 May 1841","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I23700","Rice, Edmund Sr","13 Aug 1785","13 Jan 1860","U.S. Army, War of 1812","Served as a Lieutenant." "I31006","Rice, Edward","8 Aug 1823","","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I3654","Rice, Eli","8 Oct 1777","4 May 1851","","He was Captain of a militia company." "I23341","Rice, Francis Gardner","11 Sep 1839","1894","Civil War, Union Army ","Companies I & K 1st Inf Regiment Wisconsin." "I10352","Rice, Hezekiah","2 Oct 1745","12 May 1827","","He served as a private under Captains Prentiss and Baldwin, Colonels Marshall and Dike, Massachusetts Militia" "I35009","Rice, James Holton","14 Sep 1839","9 Aug 1907","Civil War, Union Army ","Took part in the Battle of Ball's Bluff, 21 Oct 1861, the Siege of Yorktown, the Battle of West Point and, the Battle of Fair Oaks, 1 Jun 1862. On 25 Jun 1862 at Fair Oaks he was shot. After his recovery he was stationed at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Indiana as a prison guard until the close of the war.

On 1 May 1865 he served as one of the honor guard that stood watch over President Lincoln's body as it lay in state in the state capitol at Indianapolis, Indiana.

3 May 1867 at Nicholasville, Kentucky while attempting to arrest 3 Regulators (an outlaw group similar to the Klu Klux Klan) he was seriously wounded in the face, shoulder and, arm.

From May to October of 1870 he served at forts Sully and Rice in the Dakota Territory where he fought in skirmishes against the Indians. He retired 23 Dec 1873 due to service related woulds and disabilities. " "I33248","Rice, Jonas","30 Jun 1731","1776","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I30973","Rice, Joseph","2 Feb 1745","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I26351","Rice, Leon Scott","27 May 1958","","U.S. Air Force","1980 to present" "I5223","Rice, Lewis Frederick","17 May 1839","","Civil War, Union Army ","Jan 1862 - Oct 1865 31st Massachusetts Volunteers." "I10245","Rice, Moses","27 Oct 1694","11 Jun 1755","","He was shot in the arm by Algonquin Indians while plowing corn, then carried off to the woods where he was tomahawked and scalped." "I43889","Rice, Oliver","2 May 1717","12 Sep 1799","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I31106","Rice, Oliver W","23 Apr 1838","13 Jul 1888","Civil War, Union Army ","Company A, Twenty-seventh Connecticut Volunteers." "I23342","Rice, Rufus Gates","1841","19 Jan 1901","Civil War, Union Army ","Company K, 1st Wisconsin Infantry." "I31108","Rice, William","3 May 1843","16 Jun 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","10th Massachusetts. KIA Savage Station." "I55782","Richardson, Elliot Lee","20 Jul 1920","31 Dec 1999","U.S. Army, WWII","First Lieutenant in the 4th Infantry Division, Army Medical Corps. Earned a bronze star and a purple heart." "I51979","Richmond, Caleb","Abt 1764","","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was in Colonel Isaac Dean's regiment." "I52000","Richmond, Eliab Sr","3 Apr 1752","13 Jul 1831","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I51948","Richmond, Nathaniel","1700","1739","Continental Army, French and Indian War","Killed during the Louisburg Expedition." "I52077","Richmond, Robert","18 Sep 1702","","","He was in the King's service in the expedition against Quebec in Queen Anne's War." "I52023","Richmond, Silvester Sr","1672","20 Nov 1754","King's Service - Royal Army","" "I52081","Richmond, Silvester","25 Nov 1711","9 Dec 1804","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I51053","Rider, Hophnius","2 Aug 1751","13 Jun 1776","Continental Army, American Revolution","Died in service." "I22759","Riehl, Ellis Leonard","15 Jun 1917","8 Jan 1980","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I21482","Riehl, Vernie Eugene","12 Apr 1923","6 Apr 2013","U.S. Army","In the spring of 1946, he entered service with the United States Army, serving with the Signal Corps as an instructor through January of 1948." "I63475","Riggs, Jeremiah","1 Jul 1750","1829","Continental Army, American Revolution","17th Connecticut Regiment." "I56452","Ringland, George","5 Sep 1823","22 Apr 1892","Civil War, Union Army","" "I56451","Ringland, Thomas","3 Aug 1783","6 Jan 1868","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I57200","Ringle, Kenneth Duval","30 Sep 1900","23 Mar 1963","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I10892","Ripley, Eleazar Wheelock","15 Apr 1782","2 Mar 1839","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I1085","Risley, General Elijah Jr","7 May 1787","9 Jan 1870","","He was also a Major General in the State militia." "I730","Risley, Elijah Sr","1757","1839","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I37696","Robbins, Gilbert Lee","3 Apr 1931","5 Apr 2011","U.S. Air Force","" "I47296","Robinson, Henry","6 Jul 1842","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company K, 102nd Regiment, Ohio Infantry." "I37070","Rockefeller, David","12 Jun 1915","20 Mar 2017","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I37105","Rockefeller, David Jr","24 Jul 1941","","U.S. Army, WWII","He enlisted in the Army in May 1942. In 1945, he was discharged as a captain. He spoke fluent French and served in military intelligence in North Africa and France." "I37079","Rockefeller, Michael Clark","18 May 1938","19 Nov 1961","U.S. Army","" "I37071","Rockefeller, Winthrop","1 May 1912","22 Feb 1973","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I36475","Roddenberry, Eugene Edward","28 Aug 1896","14 Dec 1969","U.S. Army, WWI","8th Calvary, Company E, 1st Ammunition Train, Horsed Battalion." "I36477","Roddenberry, Eugene Wesley","19 Aug 1921","24 Oct 1991","U.S. Army Air Corps","" "I15936","Roebuck, Lee James","2 Apr 1894","21 Oct 1917","British Army WWI","Aviator R.F.C." "I56181","Rogers, Avery William","8 Nov 1924","14 Jun 2011","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I12795","Ronstadt, Gilbert","14 Jun 1911","17 Jun 1995","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I29553","Rood, John Fremont","5 Feb 1914","22 Apr 1953","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I22480","Roome, David Wallace","2 Sep 1933","10 Jan 2014","U.S. Army","1953-1955" "I15951","Rooney, Edwin James","3 Jul 1918","4 Jul 2003","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I26812","Root, John Wellborn Jr","14 Jul 1887","24 Oct 1963","","Served in the Illinois Field Artillery Battery C. entered the officer's training camp at Ft. Sheridan, Illinois but, was discharged due to eye sight issues. He then traveled to France and entered the French Artillery School at Fontainbleu. " "I5942","Rose, Mathias","Abt 1726","25 May 1809","King's Service - Royal Army","Jessup's Loyal Rangers" "I51424","Rosecrans, William Starke","6 Sep 1819","11 Mar 1898","Civil War, Union Army ","23rd Ohio Infantry Regiment and General Staff U.S. Volunteers Infantry Regiment" "I65953","Ruggles, John Foster Jr","10 Nov 1913","23 Sep 2001","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I57395","Ruick, Melville Hughes","8 Jul 1898","24 Dec 1972","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I61466","Rumbough, Stanley Maddox Jr","25 Apr 1920","27 Sep 2017","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","A fighter pilot in the Pacific Theater. He flew more than 50 combat missions. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and eight Air Medals. " "I30083","Rushton, Jessie Verl","8 Sep 1920","10 Apr 2010","U.S. Navy","" "I7093","Russell, Allen Henry","12 Dec 1887","18 Jan 1940","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","" "I61339","Sadler, Barry Allen","1 Nov 1940","5 Nov 1989","U.S. Air Force","1958-1961 Radar technician." "I61339","Sadler, Barry Allen","1 Nov 1940","5 Nov 1989","U.S. Army, Vietnam","Airborne combat medic. Wounded in action." "I61341","Sadler, Thor Paul","","","U.S. Army","Military Intelligence Officer.

