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Report: Military Service

         Description: Military Service

honoring our relatives that have served this country. This list is "in progress" and by no means comlete. If you feel we've overlooked someone please contact us using the "Suggest" tab on the top of their page.

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# Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Death Date Military Service: Place Military Service
201 I2344  Brigham, Henry  26 Oct 1752  16 Jan 1829  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served as a Sergeant under Captain Daniel Barns and an Ensign under Colonel Jonathan Ward. 
202 I4309  Brigham, Henry Gustavus  13 Sep 1836  25 May 1907  Civil War, Union Army   107th New York Volunteer Regiment. 
203 I728  Brigham, Henry Harrison  19 Feb 1841  2 Sep 1873  Civil War, Union Army   He served tor 3 years in Arkansas and Fortress Munroe. 
204 I3133  Brigham, Henry Harrison  1 Sep 1840  13 Oct 1867  Civil War, Union Army   Henry enlisted on August 12, 1861. He reenlisted at Columbus, Ohio on January 1, 1864. He entered the 2nd Ohio Cavalry as a farrier. A farrier is a blacksmith that specializes in shoeing horses as well as caring for their hooves. He was shot in the hip at the Battle of Cedar Creek, near Strasburg, Virginia on October 19, 1864. They were unable to remove the projectile and it caused him problems for the rest of his life.

He was again shot, this time in the right arm on March 31, 1865 at the Battle of Dinwiddie Court House at Dinwiddie County, Virginia. He was discharged July 16, 1865 due to disability. 
205 I4291  Brigham, Henry Otis  2 Sep 1830  22 Jan 1868  U.S. Army   Educated at Norwich, Vermont, Military Academy. He was a drummer boy in the Mexican War at age l6.

