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Report: Military Service

         Description: Military Service

honoring our relatives that have served this country. This list is "in progress" and by no means comlete. If you feel we've overlooked someone please contact us using the "Suggest" tab on the top of their page.

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# Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Death Date Military Service: Place Military Service
151 I2903  Brigham, Daniel  15 Nov 1760  7 Mar 1807  Continental Army, American Revolution   He was a private under Captains Morse Barnes and Pritchard and Colonels Read and Howe. 
152 I3500  Brigham, Daniel  28 Apr 1735  1759    Daniel was a soldier during the French-Indian Wars. He died during the Crown Point Expedition.

The following is excerpted from "The Hundredth Town. Glimpses of Life in Westborough 1717-1817" by Harriette Merrifield Forbes

This was just before the war of 1758. Daniel Brigham, a young man of twenty-three, was drafted into the army, and the most strenuous efforts of the family failed to procure a substitute. Just before leaving home, as he was going up the road for the cattle, late one afternoon, he was startled by seeing before him a man wrapped in an Indian blanket. He recognized the figure and face of the man as his own. It disappeared. His brother, standing in the doorway of the old house, also saw the form. He went to the war with the conviction that he should never return.

A few weeks after, he fell ill of a fever, at Crown Point. When near the point of death, an Englishman found him attended by a friendly Indian, and wrapped in an Indian blanket. Afterwards the Englishman brought back to Grafton this account of the realization of their fears.

