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Report: Military Service

         Description: Military Service

honoring our relatives that have served this country. This list is "in progress" and by no means comlete. If you feel we've overlooked someone please contact us using the "Suggest" tab on the top of their page.

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# Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Death Date Military Service: Place Military Service
201 I38365  Avery, Katherine Buckner  17 May 1895  6 Apr 1982    Katherine volunteered to serve overseas as a civilian nurse in support of the war effort. 
202 I40202  Avery, Lafayette  9 May 1822  13 Nov 1884  Civil War, Union Army   Enlisted April 21, 1864, as an assistant surgeon of the 3rd Missouri Cavalry. He was dishonorably discharged due to habitual drunkenness. 
203 I39735  Avery, Latham Burrows  5 Sep 1817  28 Aug 1857  U.S. Navy    
204 I41007  Avery, Leonard B  1845  18 Feb 1865  Civil War, Union Navy   Leonard served as a landsman in the Navy. He died in service at Chelsea Naval Hospital. A pension request was made on behalf of his mother but it was rejected. The government claimed he died of a pre-existing condition and that his mother was not relying on him financially.

Leonard was the only male child old enough to support his mother. A number of people who knew him testified that he was healthy before his service. In spite of his father's land holdings he owed more money that it was worth. The government did not change it's position.  
205 I40641  Avery, Luther  14 Jul 1839  6 Feb 1862  Civil War, Union Army   2nd Iowa Calvary 
206 I42792  Avery, Martin Hendrix  1 Oct 1840    Civil War, Union Army   Company H, 2d Regiment, Ohio Cavalry - August 25, 1861 to September 16, 1864. 
207 I38094  Avery, Marvin Emory  16 Jun 1840    Civil War, Union Army   6th Michigan Calvary. Killed in battle near Richmond, in 1864. 
208 I39574  Avery, Mathew Henry  27 Mar 1836  1 Sep 1881  Civil War, Union Army    
209 I48550  Avery, Melvin Dixon      U.S. Navy    
210 I43198  Avery, Minor Mahlon  31 Aug 1845    Civil War, Union Army   Company I, 15th Illinois Infantry. He was at Raleigh, North Carolina when Johnson surrendered to Sherman. 
211 I41866  Avery, Myron Emory  29 Jun 1845  3 Apr 1865  Civil War, Union Army   Enlisted December 1, 1863. Mustered in December 14, 1863 as Private with Company K 6th Indiana Cavalry. 
212 I36062  Avery, Nathan  31 Mar 1759  16 Jan 1841  Continental Army, American Revolution    
213 I35855  Avery, Nathan  2 May 1744    Continental Army, American Revolution    
214 I38709  Avery, Nathan Sr      Continental Army, American Revolution    
215 I43188  Avery, Nathan Fish Denison  25 Feb 1840    Civil War, Union Army   Company F, 18th Connecticut Infantry 
216 I40642  Avery, Nathan Franklin  5 Jul 1843  21 Feb 1863    26th Connecticut Volunteers. 
217 I35815  Avery, Nathaniel  28 Aug 1751    Continental Army, American Revolution    
218 I38720  Avery, Nathaniel  May 1764    Continental Army, American Revolution    
219 I38677  Avery, Nehemiah      Continental Army, American Revolution    
220 I41628  Avery, Orin Austin  10 Feb 1837  1 Oct 1911  Civil War, Union Army   In 1857, he enlisted in the 5th U. S. cavalry. In 1861, the regiment was sent to Washington; he served with the Army of the Potomac until 1862, when his term expired. He reenlisted in the 3rd Rhode Island Cavalry as lieutenant. Later he was promoted to captain. He mustered out January 25, 1866.  
221 I45044  Avery, Orrin Jefferson  27 Sep 1841  7 Aug 1912  Civil War, Union Army   He was a private in Company B, 18th Michigan Infantry and a 2nd Lieutenant Company F, 12th Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry. 