He is airborne qualified. His father pinned his wings on him at Fort Benning in 1986." "I24407","Samson, Jonathan Jr","7 May 1759","9 Dec 1846","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I25272","Sanborn, Benvolio","","","","Captain of the New Hampshire Militia." "I25277","Sanborn, Joel L","13 Oct 1832","11 Apr 1906","Civil War, Union Navy","Served aboard the USS Kearsarge, a Mohican-class sloop-of-war." "I25279","Sanborn, Ostinelli","3 Feb 1837","","Civil War, Union Army ","17th Maine Regiment, regular Army, was severely wounded in the battle of Gettysburg." "I48202","Sanborn, Wheelock Kimball","6 May 1842","","Civil War, Union Army","" "I65956","Sanders, Clarence Edward","18 Sep 1892","22 Jun 1964","U.S. Navy, WWI","" "I65943","Sanders, Harland David Sr","9 Sep 1890","16 Dec 1980","U.S. Army","October 1906 to February 1907." "I65935","Sanders, Stephen Sr","1750","8 Apr 1832","Continental Army, American Revolution","Private in Captain John Miller's Company, 1st Battalion, Washington County, Pennsylvania Militia. " "I62278","Satterlee, Benedict","10 Aug 1714","1778","Continental Army, American Revolution","K.I.A." "I35288","Satterlee, Herbert Livingston","31 Oct 1863","14 Jul 1947","U.S. Navy Spanish-American War","Served as a lieutenant in the Department of the Navy in Washington D.C. in 1908 President Theodore Roosevelt nominated Herbert as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He held this office from December 3, 1908, to March 5, 1909." "I2933","Scheick, Duane L","6 Apr 1926","14 Jan 2004","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I122","Scheick, Henry Jacob","1836","20 May 1899","Civil War, Union Army ","Infantry Company C Regiment 9." "I51","Scheick, Kenneth Lewis","20 Nov 1922","5 Jun 2009","U.S. Navy, WWII","Ken served during WWII in the U.S. Navy as a Naval Aviator and after the war served in the U.S. Naval Reserve until 1956." "I58","Scheick, Michael John","","","","" "I57","Scheick, Richard Kenneth","6 Sep 1952","","U.S. Air Force","" "I54","Scheick, Terry Lewis","10 Jul 1948","19 Feb 2021","U.S. Air Force","" "I27635","Scott, Don Cedric","9 Feb 1933","27 Nov 1997","U.S. Army","" "I53089","Scott, John","","","King's Service - Royal Army","" "I19265","Searight, Priscilla Alden","19 Aug 1929","17 Sep 2005","U.S. Navy, Korea","" "I54226","Sears, Edmund","6 Aug 1712","12 Aug 1796","Continental Army, American Revolution","Participated in the Boston Tea Party." "I66104","Seeley, Enos","1731","29 Jun 1801","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served as a lieutenant colonel and was promoted to colonel. He commanded a battalion in the New Jersey militia." "I62246","Seger, Joseph V","13 Oct 1757","10 Jun 1845","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I58407","Sewall, Rufus King Sr","10 Dec 1787","10 Apr 1880","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I58434","Sewall, Simon Merrill","14 Jul 1820","12 Oct 1895","China","He was the captain of a merchant ship. He was waiting for homeward cargo from Canton, China when the Battle of the Barrier Forts broke out. While he was not officially in the military he volunteered his services. " "I30730","Sharrow, Percy James","15 May 1886","3 Dec 1949","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I51233","Shattuck, Abraham","12 Oct 1759","1841","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I50747","Shattuck, Arthur","29 Nov 1751","","","It is said he went into the naval service in the revolution, under Captain Manley, and was lost at sea." "I51892","Shattuck, Benjamin","12 May 1777","Jan 1831","U.S. Navy","Appointed Midshipman, June 30, 1799. Resigned, April 20, 1801." "I51832","Shattuck, Chester","17 Dec 1780","26 Jul 1823","U.S. Army","He was a sergeant in under General Anthony Wayne, in his expedition on the Miami River in 1794." "I50526","Shattuck, Daniel Jr","11 Apr 1727","7 Apr 1809","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I52745","Shattuck, Daniel","10 Feb 1802","28 Jul 1850","","Per the ""Shattuck Memorial"" he commanded a military company." "I50652","Shattuck, David","11 Oct 1736","1 Oct 1758","Continental Army, French and Indian War","Died in Service" "I51842","Shattuck, Eli","13 Mar 1787","1 Aug 1853","U.S. Army, War of 1812","He was in the Battle at Black Rock, New york and was captured at the Battle of Buffalo. He remained in captivity for six weeks until he was released as part of a prisoner exchange." "I50509","Shattuck, Ezekiel","12 Jun 1730","","Continental Army, French and Indian War","Died in service." "I51111","Shattuck, Ezekiel","15 Mar 1762","4 Aug 1825","Continental Army, American Revolution","He entered the Revolutionary Army in 1778, and served until peace." "I51836","Shattuck, George Clinton","8 Sep 1786","","U.S. Army, Blackhawk War","In 1832 the Black Hawk War broke out. George moved his family to a fort. George joined the militia in defense of the settlement under Captain Cornelius Delong's company in the Iowa County Militia. It was under the command of Colonel Henry Dodge. " "I51231","Shattuck, Jeremiah","24 Jun 1854","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill." "I50511","Shattuck, Job Sr","11 Feb 1736","13 Jan 1819","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I50952","Shattuck, Job Jr","10 Dec 1758","4 May 1827","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I30709","Shattuck, Joel","23 Nov 1763","16 Mar 1782","Continental Navy, American Revolution","Died in service." "I1473","Shattuck, John Sr","11 Feb 1647","","Continental Army, King Philips War","" "I51086","Shattuck, John","22 Aug 1758","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Sergeant in the 4th Regiment of the Worcester Infantry." "I50662","Shattuck, Jonas","2 Dec 1756","","Continental Army, American Revolution","During the French and Indian War he served as a corporal in Captain Jewett's company, Colonel Bullard's regiment. He was in the attack on Diamond Island in Lake George on September 24, 1777.

Note: this was mistakenly referred to as Drummond's Island in the Shattuck Memorial book.

While with a party in a boat he was severely wounded in his left leg. Several shot holes were made
in the boat by the firing of the enemy. In order to save it from sinking he ignored his wounds and, stripped off his clothes which he used to stop the leaks, and thus saved the lives of the crew.

He was taken prisoner. After remaining four days in the open air, and, not receiving any medical treatment, his leg was amputated four inches above his knee. In November he was moved to St. Johns. In January 1778, to he was moved Montreal, and in May to Quebec, where he remained three weeks
in the hospital.

He was then put on board the old prison ship Maria, and carried to Halifax. He remained on board this ship and in the garrison at Halifax about eighteen weeks. On October 8, 1778 he was, with 700 other prisoners, swapped for British prisoners. They were sent to Boston crowded together in a small ship, and suffered very severely from filth and disease. About one hundred died before their arrival. He entered a hospital in Boston, where he remained until January 1779. He return to his home in Pepperell to the surprise of the community who had received a report that he was dead" "I51749","Shattuck, Joseph III","8 Nov 1757","8 Jul 1847","Continental Army, American Revolution","Served as a soldier and sergeant, and fought in the battles at Bennington, Saratoga, Monmouth, and other places. " "I30422","Shattuck, Joshua","4 Feb 1756","10 Sep 1776","Continental Army, American Revolution","Died in service." "I51063","Shattuck, Makepeace","6 Aug 1756","1815","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I50283","Shattuck, Mayo Adams Jr","27 Jun 1926","5 Oct 1974","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I50715","Shattuck, Oliver Sr","29 Jul 1751","27 Aug 1797","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I30360","Shattuck, Robert","1 Oct 1756","8 Mar 1813","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I50711","Shattuck, Samuel Jr","18 Sep 1741","1 Sep 1827","Continental Army, American Revolution","Also fought in the French and Indian war." "I50746","Shattuck, Somers","6 Jul 1749","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I51090","Shattuck, Thomas Jr","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I30355","Shattuck, Thomas","1 Jul 1752","23 May 1835","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I50912","Shattuck, Timothy Jr","21 Nov 1762","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I50237","Shattuck, William Sr","31 Aug 1767","1810","","While living in New York he was Major of a regiment of Militia which Colonel Timothy Church was Colonel and Major Henry Edwards formed for the protection of New York's rights in the long contested and territory now comprising Vermont.

In the war that followed William and others were captured by the millitia lead by Colonel Ethan Allen. They were imprisioned and and their property was confiscated.