He became 1st Lieutenant then government clerk at Washington DC in 1861, a paymaster in volunteer service at the head of the Pay Department of the Gulf from 1863 to 1865. In Regular Service he was stationed at Detroit. 
206 I25950  Brigham, Irving Arthur  27 May 1871  14 Mar 1947  U.S. Army, Spanish-American War   Company C, 2nd Massachusetts Infantry 
207 I3400  Brigham, Ithamar  6 Oct 1729  3 May 1784  Continental Army, American Revolution   A Solder of the Revolution. He was a Captain under Colonel Ward during the Lexington alarm. He served as a Marlborough Selectman. 
208 I19442  Brigham, Jack Duane  5 Feb 1939  15 May 1991  U.S. Army    
209 I3394  Brigham, James  2 Oct 1717  15 Mar 1794  Continental Army, American Revolution    
210 I1196  Brigham, Sergeant Joel  5 Mar 1756  25 Jun 1813  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served under Captain A. Holden and Colonel Nixon from 1775-1782. 
211 I2147  Brigham, Lieutenant Joel  12 Sep 1785  3 Oct 1837  U.S. Army, War of 1812   He was a Lieutenant in the War of 1812. He came to Chautauqua Co. NY, soon after his fathers death. He settled on the land owned by his father. A few years after, he went to Buffalo with Captain Perkins by lake, taking with him a wagon for sale, for which there was no need in this wooded county; He returned on foot; and when in the 4 mile woods, about a mile beyond Cattaraugus Creek, he heard the report of a gun, and felt a pain, similar to a "bee sting". On looking around, he spied a young Indian beside a tree, preparing to load his gun to fire again, but having broken his ramrod, he could not get the ball down. He shook his cane at the young redskin, and made some threats. He soon found he had been shot through the body; the ball having passed through the fold of the intestines and out in front, 2 inches from the navel. Beginning to feel intense pain, and becoming weak, he feared he could not reach safety, and on a scrap of paper, wrote with a piece of lead, an explanation of his condition. He succeeded , however, in getting near Mack's ferry, where he was heard calling for assistance. He was carried to Mack's Tavern, where he was for several days deranged and unconscious. Surgeons from Buffalo attended him and he was confined for 2 or 3 months. On the return of consciousness he thought he could identify the offender. if brought into his presence. Mr. Mack had a number of Indians brought before him. He at once recognized the offender, Longfinger, about 17 years of age. He was found guilty, and imprisoned in Buffalo jail, for 30 days. Though he lived many more years, his injuries are supposed to have hastened his death. 
212 I2156  Brigham, Joel  2 Oct 1714  7 Apr 1797  Continental Army, American Revolution   A private under Captain Howe, Colonel Ward following the 19 Apr 1775 alarm that the British were on the march from Boston. He was a Member of the Committees of Correspondence and Shadow governments organized by the Patriot leaders of the 13 Original Colonies. 
213 I2914  Brigham, Joel Jr  5 Apr 1751  Abt 1840  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served under Captain Barnes and Colonel Howe. 
214 I1769  Brigham, John  19 May 1762  10 Jan 1833  Continental Army, American Revolution    
215 I3011  Brigham, John  24 Mar 1790  16 Jul 1868  U.S. Army, War of 1812   Captain. 
216 I2916  Brigham, John  16 Apr 1758  20 Aug 1828  Continental Army, American Revolution   John was a Soldier of the American Revolution also of the war of 1812. He was a private under Captain Amasa Cranston and Colonel Samuel Denny. 
217 I527  Brigham, John  8 Aug 1758  2 Apr 1841  Continental Army, American Revolution   There was John, a corporal, and John, a private, from Princeton, and probably it was the service of one man. As a corporal he served only 27 days in Oct., 1777; marching to reinforce Gen. Gates at Saratoga ; as a private he served a little over 3 mos. in Col. Rand's Worcester Co. Regiment in 1780. Resided first at Alstead, New Hampshire and went to Ackworth in 1805. 
218 I4102  Brigham, John Baker  11 Aug 1835    Civil War, Union Army   He enlisted in 1862, in Co. D, 35th Massachusetts Volunteers. He served 3 years. 
219 I4144  Brigham, John Calvin  15 Aug 1833  21 Jan 1869  Civil War, Union Army   9th New York Volunteers. Enlisted 8 Jun 1861. Discharged 16 July 1862  
220 I619  Brigham, John D  5 Aug 1834  27 Feb 1900  Civil War, Union Army   15th Massachusetts Volunteers. POW Captured at Leesburg Virginia. 
221 I15162  Brigham, John Lowell  6 Jun 1832  10 Oct 1874  Civil War, Union Army   1st Mass Cavalry 
222 I569  Brigham, Captain Jonas Jr  29 Oct 1748  1826  Continental Army, American Revolution   He was a Sargent and a Captain under Lt. Colonel Converse. 
223 I4010  Brigham, Jonas  29 Aug 1790  9 Feb 1822  U.S. Army, War of 1812    
224 I3117  Brigham, Jonathan  29 Oct 1754  26 Jul 1848    Was one of the "Minute Men" who responded to the call in April, 1775, under Capt. Daniel Burns and Col. Henshaw, Massachusetts Militia. Enlisted April, 1775, to Feb., 1776, serving as private in the Company of Capt. Barns and Col. Artemas Ward. Enlisted Oct. 2, 1777, as private under Capt. Morse and Col. Read. Residence at time of enlistment, Marlborough, MA. Was at the battles of Bunker Hill and Saratoga. Applied for pension, April 30, 1818, at which time he was a resident of Chautauqua County. He moved from Oneida County, N. Y., in 1810, and settled in the town of Sheridan, Chautauqua County, and in 1813 moved to Mayville. 
225 I4086  Brigham, Jonathan  22 Oct 1754  26 Jul 1848  Continental Army, American Revolution   He was a private under Captain Barnes and Colonel Ward. 
226 I3006  Brigham, Lieutenant Joseph  27 Sep 1743  25 Aug 1810  Continental Army, American Revolution   He marched on the Lexington Alarm in Captain William Brigham's Co. He was 2nd Lieutenant in Captain Paul Brigham's Company. He was commissioned 5 Sep 1776. 
227 I3040  Brigham, Captain Joseph  2 Jun 1774  19 Jul 1846  Continental Army, American Revolution   Captain of an Artillery Company.  
228 I33306  Brigham, Joseph Edward  12 May 1844  19 Jun 1905  Civil War, Union Army   Company H, 17th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers. 
229 I4628  Brigham, Joseph Henry  12 Dec 1838  30 Jun 1904  Civil War, Union Army   Commander of the 69th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. 
230 I3945  Brigham, Josiah  1 Sep 1788  24 Jul 1867  U.S. Army, War of 1812    
231 I3185  Brigham, Leander  23 Mar 1823  19 Jun 1888  Civil War, Union Army   He had serious thoughts of enlisting early in the conflict, but delayed doing so until the call came for the 300,000 nine months men. He then went into the 52d regiment, Co. G, being mustered in, Oct. 11, 1862. He went to Louisiana surviving some of the hard marches, and picket duty, but died, a victim of illness. 
232 I34503  Brigham, Leland Louis  21 May 1894  27 Feb 1962  U.S. Marine Corps, WWI   Also WWII. 
233 I3386  Brigham, Levi  21 Aug 1717  1 Feb 1787  Continental Army, American Revolution   At the age of 41 years old, he was Cornet of the Shrewsbury Troop of Horse, commanded by Captain Benjamin Eager, attached to the 3d regiment of Militia of the counties of Middlesex and Worcester. He served as delegate from Northborough in the Provincial Congress during its 3 sessions. He was commissioned Lieut. Colonel in the 6th Worcester County regiment under Col. John Goulding and Major Job Cushing of Shrewsbury (later promoted to Colonel). In 1778 Col. Brigham received 27 from the town of Northborough for his services in the war since 19 Apr 1775. 
234 I3736  Brigham, Lieutenant Levi  26 Aug 1746  26 Apr 1821  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served as a Lieutenant and as a Member of the Committee for Safety. 
235 I4272  Brigham, Lorenzo D  10 Aug 1837    Civil War, Union Army   Enlisted 29 Aug 1862 in Company H, 8th Infantry Regiment, Massachusetts.
Mustered out of Company H, 8th Infantry 7 Aug 1863 at Boston MA.
236 I1220  Brigham, Lovell  1 Dec 1754  25 Apr 1824  Continental Army, American Revolution    
237 I1857  Brigham, Sergeant Lyman Farwell  26 Sep 1828  19 Nov 1892  Civil War, Union Army   Company G, 15th New York Volunteer Engineers 
238 I4743  Brigham, Martin Van Burren  13 Aug 1834    Civil War, Union Army   8th Michigan Calvary 
239 I1525  Brigham, Mary  6 May 1678      Mary was distinguished for heroism in the Indian War. When her father died he left her $375 in his will.