222 I40550  Avery, Orrin Williams  6 Apr 1818      lieutenant 20th Connecticut Infantry, Company 2. 
223 I41098  Avery, Oscar  30 Dec 1831    Civil War, Union Army   Company D, 26th Regiment, Indiana Infantry 
224 I35830  Avery, Parke Jr  22 Mar 1741  20 Dec 1821  Continental Army, American Revolution   From the book "History of the Town Of Stonington" 1900, he was "fearfully" wounded at the Fort Griswold massacre. Other sources confirm that he lost an eye. 
225 I43507  Avery, Parmenas  1 Oct 1841    Civil War, Union Army   Company C, 21st Regiment, Connecticut, Infantry 
226 I46326  Avery, Paul Oscar  20 Apr 1921  5 Mar 2003  U.S. Navy, WWII    
227 I35934  Avery, Peter  10 May 1764  17 Oct 1845  Continental Army, American Revolution   Taken prisoner at The Fort Griswold Massacre. 
228 I43195  Avery, Phineas Orlando  30 Aug 1838    Civil War, Union Army   He was in the Battle of Shiloh and others. 
229 I42395  Avery, Ralph Hurlbut  6 Dec 1841    Civil War, Union Army   In 1861 he enlisted in the 6th Regiment Wisconsin Infantry. He re-enlisted
in 49th Rgiment Wisconsin Infantry. 
230 I40829  Avery, Richard Henry  7 Apr 1845    Civil War, Union Army   116th Regiment, New York Volunteers 
231 I40082  Avery, Richard Rowland  Abt 1824  Apr 1847  U.S. Army, Spanish-American War    
232 I35550  Avery, Richardson Sr  25 Jan 1718  3 Feb 1784  Continental Army, American Revolution    
233 I35570  Avery, Richardson II  25 Dec 1778  6 Jun 1847  U.S. Army, War of 1812    
234 I37979  Avery, Robert  22 Sep 1839  1 Oct 1912  Civil War, Union Army   He was the commander of the 102nd New York Volunteer Infantry. he was severely wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville and, at the Battle of Lookout Mountain his right leg had to be amputated. 
235 I41449  Avery, Robert Earle  22 May 1938  12 Sep 2007  U.S. Navy    
236 I37903  Avery, Robert Hanneman  17 Jan 1840  13 Sep 1892  Civil War, Union Army   77th Illinois Infantry. POW at Andersonville Prison. 
237 I38516  Avery, Robert Stanton Sr  25 Feb 1771  27 Jun 1846  Continental Army, American Revolution    
238 I43101  Avery, Robert Thomas  2 Apr 1815      Connecticut, 3rd Company, 2nd Regiment Horse Artillery 
239 I38582  Avery, Roger  14 Apr 1761    Continental Army, American Revolution    
240 I44714  Avery, Roland Martin  12 May 1895  14 Nov 1953  U.S. Army, WWI    
241 I39270  Avery, Roswell Randall  5 Nov 1791    U.S. Army, War of 1812    
242 I35905  Avery, Rufus  16 Nov 1758  30 Jul 1842  Continental Army, American Revolution   Rufus was a Sergeant when he was defending Fort Griswold. He was taken prisoner at The Fort Griswold Massacre.

He was appointed ensign of the 3d company of militia, 8th regiment, May, 1788; lieutenant of 2d company, October,
1789; captain of 3d company, October, 1792. 
243 I45378  Avery, Rufus Lord  16 Apr 1838  2 Aug 1864  Civil War, Union Army   Died in service of disease. 
244 I41935  Avery, Samuel  13 Jan 1824    Civil War, Union Army   48th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry 
245 I40440  Avery, Samuel Look  9 Dec 1846  27 Feb 1907  Civil War, Union Army    
246 I38716  Avery, Silvanus Sr        Continental Army, American Revolution 
247 I39137  Avery, Simeon Sr  19 Jul 1791    U.S. Army, War of 1812    
248 I43100  Avery, Simeon Peter  1 Jan 1813  10 Mar 1876    3d Lieutenant, 3rd Company, 2nd Regiment, Connecticut Artillery. 
249 I35836  Avery, Simon  30 Oct 1753  1 Aug 1809  Continental Army, American Revolution    
250 I42590  Avery, Simon Gager  12 Dec 1834  20 Mar 1893  Civil War, Union Army    

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