In March, 1786, an act was passed by the legislature of New York, setting aside a township of land eight miles square on the Chenango River, (now Bainbridge) as a reparations for their losses and sufferings. From this land a grant of 3,200 acres was assigned to the Major." "I50757","Shattuck, William Jr","1755","","Continental Army, American Revolution","He commanded a company in the army of the revolution, and was killed with 20 of his men, near Ticonderoga, in 1777." "I30354","Shattuck, William","13 Aug 1750","7 Feb 1840","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I10069","Shaver, Talcott Alton Jr","9 Nov 1936","6 Jun 1959","U.S. Army","" "I6045","Shaver, Zell Olin","18 Oct 1898","5 Sep 1988","U.S. Marine Corps, WWI","PFC" "I62775","Shaw, Brewster Hopkinson Jr","16 May 1945","","U.S. Air Force","Test pilot. 1969-1978" "I59124","Shaw, Robert Gould","10 Oct 1837","18 Jul 1863","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I62526","Shelby, Carroll Hall","11 Jan 1923","10 May 2012","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I25432","Sheldon, Benjamin","Abt 1697","28 Aug 1773","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I36418","Shepard, Alan Bartlett Jr","18 Nov 1923","21 Jul 1998","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I36417","Shepard, Alan Bartlett Sr","9 Sep 1891","6 Feb 1973","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I6947","Shinske, Ivert","5 Nov 1908","13 Feb 1971","U.S. Air Force","WWII, Korea " "I27301","Shue, James William","28 May 1936","24 May 2013","U.S. Army","Graduated from the ROTC and served in the U.S. Army as second lieutenant for two years in the third armored division and was stationed in Butzbach, Germany." "I15505","Shufelt, Abraham","1 May 1844","3 Oct 1919","Civil War, Union Army ","Company H, 101st Ohio Volunteer Infantry." "I38252","Simmons, Edward McIlhenny","16 Sep 1928","28 Jan 2012","U.S. Army Reserve","Retired as a major." "I52698","Simpson, Benjamin","Abt 1745","Sep 1839","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was in the battle of Bunker Hill." "I61265","Singer, Mortimer","25 Jul 1863","24 Jun 1929","","While he never served in the military two days after the outbreak of the First World War, he offered his estate called Milton Hill at Milton in Berkshire (now Oxfordshire) for use as a military hospital.

It became a 220-bed facility, the largest of the privately run wartime hospitals. there were over 4,500 men treated there. Until the 1918 influenza pandemic, the facility had only had one death among its patients. Singer and his brother Washington underwrote the entire operating costs of the hospital. Singer worked throughout the war as its chief administrator. His wife worked as matron-in-chief, and she was actively engaged in nursing and massage." "I5818","Skinner, Henry Morris","12 Feb 1901","9 Mar 1947","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I5822","Skinner, Hiram H","Abt 1836","","Civil War, Union Army ","5th Michigan Infantry" "I551","Skinner, Joseph Russell","8 Sep 1832","2 Feb 1902","","He Enlisted in Company A, Michigan 3rd Cavalry Regiment on 03 Oct 1861. He deserted on 10 May 1862 at Saint Louis, Missouri. Through acts of congress many deserters were given a honorable discharge. This must have applied to him as he and his widow Marinda collected a Civil War pension." "I5841","Skinner, Thomas Sr","Abt 1617","2 Mar 1701/1702","Continental Army, King Philips War","" "I59692","Skinner, Timothy","24 Nov 1777","5 Jul 1814","Canadian Army","2nd Lincoln Militia. He was killed at the Battle of Chippawa July 5, 1814." "I57083","Slayton, Donald Kent","1 Mar 1924","13 Jun 1993","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","He flew 56 combat missions with the 340th Bomb Group, 486th Bomb Squadron." "I57139","Slayton, Elwood Charles","8 Mar 1920","8 May 1999","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I2100","Slocum, Henry","18 Jun 1783","15 Aug 1840","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I2016","Slocum, Jonas","10 Jan 1818","","U.S. Army","He enlisted as a soldier in the U. S. Army, and after about four years service he became disqualified for further duty due to convulsions. He was honorably discharged. He visited his two sisters in Michigan, He left Michigan on 15 Jun 1844. for a visit to Philadelphia, he was never seen or heard from again." "I8771","Smith, Captain Abijah","29 Oct 1740","13 Nov 1786","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was in Colonel Hale's regiment." "I28935","Smith, Frederick Wheelock","14 Aug 1927","Apr 1986","U.S. Navy","" "I21061","Smith, Henry R","","","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I18598","Smith, James","14 Jan 1777","26 Aug 1858","U.S. Army, War of 1812","3rd Infantry, Captain William Butler's Company. Honorably Discharged 1814." "I17908","Smith, Laban","29 Jan 1823","6 Nov 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","Died of disease in service." "I54811","Smith, Roswell Gould","31 May 1909","14 Jan 1992","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I26094","Snell, Theodore W","1833","","Civil War, Union Army ","In 1861 he enlisted in Company K, Second Michigan Volunteer Infantry. He was captured in 1864. He was part of a prisoner exchange but was very ill and he died while on board a ship that was transporting him to Fort Monroe." "I22990","Snow, Erastus Fairbanks","9 Nov 1818","27 May 1888","","Brigadier General in the Utah territorial militia during the Blackhawk and Navajo wars. " "I16578","Spader, Stoddard Greenwood","1916","1996","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I17092","Spaulding, George Washington","1 Mar 1842","27 May 1928","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted in the 113th IL Vol. Infantry on 14 Aug 1862 in Chebanse, Iroquois Co., IL. He mustered in with Co. H on 01 Oct 1862 and served in that Company throughout the war. He mustered out on 20 Jun 1865. " "I24430","Spelling, Aaron","22 Apr 1923","23 Jun 2006","U.S. Air Force","" "I58886","Spencer, Albert Edward John","23 May 1892","9 Jun 1975","British Army","" "I58888","Spencer, Edward John","24 Jan 1924","29 Mar 1992","British Army WWII","" "I61690","Sprague, David III","24 Mar 1732","22 Dec 1821","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I63434","Sprague, Joseph","1714","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I55304","Sprague, Samuel Sr","","3 Oct 1696","Continental Army, King Philips War","" "I23424","Sprague, William","12 Sep 1830","11 Sep 1915","Civil War, Union Army ","He participated in the First Battle of Bull Run." "I59514","Sprague, William","","14 Jul 1830","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I26130","Stanley, Bailey James","15 Dec 1824","2 Feb 1914","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted 1864 in Company O, First Michigan Engineers." "I47990","Stearns, Able Sr","9 Apr 1765","13 Jan 1849","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I37522","Stearns, Daniel","","1756","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at the Battle of Crown Point." "I37366","Stearns, Edward Sr","9 May 1726","11 Jun 1793","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I58202","Stearns, Elijah","24 Jan 1762","25 Jan 1823","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I63144","Stearns, George Albert","8 Mar 1847","7 May 1922","Iowa","Served in George A Stearns
in the Iowa U.S. Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records" "I58170","Stearns, George Henry","28 Sep 1834","","Civil War, Union Army ","He was musician in the Brigade Band, Twentieth Army Corps; was with General Sherman in his famous ""March to the Sea""." "I37363","Stearns, Isaac Sr","16 Jun 1722","23 Apr 1808","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I37469","Stearns, John","1760","","Continental Army, American Revolution","died aboard the prison ship HMS Jersey." "I47892","Stearns, John","20 Apr 1753","22 Aug 1775","Continental Army, American Revolution","Died in service." "I58101","Stearns, John Sr","28 Jan 1787","4 Aug 1860","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I37407","Stearns, Joshua","30 Nov 1748","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I37430","Stearns, Noah","12 Mar 1753","22 Sep 1829","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I37631","Stearns, Peter","3 Aug 1742","","","Enlisted in the French war and never returned." "I37629","Stearns, Phinehas","5 Feb 1736","","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a Lieutenant at the Lexington Alarm and later served as captain commanding a company when the British evacuated Boston. He took part in the Boston Tea Party." "I47931","Stearns, Solomon","12 May 1757","18 May 1775","Continental Army, American Revolution","Died in service of disease." "I33943","Stearns, Zachariah","6 Feb 1702","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I55397","Sterl, Oscar W","2 Jul 1837","23 Feb 1895","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I8121","Still, Alonzo Delfarado","25 Aug 1828","25 Mar 1904","Civil War, Union Army ","He enlisted in Company L, Massachusetts 2nd Cavalry Regiment on 05 Feb 1863. Mustered out on 18 Apr 1864 at Philadelphia, PA." "I6177","Stinger, James Melvin","6 Mar 1868","25 Apr 1961","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","Company D, 52nd Regiment, Iowa Infantry." "I63065","Stoddard, Orange","18 May 1742","3 Oct 1824","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I64972","Straight, Michael Whitney","1 Sep 1916","4 Jan 2004","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I64970","Straight, Whitney Willard","6 Nov 1912","5 Apr 1979","Royal Air Force WWII","He was wounded during a German bombing raid in Norway. As a fighter pilot he was credited with two downed aircraft.

