News: Now in the library; "Genealogy of the Cooke and Cook family". New under the Moments in Time section: my "I Love Me Wall". (purely self-indulgent, I know.)
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Rogues, Rascals & Rapscallions

Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime

"Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime"
Pierre-Paul Prud'hon (April 4, 1758 February 16, 1823)

"Everybody loves a rogue though sometime we live to regret it. Scoundrels, con men, and scalawags. Ne'er-do-wells, thieves, cheats, and rascals. Bad boys and bad girls. Swindlers, seducers, deceivers, flimflam men, impostors, frauds, fakes, liars, cads, tricksters; they go many names, and they turn up in stories of all sorts, in every genre under the sun, in myth and legend; and, oh, everywhere in history as well. They are the children of Loki, the brothers of Coyote. Sometimes they are heroes. Sometimes they are villains. More often they are something in between, grey characters; and grey has long been my favorite color. It is so much more interesting than black or white." - George R. R. Martin

Except for extreme cases which have already seen their share of publicity this page focuses on those that have passed. Those that are still living are still writing their histories. In other cases we will respect a two generation limit to protect the living.

Hat tip to Judy G. Russell AKA "The Legal Genealogist" and the lecture she gave that inspired the name of this page.

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Oscar Merritt Wheelock. Albert Fish Jeffrey Dahmer James Franklin Wheelock Norman J Wheelock Murder Trial. William Hooper Young. Mayflower Madam Trial. George A Wheelock Reckless Driving. Ruth Jones Love Duel. Brigham Pleads Guilty.
David Crosby Arrest. Robbery and Assault. Watertown (New York) Re-Union, Wednesday, May 14, 1890, page 5. Steven Allen Avery Brendan Dassey. H. H. Holmes Jane Fonda Mug Shot. Lizzie Borden Michael Avenetti John Hinckley Jr. Amanda Knox
Dylann Roof Abigail Folger Elizabeth Holmes