18 Aug 1707 Mary, two of her children, and Miss Mary Goodnow, daughter of Samuel Goodnow were gathering herbs in a meadow when they saw twenty or more Indian warriors stealthily approaching. They immediately ran for the fortified home of Samuel Goodnow. Mary who was six months pregnant, and her children succeeded in reaching it and closing the gate before their pursuers could overtake them. There was one man in the garrison at the time. The rest of the men were at work in the field. The savages attempted to break through the enclosure. They were however repelled by the heroic defenders inside. Mrs. Fay (Nee Brigham) loaded the muskets handing them to her male companion who was able to maintain constant fire upon the enemy. Hearing the gun fire the men in the field returned and the enemy retreated. The name of the male companion was not recorded.

Mary Goodnow being lame from birth could not escape her pursuers. She was overtaken, seized and dragged into the woods.

The same day the Indians surprised and took two men who were laboring in the field. Jonathan Wilder, a native of Lancaster and a Mr. Howe of Marlborough. Mr. Howe was able to escape but, Jonathan was killed.

The next day Capt. Thomas Howe, of Marlborough and about twenty men pursued the Indians. They were joined by another twenty or so men from Lancaster. They overtook the enemy who now numbered thirty-six., a battle ensued in which two white men (John Farren and Richard Singeltary) and ten to twelve Indians died. The packs of the Indians fell into the hands of the whites. In one of them was the scalp of Miss Goodnow.