He was shot down over France on July 31, 1941. He was captured and held in a POW camp. On June 22, 1942 he escaped. With the aid of the French Resistance he reached safety in Gibraltar." "I64969","Straight, Willard Dickerman","31 Jan 1880","1 Dec 1918","U.S. Army WWI","He died in France of influenza during the great epidemic while serving in the United States Army." "I28443","Strong, Phebe","Abt 1740","15 Jan 1817","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I57201","Struble, Arthur Dewey","28 Jun 1894","1 May 1983","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I59963","Sullard, Joseph","3 Feb 1756","16 Jan 1834","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I58930","Swan, LeRoy Amos","5 Jun 1894","19 Jun 1918","U.S. Army Air Corps","About April 1, 1918, he was ordered to the Wilbur Wright Aviation Field, Dayton, Ohio. He was assigned to the experimental work on mechanical gears for synchronizing the machine gun firing so that the shots would always pass between the propeller blades of the firing airplane. All the ground tests had been completed under his supervision. On June 19, 1918, Lieutenant Swan took to the air to make the first firing tests under actual flying conditions. These tests were successfully completed. At an altitude of 10,000 feet, Lieutenant Frank Paterson, of Dayton, Ohio, an experienced officer of the U.S. Army Air Corps, who was acting as pilot, sent the machine into a nose dive. When he attempted to bring the airplane to a normal flying position, some part failed, the wings of the aircraft collapsed. Lieutenants Paterson and Swan were dead at the scene of the accident when the rescuers responded." "I57739","Taft, Charles Phelps II","20 Sep 1897","24 Jun 1983","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I63776","Tate, Jeremiah","11 Feb 1920","1 Oct 1984","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I38567","Taylor, Donald Ritchie","13 Dec 1920","29 Dec 1998","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I39365","Taylor, Isaac Montrose","15 Jun 1921","3 Nov 1996","U.S. Navy","" "I65851","Taylor, Othniel Jr","10 Jan 1753","1819","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served with 10th Massachusetts Regiment." "I2857","Tayntor, Benjamin","3 Jan 1733","1798","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a private under Captain Timothy Brigham." "I15726","Tebow, James Oury Sr","29 Jan 1841","13 Dec 1891","Civil War, Union Army ","35th Regiment, Iowa Infantry, Company A. Rank In: Private, Rank Out: Corporal." "I15729","Tebow, Lee Robert","27 May 1895","2 Dec 1979","U.S. Army, WWI","Student's Army Training Ft. Sheridan, Lake, Illinois. Honorably discharged as a Private 15 Sep 1918. Commissioned active duty Second Lieutenant Infantry 19 Aug 1918." "I15731","Tebow, Robert Ramsey Sr","21 May 1921","4 Apr 1977","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","U.S. Marine Corps 10 jun 1943 to 5 Nov 1943. U.S. Army Air Corps aviation cadet 27 Nov 1943 to 8 Nov 1945," "I47379","Thayer, Lester","6 Sep 1833","1 Oct 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","Company M, 9th Illinois Calvary" "I44929","Thomas, Amos Russell","3 Oct 1826","31 Oct 1895","Civil War, Union Army","Suregon, Armory Square Hospital, Washington D.C." "I35575","Thomas, Azariah","15 Dec 1782","14 Sep 1831","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I12333","Thomas, Daniel Robert Jr","1911","3 Dec 1986","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I26312","Thomas, Leonard Moorhead","","","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I54808","Tiffany, Eleanor M","28 Feb 1918","1 Sep 1953","U.S. Army, WWII","Nurse Corps" "I54806","Tiffany, Homer E","2 Mar 1914","12 Oct 1981","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I37820","Tiffany, Thomas","31 May 1756","12 May 1835","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I62055","Tilton, George Frederick","12 Jan 1860","4 Nov 1932","U.S. Navy, WWI","He spent 4 years in the Navy during WWI." "I15331","Tindall, Gary Walter","11 Apr 1933","10 Aug 2001","U.S. Navy, Korea","" "I64315","Topping, Daniel Reid","11 Jun 1912","18 May 1974","U.S. Marine Corps, WWII","" "I28308","Travis, Vernon W","2 Jan 1870","20 Sep 1950","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","" "I22917","Treadwell, Thomas","20 Oct 1743","7 May 1796","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I61806","Turner, Robert Alred","28 Oct 1913","4 May 1987","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I49498","Turner, Stephen","4 May 1779","25 Jul 1814","U.S. Army, War of 1812","He was killed at the Battle of Bridgewater also known as the Battle of Lundy's Lane or, the the Battle of Niagara Falls." "I49497","Turner, William Sr","16 Jan 1746","12 Jan 1808","Continental Army, American Revolution","At the begining of the Revolution, he raised a company of volunteers in Scituate, Massachusettd. They marched for the relief of Boston. He was soon afterwards was appointed aid to General Washington, with the rank of Major. He served in every active campaign of the Revolution." "I26459","Tvarozek, Steve","21 Jul 1909","13 Jan 2000","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I61003","Tyo, Michael","","","U.S. Army","" "I25479","Upton, David Frederick","13 Nov 1921","31 Jan 2009","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I6165","Van De Warker, David Lee","25 Jul 1953","11 Dec 2017","U.S. Army","" "I6196","Van De Warker, Harry Albert","31 Jul 1904","9 Jul 1979","","He was in the Coast Guard in Chicago, Illinois." "I213","Van De Warker, Leo John","2 Aug 1930","5 Jan 2013","U.S. Army","" "I15595","Van Dyke, Richard Wayne","","","","" "I62174","Vaughan, Norman Dane","19 Dec 1905","23 Dec 2005","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I55491","Veach, Charles Lacy","18 Sep 1944","3 Oct 1995","U.S. Air Force, Vietam","Flew 275 combat missions. He was awarded the Purple Heart

In 1976 and 1977, he was a member of the USAF Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Squadron." "I43124","Vickers, Leonard Franklin","3 Nov 1943","6 Jan 1976","U.S. Air Force","" "I20753","Wadsworth, Hemon N","3 Dec 1822","9 Apr 1914","Civil War, Union Army ","11th Wisconsin Infantry, Company H." "I56283","Wagner, James Frederick","2 Jun 1921","3 Nov 1945","U.S. Navy, WWII","Killed in service." "I63160","Wait, Alvin","30 Oct 1843","15 Apr 1924","Civil War, Union Army ","Company D 127th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He fought in the battles of Vicksburg and, Arkansas Post. he was with Sherman's Army from Chattanooga to Atlanta. He lost a leg on the 28th of July at the battle of Atlanta." "I64885","Wait, Harry Maxwell","20 Nov 1887","15 May 1953","U.S. Army WWI","" "I22478","Wallies, Milton George","22 Mar 1920","7 Jul 1999","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I7634","Ward, Artemas","26 Nov 1727","","Continental Army, French and Indian War","Graduated from Harvard in 1748. Served in the French and Indian War. He served several terms in Congress and was a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Worcester County, Massachusetts." "I2691","Ward, Elisha","13 Jan 1686","Unknown","","He was killed or kidnapped by the Indians in Worcester, 1709, while riding post from Marlborough to Hadlev." "I11839","Ward, William Sr","Abt 1603","10 Aug 1687","Continental Army, King Philips War","" "I32184","Warner, Robert L","29 Mar 1921","8 Sep 1997","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross:

