News: Now in the library; "Genealogy of the Cooke and Cook family". New under the Moments in Time section: my "I Love Me Wall". (purely self-indulgent, I know.)
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Wall of Fame
Some of our relatives have a bigger impact than others. Here are but a few. On this web site there are many, many, doctors, religious figures, and combat veterans, many who sacrificed life or limb. They all deserve great honor but I cant list them all. If you think there is someone else who needs to be on this page please contact us.

Not everyone notable is on this list. You find athletes, rock stars, space explores and, others on more specific lists located on the "Moments in Time" page.

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Geena Davis. Denise Crosby Richard Buckminster Fuller. James Brolin. Josh Brolin. Jason Lee. Jodie Foster. John Lithgow. Matt Damon. Bing Crosby.
Brigham Young. George Robert 'Bob' Crosby. Live Rundgren Tyler. Barbara Streisand. Professor James Waldo Westhaver. Dixie Lee. Henry Fonda. Able & Doctor Samuel Prescott. Cindy Crawford Major Asa Brigham.
Peter Bent Brigham Peter Fonda. Reverend Ralph Wheelock. Clara Barton Jane Fonda. Luke Crosby. Mary Goodenow and Mary (Brigham) Fay Reverend Eleazer Wheelock. Queen Isabella of Spain. Dick Van Patten.
Emily Dickinson. James Spader. Eli Whitney Marilyn Chambers. Thomas Carl Brigham. Stacy Keach Spice Williams-Crosby. Bebe Buell Diane Lane. Bridget Fonda
Desi Arnez George Clooney. Talia Balsam Anita Ekberg. Frederick Allen Nutter. Bill Paxton Cliven Bundy Mary Astor. General David Petraeus. Michael George Ansara
Desi Arnez Jr. Elias Howe Karin Jan Smithers Alice Adair. Penelope Ann Miller Mark Miller Will Arnett Beth Riesgraf Betty Field John Bardeen.
General Robert Wood Johnson, Jr Herbert Fisk Johnson, Jr. Samuel Curtis Johnson, Jr Wes Anderson Erle Stanley Gardner Laura Ingalls Wilder Chris Pratt George Harris Kennedy. Joy Morton Julius Sterling Morton
Kate Upton Fame. Elisabeth Shue. Kim Kardashian. Kyra Sedgwick. Kevin Bacon Fame. John Pierpont Morgan Sr. Laura Ingrahm Frank Lloyd Wright Baldwin Brothers Fame. Troian Avery Bellisario.
Phyllis Avery. Elizabeth Anderson (Patricia) Avery Fame. Tony Dow Lena Dunham Richard Hatch Richard Gere. Ken Burns Glenn Close Carradine Family Herman Melville
Humphrey Bogart Jessie Watters William Hall Macy Jr, Vincent Leonard Price, Jr. Lauren Bacall Tucker Carlson Amanda Plummer Anthony Perkins Edward Norton Martin Mull

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