A few days latter her mangled body was found and buried. 
240 I20464  Brigham, Mike Ernest  4 Jun 1953  5 Mar 2004  U.S. Navy, Vietnam    
241 I3638  Brigham, Moses Woods  18 Dec 1801      A member of Captain Amasa Turner's Company at the battle of San Jacinto. This was was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. 
242 I1665  Brigham, Captain Nathan  13 Mar 1730  9 Feb 1806  Continental Army, French and Indian War   From History of the Brigham Family Vol 1: "He was a Lieut, in the first French War and a distinguished officer. In the service he became warmly attached to Capt. Thomas Gage, afterwards Gen. Gage. To avenge the massacre at Fort William Henry, he and a party volunteered, under the command of Capt. Rogers, to penetrate into Canada, attack and burn the town of St. Francis, and retreat. Having accomplished the task, they were pursued and overtaken by the Indians, who killed and scalped 30 of their number. The remainder fled into the wilderness, and for the most part perished. Of the few who lived to return was Lieut. Brigham, whose deeds of valor were eulogized in ballads. He settled in Southborough, one-half a mile east of the meeting-house. Among other town offices he was chosen one of a committee to 'seat the meeting' in 1778; and one to revise the constitution reported to the towns, in 1786, for their consideration."  
243 I2524  Brigham, Nathaniel  7 Oct 1785  17 Sep 1870  U.S. Army, War of 1812   He was a Corporal in Captain Pierpont Brigham's Company of Massachusetts Militia. He served 10 Sep 1814 to 1 Nov 1814. 
244 I32740  Brigham, Norman William  29 Apr 1831  27 Mar 1907  Civil War, Union Army    
245 I2732  Brigham, Origin  10 Sep 1757  1816  Continental Army, American Revolution   He was a physician and surgeon in the Revolution. He was the leading physician in Schoharie, New York.. He was an original member of the Society of the Cincinnati. He was Surgeon's mate with Warner in Bailey's 2nd Regiment in 1781. 
246 I2980  Brigham, Orleans  10 Dec 1773  6 Jun 1864  U.S. Army, War of 1812    
247 I4750  Brigham, Orrin W  20 Feb 1840  7 Jun 1916  Civil War, Union Army    
248 I1330  Brigham, Captain Otis  16 Apr 1788  15 Apr 1872  U.S. Army, War of 1812   He was Captain in the war of 1812 and helped to raise troops for the Civil War. He was a prosperous farmer, yet found time to devote to church and town affairs. For 40 years he was superintendent of the first Sunday-school started in Westborough. He was selectman 1827-'28, 1830-'33, 1836-'43; overseer of the poor and moderator of town meetings for many years. He was Representative from Westborough in 1839 and 1840. 
249 I3381  Brigham, Captain Paul  26 Mar 1737  4 Jun 1777  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served under Colonel Ezekiel Howe. 
250 I3235  Brigham, Paul  6 Jan 1746  15 Jun 1824  Continental Army, American Revolution   2nd Vermont Governor. He was a Captain in the Revolutionary War in a Connecticut regiment commanded, first, by Colonel Chandler and afterward by Colonel Isaac Sherman. He entered the Army 1 Jan 1777 and was discharged 22 Apr 1781. A portion of the time he served under the immediate command of General George Washington, and was engaged in the important battles of Germantown, Monmouth, and Fort Mifflin. He wintered in Valley Forge 1777-1778. He was enlisted by General McDougal from Coventry, Connecticut and his regiment seems to have been largely composed of men from that section of the State.

After the war he moved to Norwich, Vermont, where he became a local and state leader, serving in numerous offices including Member of the Vermont House of Representatives, Delegate to Vermont's constitutional conventions, High Sheriff of Windsor County, presidential elector, and Major General of the Vermont Militia. Brigham was Windsor County Assistant Judge from 1783 to 1786 and 1790 to 1795, Probate Judge in 1800, and Presiding Judge in 1801. He served on the Governor's Council from 1792 to 1796, and was Lieutenant Governor from 1796 to 1813, and acted as Governor in 1797 after the resignation and death of Governor Thomas Chittenden. After losing the lieutenant governorship in 1814, Brigham returned to the office in 1815 and served until 1820. The journal of his Army experiences was published as "A Revolutionary Diary of Captain Paul Brigham, November 19, 1777-September 4, 1778." 

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