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, July 2, 1926, takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Flying Cross to First Lieutenant (Air Corps) Robert L. Warner (AFSN: 0-525058), United States Army Air Forces, for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight during a bombardment of the Nippon Oil Company at Amagasaki, Japan, 9 August 1945. Lieutenant Warner, as Airplane Commander of a B-29 aircraft, performed his mission of a precision bombing attack at night from his home base in the Marianas Islands against a target on Honshu, Japan. Flying at night and with a bomb load of over ten tons, with a precise time schedule which called for small compressibility of aircraft over the target, since attack was by single B-29's not in formation, Lieutenant Warner showed exceptional ability in reaching the target and dropping more than fifty percent of his bombs within 1,000 feet of the main point of impact. As a result of the strike in which he participated the target was nearly completely destroyed. The cool determination and high degree of skill he displayed, resulted in successful accomplishment of the mission, reflecting great credit on himself and the Army Air Forces." "I18725","Warren, Daniel","","","U.S. Army","He was a soldier in the French and Indian War and is said to have been taken prisoner at Fort Massachusetts and carried captive to Canada." "I52869","Washburn, Abiel","","","Continental Army, French and Indian War","Died in service." "I58843","Washington, George","22 Feb 1732","FebDecember 14, 1799","Continental Army, American Revolution","Virginia Militia 1752?1758, Continental Army 1775?1783, United States Army 1798?1799
" "I53342","Watters, Jr Franklin Benjamin","12 Jul 1920","4 Jun 2010","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I1801","Weeks, Henry Augustus","23 Oct 1840","6 Oct 1915","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I829","Weeks, Hezekiah","Abt 1739","22 Apr 1819","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a private under Captain Daniel Pomeroy." "I329","Weeks, Samuel Sr","Abt 1758","16 Mar 1843","Continental Army, American Revolution","At age 16 he enlisited under Capt Job Lunt, Col Benjamin Tupper and was honorably discharged at West Point 1783. In 1832 he was allowed a pension for 2 years actual service as private. Per DAR records he was one of the guard over Major Andre, a British Army officer hung as a spy due to the assistance he gave to Benidict Arnold. Pension number S6350" "I10391","Weeks, Spencer Joseph","11 Sep 1839","4 Apr 1865","Civil War, Union Army ","Company I, 28th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry. He was killed at siege of Spanish Fort, Spencer County, Alabama." "I58414","Weymouth, Ralph Wells Jr","26 May 1917","22 Jan 2020","U.S. Navy, WWII","He served from 1938 to 1973, serving through WWII, Korea and, Viet Nam." "I58178","Weymouth, Richard Sewall","16 Mar 1920","29 Mar 1989","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I64666","Wheat, Jonathan Sr","27 Dec 1750","26 Mar 1777","","As a Minute Man, he went to Cambridge on the alarm at Concord. June 1776 he was at Fort Ticonderoga. He died of a fever while serving in the Army." "I35373","Wheeler, William Stamford","4 Jul 1923","20 Jan 1991","U.S. Navy","" "I8870","Wheelock, Abner","19 Jun 1747","4 Mar 1831","","He marched as a private in Colonel Learned's Regiment in response to the April 19, 1775 Alarm. He was later promoted to Corporal." "I8849","Wheelock, Adams","Abt 1763","27 Sep 1846","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I23889","Wheelock, Addison","7 Aug 1830","26 May 1890","Civil War, Union Army ","Wounded November 27, 1863, Locust Grove, VA. Wounded July 1, 1864 Cold Harbor, VA. Discharged for disability May 29, 1865." "I20601","Wheelock, Addison W","Oct 1832","16 Sep 1903","Civil War, Union Army ","New York, Company C, 10th Regiment, Heavy Artillery " "I21166","Wheelock, Albert","20 Mar 1836","27 Sep 1911","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I28268","Wheelock, Albert H","28 Mar 1840","18 May 1891","Civil War, Union Army ","11th Pennsylvania Infantry. Company B. " "I20921","Wheelock, Albert N","2 Mar 1837","19 May 1903","Civil War, Union Army ","114th regiment of New York volunteers." "I14592","Wheelock, Private Alberto","Abt 1829","10 May 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted 15 August 1862, Company H 96th Regiment Illinois Volunteers. POW Died in Andersonville prison 10 May 1864." "I8946","Wheelock, Private Alexander","2 Sep 1754","26 Feb 1830","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I19509","Wheelock, Alfred E","1 Jul 1846","14 Sep 1906","Civil War, Union Army ","21st Infantry, enlisted 5 Aug 1862, POW 20 Sep 1863 - 20 Mar 1865." "I8924","Wheelock, Amariah","15 Mar 1759","22 Jun 1820","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I19570","Wheelock, Amherst H","Abt 1844","1 Jul 1882","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I14594","Wheelock, Andrew Jackson","22 Dec 1832","24 Dec 1902","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I9124","Wheelock, Archippus","22 Jan 1766","16 Feb 1847","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I28267","Wheelock, Arnold A","1822","2 Jun 1891","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I21839","Wheelock, Arnold Morgan Sr","19 Jun 1917","26 Jan 1990","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I16427","Wheelock, Arthur Buck","19 Apr 1832","6 Jul 1925","Civil War, Union Army ","Seventh Wisconsin Light Artillery. POW 21 Aug 1864 - Oct 1864." "I21024","Wheelock, Arza Leroy","Mar 1933","","U.S. Navy","" "I8822","Wheelock, Sergeant Asa Sr","2 Oct 1741","Mar 1816","Continental Army, American Revolution","He responded to the Lexington Alarm 19 April 1775 in Captain Jacob Davis' Company, Colonel Ebenezer Learned's Regiment." "I9322","Wheelock, Ensign Asa Jr","Abt 1783","24 Feb 1858","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I9054","Wheelock, Asa","10 Jun 1758","23 May 1842","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I48223","Wheelock, Austin Wadsworth","14 Mar 1903","10 Dec 1953","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I12370","Wheelock, Avery Harrison","31 Aug 1918","23 Nov 1992","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I8791","Wheelock, Sargent Benjamin","17 Aug 1729","16 Apr 1776","Continental Army, American Revolution","He marched on the Lexington Alarm, 19 April 1775 in Captain John Albee's Company." "I24259","Wheelock, Bernard Clair","29 Jun 1921","14 May 1990","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I8854","Wheelock, Sergeant Caleb","7 May 1745","","Continental Army, American Revolution","He marched on the Lexington Alarm, April 19, 1775 as a private. He served as a Corporal in Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Tyler's Regiment, and was promoted to Sergeant." "I8860","Wheelock, Sergeant Calvin","5 May 1754","1807","Continental Army, American Revolution","He marched on the Lexington Alarm, April 19, 1775 in Captain John Albee's Company as a private. He served as a Sergeant in Captain Philip Ammidon's Company, Colonel Tyler's Regiment." "I10024","Wheelock, Calvin","28 Feb 1832","23 Apr 1918","Civil War, Union Army ","36th Massachusetts Infantry, Company C. Wounded at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, Spotsylvania County, Virginia." "I19263","Wheelock, Calvin Eugene","10 Sep 1929","4 May 2013","U.S. Navy, Korea","" "I19306","Wheelock, Calvin Hector","15 Aug 1922","27 Nov 2006","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I64962","Wheelock, Carl E","18 Feb 1882","20 Nov 1960","U.S. Army WWI","" "I23195","Wheelock, Carl Raymond","20 Jun 1921","2 Feb 1944","","Company K, 3rd Battalion, 24th Marines, 4th Div. Killed in action." "I19860","Wheelock, Carlton Bowman","7 May 1822","24 Jan 1884","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I21678","Wheelock, Charles","3 Nov 1833","31 Oct 1907","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted 14 Sep 1861. Saw extensive action until his discharge 11 Aug 1865." "I21380","Wheelock, Charles Delorma","28 Jul 1897","21 Sep 1980","U.S. Navy, WWI","" "I27859","Wheelock, Charles Elmer Sr","26 Mar 1919","11 Jan 1961","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I19248","Wheelock, Charles Henry","14 Jul 1840","17 Sep 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","15th Massachusetts infantry. KIA Antietam, Maryland." "I21008","Wheelock, Chester Walter","5 Nov 1908","16 Aug 1982","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I31551","Wheelock, Clarence Allen","22 Apr 1916","16 May 2005","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I32554","Wheelock, Clarence Roland","29 Sep 1896","20 May 1918","U.S. Army, WWI","Died of disease in service." "I26449","Wheelock, Clarendon W","12 Apr 1836","6 Dec 1901","Civil War, Union Army ","5th Illinois Cavalry Regiment, Company C. November 1861 ti October 27, 1865." "I20989","Wheelock, Clarendon W","12 Oct 1863","11 Apr 1883","U.S. Navy","" "I19500","Wheelock, Claude Percy","21 Oct 1921","21 Jun 2003","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I28385","Wheelock, Cyrus","Abt 1837","5 Feb 1918","Civil War, Union Army ","9th Regiment, New York, Calvary, Company K. Wounded 23 September 183 at Barnett's Ford." "I19036","Wheelock, Cyrus","23 Dec 1817","6 Mar 1894","Civil War, Union Army ","Company F, 95th Illinois Infantry." "I19232","Wheelock, Daniel","18 Jul 1843","31 Mar 1900","Civil War, Union Army ","Company D, 147th Ohio Voulenteer Infantry" "I19502","Wheelock, Daniel C","28 Mar 1925","23 Aug 1996","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I19763","Wheelock, Daniel Richard","9 Feb 1915","15 May 1992","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I19472","Wheelock, Daniel S","22 Apr 1834","2 Aug 1909","Civil War, Union Army ","Co. G, 10th New York Heavy Artillery." "I48231","Wheelock, Daniel W","","","U.S. Navy","" "I36817","Wheelock, David B","","4 Sep 1898","U.S. Marine Corps, Civil War","" "I18904","Wheelock, David Lorenzo Sr","6 May 1897","13 Aug 1953","U.S. Army, WWI","161 Depot Brigade" "I19229","Wheelock, Davis","6 Jun 1837","","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I20999","Wheelock, De Forest August","23 Jul 1855","1 Jan 1928","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","" "I8981","Wheelock, Dennison","6 Mar 1753","8 Dec 1840","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I19055","Wheelock, Dickinson Ober","19 May 1885","3 Jan 1927","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I16035","Wheelock, Douglas Harry","5 May 1960","","U.S. Army","" "I19214","Wheelock, Earl Adelbert","22 Feb 1892","1 Dec 1962","U.S. Navy, WWI","" "I8602","Wheelock, Private Ebenezer","30 Aug 1718","6 May 1801","Continental Army, American Revolution","Served in the 2nd Mendon Company under Captain Nelson." "I64961","Wheelock, Edgar Renaldo","27 Jul 1896","10 Oct 1960","U.S. Army WWI","" "I29483","Wheelock, Edward","28 Sep 1829","26 Oct 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","83rd New York Infantry, Company A.
Son of Joseph & Amelia Wheelock. Born in Providence. Died at Seminary Hospital, Fairfax, Va. He was fatally wounded at the Second Battle of Bull Run while nobly fighting in defense of his country.
Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