The exact spot where this apparition was seen has for many generations been pointed out to the children of the family. It is not far beyond the Brigham homestead, now owned by Mr. E. A. Brigham, on the " old road," just after passing the "dry bridge." 
153 I3036  Brigham, Daniel  25 Dec 1760  11 Oct 1818  Continental Army, American Revolution    
154 I2593  Brigham, David  4 Apr 1745  27 Sep 1824  Continental Army, American Revolution   he was in Captain Ross Wyman's Artillery Company, Colonel Jonathan Ward's Regiment which marched on the Lexington Alarm; in 1777, marched on an alarm at Bennington in Captain John Maynard's Company, Colonel. Job Cushing's Regiment. 
155 I15101  Brigham, David C  6 Jun 1838  20 Jun 1864  Civil War, Union Army   POW, Co. D. 22nd Michigan Infantry. Captured at the battle of chickamauga. Died at Andersonville Prison, GA. 
156 I18389  Brigham, David Conant Sr.  26 Sep 1924  22 Aug 2009  U.S. Air Force, Korea   Fighter Pilot 
157 I887  Brigham, Dexter  25 May 1786  22 Dec 1870  U.S. Army, War of 1812   Enlisted 10 September 1814. Discharged 1 November 1814. 
158 I4443  Brigham, Dexter  28 Oct 1829  1854    He went to sea in 1848, and became an officer in the merchant marine. He was in the U. S. Navy stationed on the African coast to intercept the slave trade in 1853. He was an officer of the "USS Albany," which, in 1854, was lost at sea with all on board. 
159 I2153  Brigham, Dexter Pierpont  14 Oct 1843  1 Jun 1911  Civil War, Union Army   He enlisted 11 Jul 1862 for three years. On 31 Jul 1862 he mustered into the 34th Regiment Company C Massachusetts. Volunteers. He was engaged in sixteen battles. He was wounded in left foot at battle of Stickney's Farm Virginia on 13 Oct 1864. He was promoted to corporal. He was discharged at Richmond Virginia 15 Jun 1865, at the close of war. 
160 I355  Brigham, Don Alphonso  7 Nov 1845  18 Mar 1866  Civil War, Union Army    
161 I2678  Brigham, Don Carlos  21 Feb 1764  27 Mar 1843  Continental Army, American Revolution    
162 I1252  Brigham, Ebenezer  3 Mar 1761  15 Dec 1839  U.S. Army, War of 1812   Captain of Infantry. 
163 I3070  Brigham, Ebenezer  28 Apr 1789  14 Sep 1861  U.S. Army, Blackhawk War   He served as a colonel in the Wisconsin Territorial Militia. Fort Blue Mounds was later built near his home, where he and his neighbors took refuge there during the conflict. He successfully defended the post against several raids by the Sauk and Fox. 
164 I3050  Brigham, Edmund  12 Aug 1733  29 Jun 1806  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served as Captain in Major General Ward's Regiment. From "The History of the Brigham Family Vol 1" Capt. Edmund was also deacon; he settled near Chauncey Pond in the northeast part of Westboro, and was an important citizen. He was warden in 1774; member of a committee of vigilance and correspondence, '77 and '78; selectman, '79, '87, '88, '91, 93. Was also Captain of the Company of Minute Men who marched on the Lexington Alarm'. He took 18 men to the Northern Army, (who each had a bounty of 9), and at the surrender of Burgoyne he had command of a company of volunteers. Was kicked by a horse, which incapacitated him for further service in the army. British prisoners, destined for Boston, under charge of officers, accompanied him on his journey home, and were encamped on his grounds for a night, as they passed through Westboro. During the halt, a Hessian prisoner drew a map of Capt. Brigham's fine farm as the one he intended to draw for his service in conquering the country. This map was discovered, about 1800, by a citizen from the vicinity of Westboro, hanging upon the wall of an inn in Germany, and recognized. Up to this time, his descendants have failed to find the grave of this Revolutionary hero. 
165 I2135  Brigham, Edmund  19 Oct 1758  22 Apr 1840  Continental Army, American Revolution   A solder of the Revolution. He was a private. 
166 I2027  Brigham, Edward  21 May 1754  5 May 1838  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served as a Private and Corporal under Captains Wheelock and Brigham, and as a Sergeant under Captain Houghton and Colonels Ward and Jonathan Smith. 
167 I4714  Brigham, Edward H  27 Mar 1845  22 Oct 1880  Civil War, Union Army   Enlisted 9 Dec 1861, Company M, 1st New Hampshire Volunteer Cavalry. Re-enlisted 1 Jan 1864 wounded and captured 29 June, 1864, in Ream's Station Virginia. Released from Libby Prison, 30 June, 1865. 
168 I4486  Brigham, Edwin Howard  27 Sep 1840    Civil War, Union Army   Hospital Steward, 13th Mass, Vols, Co. A from 20 Jul 1861 to 24 Feb 1864 
169 I26144  Brigham, Elden Leslie  14 Jun 1907  1 Sep 1994  U.S. Navy, WWII    
170 I1244  Brigham, Captain Elijah  19 Jul 1776  8 May 1861  U.S. Army   Commissioned 29 Mar 1804. Discharged 6 Apr 1811. 
171 I4674  Brigham, Elijah  14 Mar 1843    Civil War, Union Army   Corporal, 134th Ill Regtiment 
172 I611  Brigham, Reverend Elijah  17 Nov 1804  5 Jan 1878    He was early a captain in the Militia. 
173 I1181  Brigham, Lieutenant Elijah  5 Sep 1742  8 Jan 1804  Continental Army, American Revolution   He was in Captain Josiah Fay's company of Minute-men, as Lieutenant, and marched on the Lexington Alarm. 
174 I1524  Brigham, Brigadier General Elijah Dana  17 Aug 1813  6 Apr 1868  Civil War, Union Army   On the thirteenth day of June, 1861 he was commissioned Commissary-General of Massachusetts, with the rank of colonel, which rank he held until May 14, 1864, when he was promoted by the Governor to the rank of brigadier-general. Camp Brigham Massachusetts was so named in his honor. 
175 I3867  Brigham, Elisha  6 Jan 1750  8 Sep 1808  Continental Army, American Revolution   He was at the battle of Saratoga; as a private in Captain Asa Danforth's Company of Volunteers. 
176 I4398  Brigham, Lieutenant Elliott Fay  13 Jan 1839    Civil War, Union Army   4th Massachusetts Calvary 
177 I1792  Brigham, Elnathan  1757  1835  Continental Army, American Revolution   Elnathan Was a pensioner in 1832, and probably was the one recorded as being in Captain Rudd's Company, Tyler's Brigade, when attempting to dislodge the British from Newport, from Aug.2-Sept 12, 1778, and was at the battle of Long Island. Also in Captain Waterman's Company, 6 Sept. to 8 Sept., 1781, and on duty in New London. 
178 I33082  Brigham, Emerald  1 May 1790  15 Mar 1863  U.S. Army, War of 1812    
179 I678  Brigham, Captain Ephraim Harris  26 Sep 1822  21 Aug 1877    The country was still mourning the thousands killed at the battle of Malvern Hill when, on 4 July 1862, President Lincoln shocked the nation by calling for three hundred thousand additional troops. The town of Natick MA was expected to provide one hundred and three men. (enough to staff a company). On 28 July there was a town meeting. United States Senator Henry Wilson, Captain Ephraim H. Brigham, and others addressed the crowd. After a series of town meetings the town of Natick provided one hundred and twenty seven men. Twenty four more than expected.