(a line from the Roman lyrical poet Horace's Odes (III.2.13). The line can be roughly translated into English as: ""It is sweet and right to die for your country."")
" "I16473","Wheelock, Edward C","4 Mar 1840","10 Nov 1876","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlist in Company F, Third MI Infantry, on June 12, 1861. He was awarded the Kearny Cross for his participation in the battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia, on May 3, 1863." "I21660","Wheelock, Edward W","1847","1904","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I19040","Wheelock, Edwin Dickinson","15 Apr 1847","6 Nov 1926","Civil War, Union Army ","Company G, 7th Illinois Calvary. Enlisted September 1863. Discharged February 1866." "I18738","Wheelock, Elbert Eugene","14 Sep 1847","24 Feb 1908","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted 18 Feb 1865 in Company G, 147th Illinois volunteer infantry." "I31552","Wheelock, Eldon Eugene","2 Mar 1918","14 Aug 1954","U.S. Air Force","Died in service. The result of an aircraft accident." "I8629","Wheelock, Reverend Eleazar","22 Apr 1711","24 Apr 1779","","While never truly an enlisted service member, as Justice of the Peace of Hanover, Grafton, New Hampshire Eleazar conveyed information about the enemy to General George Washington." "I9270","Wheelock, Eleazer","15 Jul 1756","1841","Continental Army, American Revolution","Battle of Bunker Hill" "I8830","Wheelock, Eli","7 Jul 1760","18 Sep 1797","","Eli was a Fifer in the Revolution. At the age of 15 he joined Colonel Ebenezer Learned's Regiment and later under Colonel Cushing, and Colonel Jacob Davis." "I36166","Wheelock, Emery L","Abt Aug 1837","16 Sep 1910","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I8660","Wheelock, Ephraim","23 Nov 1733","6 Feb 1826","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served in the French and Indian war for four years, was captain at the siege of Louisburg. He was a soldier of the Revolution. As a Colonel he commanded the 4th Suffolk County Regiment. He marched on the Lexington Alarm, and was at Ticonderoga and Crown Point." "I36553","Wheelock, Erastus","14 Dec 1819","1897","Civil War, Union Army","Enlisted as a private, Company D, 83rd New York Infantry. Discharged as 2nd Lieutenant of the 14th New York Artillery. Note: His headstone identifies him as a Captain." "I17565","Wheelock, Everett E","13 Apr 1838","12 Jan 1910","Civil War, Union Army ","Illinois Nineteenth Volunteer Infantry. " "I16472","Wheelock, Everett J","14 Oct 1836","1 Mar 1911","Civil War, Union Army ","Michigan Infantry Band. Enlisted 3 Oct 1861, discharged 19 Sep 1862." "I33259","Wheelock, Francis William","7 Feb 1921","30 May 2001","U.S. Army","" "I9787","Wheelock, Frank Robbins","9 Feb 1879","","U.S. Army, WWI","When World War I broke out he served as a medical officer and was cited for bravery in the Argonne offensive." "I19482","Wheelock, Frederick David","16 Jan 1867","3 Jul 1907","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","" "I16881","Wheelock, George A","20 May 1844","17 Aug 1882","Civil War, Union Army ","Compay G, 10th Massachusetts Volunteers." "I20155","Wheelock, George Gray","5 Jan 1892","30 Sep 1918","U.S. Army, WWI","Died at Camp Grant of disease." "I23651","Wheelock, George Herbert","18 Sep 1850","10 Nov 1912","Civil War, Union Army ","George enlisted in company D, 6th Michigan Infantry, 21 Sep 186, at Kalamazoo, for 3 years. He was 11 years old. He served as a drummer. He was in battles at Baton Rouge, LA, and Siege of Port Hudson, LA. He was discharged at Fort Gaines, AL, 12 Feb 1865." "I5335","Wheelock, George Nelson","2 May 1838","3 Jul 1863","","Company G, 15th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers. Killed at Gettysburg." "I28891","Wheelock, George Suter","18 Oct 1926","18 May 1996","U.S. Navy","" "I8881","Wheelock, Captain Gideon","5 Jul 1771","14 Jul 1851","U.S. Army, War of 1812","He was captain of the local militia that marched to Platsburg." "I32238","Wheelock, Glenn Clifford","20 Jul 1922","22 Oct 2007","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I17835","Wheelock, Granville","25 Dec 1818","15 Mar 1865","Civil War, Union Army ","Company H, 3rd Michigan Infantry. Died of disease while in service." "I20063","Wheelock, Guilford Percy","28 Jun 1874","6 Apr 1944","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","Company B Fifth Regiment Infantry, Second Brigade of the Militaia of Massachusetts" "I19302","Wheelock, Harry","2 Apr 1915","21 Jul 1964","U.S. Army, WWII","Company B, 6th Signal Company" "I19382","Wheelock, Harry","20 Oct 1792","13 Jun 1873","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I19940","Wheelock, Harry Delos","1 Feb 1876","17 Mar 1936","U.S. Army","" "I21007","Wheelock, Harry Gordon","27 Mar 1906","22 Oct 1983","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I19023","Wheelock, Henry","Abt 1793","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I9094","Wheelock, Ithamar","28 Feb 1761","11 Feb 1850","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I8920","Wheelock, Private Ithamar","","8 Jul 1832","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I64919","Wheelock, Ivan","18 Oct 1894","14 Feb 1970","U.S. Army WWI","53rd Infantry, Headquarters Company" "I8783","Wheelock, James","1745","15 Apr 1832","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I32553","Wheelock, James Blaine","27 Jan 1892","17 Jan 1973","U.S. Army WWI","" "I33268","Wheelock, Jesse Dunham","28 Jan 1827","17 Mar 1900","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I9092","Wheelock, Joel","8 Jul 1758","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Joel was a soldier of the Revolution along side his father or his brother Timothy." "I8962","Wheelock, John","28 Jan 1754","4 Apr 1817","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served in Colonel Bedel's Regiment. " "I9141","Wheelock, John Jr","23 Dec 1756","","Continental Army, American Revolution","John was a drummer." "I23196","Wheelock, John Edwin","5 Sep 1920","3 Mar 1957","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I19521","Wheelock, John Francis","23 Feb 1832","9 Sep 1901","Civil War, Union Army ","He was a soldier of the Civil War, Company K of the 4th Michigan." "I29334","Wheelock, John Gray II","2 Apr 1890","23 Feb 1971","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I24321","Wheelock, John P W","20 Jun 1825","6 Aug 1863","Civil War, Union Army ","Company G, 52nd Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers. Died in service of Illness." "I9065","Wheelock, Jonathan","25 Feb 1754","13 Aug 1842","Continental Army, American Revolution","He marched on the Lexington Alarm in Captain Ross Wyman's Company of artillery. He was later seved under the command of Lieutenant Jackson." "I8672","Wheelock, Jonathan","18 Sep 1727","21 Oct 1798","Continental Army, American Revolution","Jonathan was a Minuteman in the Revolution." "I9208","Wheelock, Jonathan","11 Jan 1759","5 Sep 1845","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I27865","Wheelock, Joseph Brayton Sr","May 1844","16 Mar 1909","Civil War, Union Army ","185th New York Infantry, Company H" "I20072","Wheelock, Joseph Henry","13 Jan 1829","Apr 1862","","Graduated from West Point Military Academy, enlisted Massachusetts 7th Infantry Regiment, 20 Nov 1861 - 31 Jan 1862." "I8607","Wheelock, Private Josiah","30 Mar 1725","20 Dec 1794","Continental Army, American Revolution","Responded to the Lexington Alarm under Captain William Jennison." "I9073","Wheelock, Jotham","26 Aug 1763","27 Apr 1831","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I15046","Wheelock, Julia Susan","7 Oct 1833","7 Jun 1900","Civil War, Union Army ","While she was never officially in the service and was never compensated, she was a volunteer that served in field hospitals and brought aid and comfort to the wounded.

In 1862 she traveled from Michigan to Alexandria, Virginia to care for her brother Orville, was wounded at the Battle of Chantilly. It was only her intention to help her brother and then return. Upon her arrival she found she was to late that her brother had already passed.

Seeing the suffering of the other solders she resolved to stay and do for them what she would have done for her brother.

Newspapers of the day often referred to her as The ""Florence Nightingale of Michigan""." "I15046","Wheelock, Julia Susan","7 Oct 1833","7 Jun 1900","","October of 2002 she received a posthumous award from the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame, for her efforts during the Civil War." "I19496","Wheelock, Kenneth John","17 Aug 1908","27 Dec 1987","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I21394","Wheelock, Kenneth Richard","25 Mar 1939","29 Sep 2011","U.S. Navy","" "I28923","Wheelock, Laurence R","16 Aug 1947","8 Nov 2006","U.S. Army, Vietnam","" "I20847","Wheelock, Lawrence Percy","7 Sep 1918","22 Jun 1982","U.S. Army","" "I8921","Wheelock, Levi","","17 Jan 1813","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I27830","Wheelock, Levi Delorma","26 Sep 1838","1922","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I32691","Wheelock, Lewis Lorenzo Jr","12 Nov 1839","31 May 1907","Civil War, Union Army ","Enlisted in the 160th New York Volunteer Infantry 13 August 1862. He served as a lieutenant for company B and was promoted to captain for company C. He was discharged 14 November 1865 when the regiment was disbanded. He served under General Sheridan during the Shenandoah campaign. " "I19504","Wheelock, Loren August","24 Aug 1931","30 Dec 2012","U.S. Navy","" "I18878","Wheelock, Lorenzo","24 Dec 1812","17 Feb 1895","Civil War, Union Army","" "I36258","Wheelock, Lorenzo Stillman","11 Sep 1834","5 Oct 1875","Civil War, Union Army","Wounded at The Battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862, Washington County, Maryland." "I19039","Wheelock, Luman Cyrus","10 Mar 1845","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company F, 95th Illinois Infantry." "I9273","Wheelock, Lyman","30 Nov 1761","29 Mar 1848","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I19227","Wheelock, Lyman","13 Nov 1832","1902","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I34218","Wheelock, Merrill Greene","31 May 1822","17 Nov 1866","Civil War, Union Army","44th Massachusetts Infantry." "I27771","Wheelock, Morgan Dix","10 Jan 1909","26 Sep 1988","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Served as a U.S. Air Force reservist after the Air Force separated from the Army." "I9014","Wheelock, Moses","11 Jan 1737","15 Apr 1801","Continental Army, American Revolution","He responded to the Lexington Alarm. He was commissioned Captian in 1775. He was a major under Colonel Jonathan Smith in 1776. On 16 June 1777 he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the Worcester County Regiment that reinforced General Gates." "I64745","Wheelock, Myron W","Oct 1891","14 Jun 1918","U.S. Navy, WWI","" "I17838","Wheelock, Norman","2 Jun 1825","","Civil War, Union Army ","Company D, 28th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers" "I8925","Wheelock, Obadiah","20 Apr 1762","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I16033","Wheelock, Olin H","11 Oct 1932","19 Apr 2015","U.S. Navy","" "I21168","Wheelock, Oliver","12 Nov 1837","17 Jan 1907","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I15041","Wheelock, Orville","30 May 1826","9 Sep 1862","Civil War, Union Army ","Company K 8th Regiment Michigan Infantry. He was mortally wounded on the afternoon of September 1st, at the Battle of Chantilly. He lay on the battle field until the evening of September 5th. At that point had had a limb amputated and was transported to the hospital at Alexandria, Virginia where he died on September 9th." "I17837","Wheelock, Orville Edgar","11 Jan 1823","9 Aug 1899","Civil War, Union Army ","1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery Regiment, Company A." "I9784","Wheelock, Oscar Merritt","10 Jun 1877","15 Apr 1911","","While on the run from arrest warrants in the United States he served as an officer in the Mexican Revolution. On 15 November 1951 he was posthumously awarded the Mexican Legion of Honor medal. The U.S. Government denied his mother's request for military honors at his burial due to his criminal activity. " "I37744","Wheelock, Otis E","26 Dec 1829","13 Feb 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","11th New York Calvary Volunteers, Company G. Died in service from small pox." "I8846","Wheelock, Private Paul","Abt 1755","21 Aug 1840","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served as a private in Colonel Jonathan Holman's Regiment." "I8802","Wheelock, Paul","9 Feb 1738","1807","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served as a corporal in Colonel Joseph Reed's Regiment." "I8595","Wheelock, Peter","23 Jul 1724","18 Feb 1802","","In 1781 Peter was a member of a committee to hire soldiers for the Revolution." "I20120","Wheelock, Philip Oughton","19 Sep 1924","7 Mar 2009","U.S. Army, WWII","He served as an infantry paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne." "I8983","Wheelock, Ralph Jr","6 Sep 1758","28 Aug 1847","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I38871","Wheelock, Ralph L","1 Mar 1893","6 Oct 1960","U.S. Army WWI","" "I18916","Wheelock, Richard Lawrence","27 Sep 1926","20 Aug 1951","U.S. Army, WWII","TEC4, 91st Constabulary Squadron" "I64742","Wheelock, Richard Myron","20 Jun 1918","6 Jul 2017","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Second Lieutenant, B-24 navigator. served with the 715th Bomb Squadron, 448th Bomb Group.

His plane was shot down over Germany, January 5, 1944. Eight of the ten crew members were killed. Richard was taken prisoner. " "I19086","Wheelock, Robert Evans","18 Sep 1909","22 Jan 1955","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","510th Bomb Squadron " "I19498","Wheelock, Robert Leigh","14 Nov 1918","6 Nov 1999","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I28986","Wheelock, Ronald Clarence","11 Nov 1915","29 Sep 1987","U.S. Army","" "I24338","Wheelock, Russell George","27 Dec 1927","4 Nov 2002","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I8915","Wheelock, Private Samuel","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","He responded to the Lexington Alarm of 19 April 1775 under Captain Staples Chamberlain's Company of Militia." "I8599","Wheelock, Ensign Samuel","6 Sep 1714","Abt Dec 1792","Continental Army, French and Indian War","" "I31566","Wheelock, Sherman","27 Dec 1792","","U.S. Army, War of 1812","" "I31634","Wheelock, Sherman S","7 May 1831","16 Jan 1876","Civil War, Union Army ","Wounded May 6th, at the Battle of the Wilderness." "I8593","Wheelock, Silas","11 Mar 1718","Bef 28 May 1793","Continental Army, American Revolution","Served in the Worcester County Regiment." "I8852","Wheelock, Simeon","18 Mar 1741","26 Jan 1787","Continental Army, American Revolution","He served as First Lieutenant of minute men at the Lexington Alarm in Capt. Joseph Chapin's company. He later served as Lieutenant in other companies.

After the war he was killed when his horse slipped on ice while, while on duty protecting the Springfield Armory during Shays' Rebellion." "I9079","Wheelock, Stephen","22 Feb 1750","","Continental Army, American Revolution","He was a Private in Captain Job Cushing's Company of Minutemen. He marched in response to the Lexington Alarm of 19 April, 1775." "I17566","Wheelock, Theodore Darius","3 Apr 1840","21 May 1906","Civil War, Union Army ","Company H, Illinois 19th Infantry." "I14998","Wheelock, Theodore Henry","16 Jul 1919","23 Feb 2012","U.S. Navy, WWII","" "I8932","Wheelock, Private Thomas","7 Apr 1749","15 Aug 1804","","He was a private in Captain Jacob Miller's Company, Colonel Ephraim Doolittle's Regiment; serving for the town of Holliston." "I20965","Wheelock, Thomas D","29 Nov 1830","22 Nov 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Died as a Union prisoner of war in a Confederate camp in Millum, Georgia." "I15271","Wheelock, Thomas Gordon","22 Jan 1904","13 May 1967","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","Served as a meteorologist." "I8470","Wheelock, Timothy","1673","2 Jan 1761","Continental Army, French and Indian War","According to ""The Story of Colonial Lancaster"", by Marion Fuller Safford, 1937, Timothy Wheelock participated in an ""unsuccessful, even disastrous expedition against Canada"", in or around 1688. Conducted by the Royal Governor of the Commonwealth, Governor Phips, this expedition resulted from the ongoing conflict between Britain and France. Timothy Wheelock, and the four other Lancaster soldiers who participated in this conflict were not properly paid until ""50 years later"" when land grants were made to their heirs. William S. Tilden, in ""The History of Medfield"" writes that Timothy seems to have been incapable of taking care of himself. In 1699, a special town meeting was called to see what to. It was decided ""to pay out of the town treasury to John Arnold, prison keeper, to take the best and most prudent care of Wheelock"". In 1749, Joseph Wheelock of Lancaster deeds lands to Ephraim Wheelock of Medfield ""for taking care of my brother Timothy Wheelock.""" "I8682","Wheelock, Timothy","24 Jun 1724","14 Apr 1812","Continental Army, American Revolution","According to the DAR Timmothy was a Minute Man in the Revolution, however this may be an error in which his son was the actual soldier." "I19255","Wheelock, Walter Edwin","4 Jul 1891","9 Feb 1986","U.S. Army, WWI","Minnesota National Guard " "I24339","Wheelock, Warren Ray","19 Nov 1932","20 Feb 2015","U.S. Army","" "I9417","Wheelock, Welcome","26 Sep 1784","20 Mar 1865","Civil War, Union Army ","" "I19964","Wheelock, Willard Elmer","29 Aug 1889","","U.S. Army, WWI","Medical Corp, 307th Infantry, 77th Division." "I19469","Wheelock, William H","1826","28 Jul 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","New York, 14th Artillery. POW. Died in Andersonville Prison" "I27773","Wheelock, William Hawkshurst","16 Sep 1936","","U.S. Air Force","" "I19617","Wheelock, William Warren","14 May 1835","9 Apr 1920","Civil War, Union Army ","Illinois 15th Infantry." "I61151","Whigam, Wallace Hugh","1 Nov 1860","1 Jul 1946","U.S. Army, Spanish-American War","Also WWI." "I62825","Whipple, William H","1831","13 Mar 1864","Civil War, Union Army ","Died in Libby Prison." "I14665","Whitney, son","","2 Oct 1422","","A son of Sir Robert Whitney was killed at the Battle of Pilleth on Wednesday, 2 October 1422 in Radnoreshire, Wales." "I29416","Whitney, Wheelock Jr","30 Jul 1926","20 May 2016","U.S. Navy","" "I15226","Wiborn, Edward W","11 Apr 1934","24 Apr 2000","U.S. Army","" "I6738","Wiborn, Frank","28 Feb 1907","14 May 1958","U.S. Navy","" "I36784","Widner, Omer Dale","16 Nov 1918","15 Jun 1977","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I58077","Wilcox, Frank Alfred","20 May 1887","13 Oct 1918","U.S. Army WWI","KIA Battle of Argonne." "I30548","Willey, Able","","","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I858","Willey, Ensign Abraham","11 May 1750","12 May 1841","Continental Army, American Revolution","A soldier of the Revolution. ""He is in the Lexington Alarm"" list From East Haddam Connecticut. He was appointed Ensign in the 9th Company 1779." "I37652","Williams, Lytle George","19 Aug 1895","11 Oct 1960","U.S. Army, WWI","" "I56526","Williams, Marvin Jack Sr","7 Sep 1920","4 Oct 2014","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I54791","Wilson, Clarence Woodrow","1 Mar 1914","7 Dec 1995","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I53022","Wilson, Harold Reed","7 Aug 1895","24 Jul 1961","U.S. Marine Corps, WWI","" "I54798","Wilson, Richard Jerome","26 Apr 1934","4 Aug 1952","U.S. Air Force","" "I8321","Witherby, Thomas","1 Jan 1747","8 May 1828","","According to the Daughters of The American Revolution Thomas's military service needs proof. They say the service popularly accredited to him ""belongs to another man of the same name"". " "I33353","Witt, Merl Wesley","19 Sep 1922","14 Oct 2004","U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII","" "I54851","Wolfe, Clarence Edward Jr","20 Sep 1919","18 Nov 2013","U.S. Navy, WWII","He achieved the rank of Commander with the U.S. Navy. Ed was awarded the Purple Heart Medal and served during WWI in the Asiatic Pacific; European, African and Middle East theaters. He received the Victory medal, the American Area medal, the American Defense medal with one star and the Philippines Liberation Medal. He was a member of the Orange County Pearl Harbor Survivors." "I8901","Wood, Josiah","Abt 1737","3 Nov 1815","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I25492","Wood, Maxwell","14 Oct 1924","19 Feb 2013","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I36051","Woodbridge, Christopher","4 Jul 1756","","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre." "I36049","Woodbridge, Henry","25 Oct 1750","6 Sep 1781","Continental Army, American Revolution","Killed at the Fort Griswold Massacre)" "I20225","Woodruff, Julia Ellen","14 Nov 1874","","U.S. Navy, WWI","Recruiter, Chief Petty Officer." "I63479","Woodruff, Nathaniel","16 May 1687","13 Nov 1758","Continental Army","" "I34520","Woodward, George Wheelock","12 Feb 1810","29 Jun 1887","Civil War, Union Army ","Served as a chaplain for the Illinois 45th Infantry. January 1, 1862 to January 28, 1863." "I49484","Wooster, Charles Whiting","1 Jan 1780","1 Jan 1849","","Served in the Chilean Navy.

In 1818 he was the captain aboard the Lautaro during the Expedition against Reina Mara Isabel.

In 1825 he was the captain aboard the Aquiles during the capture of the Island of Chiloe." "I49479","Wooster, David","13 Mar 1711","22 May 1777","Continental Army, American Revolution","Mortally wounded at the Battle of Ridgefield.
" "I53248","Worden, Alfred Merrill","7 Feb 1932","17 Mar 2020","U.S. Air Force","Colonel" "I63476","Wright, Benjamin","13 Jul 1660","1743","Continental Army, King Philips War","" "I61119","Wright, Daniel","6 Jun 1778","30 Dec 1873","U.S. Army, War of 1812","He served in the Vermont militia for several years, attaining the rank of Captain June 6, 1803." "I18369","Wright, George","17 Oct 1820","","Civil War, Union Army","" "I42244","Wright, Gurden Lewis","17 Mar 1843","","Civil War, Union Army","" "I60015","Wright, Jason K","1807","6 Feb 1877","Civil War, Union Army ","141st Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company K. August 6, 1864 - July 17, 1865." "I65622","Wright, John","31 May 1709","12 Nov 1784","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I61118","Wright, Simeon","18 Oct 1751","11 Aug 1847","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I22686","Young, John","30 Nov 1750","28 Feb 1826","Continental Army, American Revolution","" "I7801","Young, Joseph Ernest","9 Jan 1869","1901","U.S. Army","Joseph died in the service of his country in the Philippine Islands." "I8212","Young, Richard Whitehead","19 Apr 1858","27 Dec 1919","","In 1882 Richard Young graduated from West Point, 15th in his class. He went on to Columbia University Law School and graduated in 1884. He practiced as a military attorney until 1888, when he returned to Utah to open a private law practice.

He reentered the Army as a captain during the Spanish-American War, and led the Utah Light Artillery in the Philippines. When the war ended, he was appointed as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Territory of the Philippines Supreme Court. He later returned to private legal practice, acting as attorney for the Idaho Sugar Company.

During WWI, 1918 he was commissioned as a brigadier general. He led a U.S. infantry brigade in France. He died of appendicitis in 1919." "I34342","Young, Vera","5 Nov 1902","12 Dec 1984","U.S. Army, WWII","" "I23740","Zog I King of the Albanians","8 Oct 1895","9 Apr 1961","","During the First World War, Zogolli volunteered on the side of Austria-Hungary."