Before the war Captain Brigham was Deputy Sheriff of the town of Natick. He was discharged from the army 25 Aug 1862. He went on Disability on 5 Sep 1864. In time of peace he was a Commission merchant. 
180 I155  Brigham, Ephraim Monroe  16 Sep 1832  2 Jan 1914  Civil War, Union Army   He served in the 30th Michigan Infantry Co. C 
181 I7263  Brigham, Erwin Risley Jr         
182 I4857  Brigham, Fletcher  13 Jan 1845  6 Jan 1923  Civil War, Union Army   Co. C 33 ILL Inf. 
183 I1905  Brigham, Francis Algernon  6 Nov 1838  6 Nov 1917  Civil War, Union Army   He enlisted on 29 Jun 1861, for three years. On 16 Jul 1861 he mustered into the 13th Regiment Company K Massachusetts volunteers. He was discharged in Virginia, 2 Apr 1862, by reason of disability. He was afterward mustered 25 Sep,1862, in the 51st Regiment Company E, M. V. M. He served in North Carolina and Maryland . He was discharged at Worcester, Massachusetts 27 July 1863, at the expiration of his service. 
184 I20450  Brigham, Francis Ernest  18 Apr 1929  25 Apr 2001  U.S. Navy, WWII    
185 I5918  Brigham, Francis Gorham  27 Sep 1882    U.S. Army, WWI   During World War I Dr. Brigham was in France the practice of his profession with the Army. 
186 I8061  Brigham, Tech Sergeant Francis M  Abt 1923  9 Jan 1943  U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII   History by: Michael Stupinski

Born in 1923, at the time of the 1930 census Frank was 6 years old and lived at 33 Elizabeth Street with his father George, a lumber yard dealer, his mother Adelphine, and a sister, Marion, age 4. He had completed 4 years of high school and was single when he enlisted for duty in Hartford on July 9, 1941. He gave his occupation as truck driver. Assigned to the 320th Bomber Squadron, 90th Bomber Group, 5th Air Force, he was a radioman / gunner on a B24. His Army Serial Number was 11010936

On January 9, 1943, near the island of New Britain in the Southwest Pacific, Frank's aircraft (serial number 772, the "Little Eva") was tracking a Japanese convoy that had been sighted by another aircraft. Flying at 7,000 feet, they spotted the convoy and prepared to make a bombing run against it. At that point 8 Japanese Zeros, flying in groups of four, attacked the bomber from head-on, making repeated runs against the plane. On the sixth attack the nose gunner on the bomber was presumably hit, as he stopped firing. On one of the last runs, the pilot was severely wounded by a bullet that then passed through Sgt. Brigham's left shoulder, also severely wounding him.

The co-pilot took over the controls and dove for cloud cover. The aircraft lost power and the co-pilot prepared the crew for a water landing. The navigator had, by this time, treated Sgt. Brigham's wound the best he could under the circumstances. The wounded pilot helped the co-pilot land the aircraft in the water.

The plane had broken up and was burning when the co-pilot got out of it. He found two empty life rafts, but no other members of the 9-man crew, including Sgt. Brigham, survived. He was in the raft for 9 days before landing on an island, and was eventually picked up after another 4 weeks had passed. Attempts to locate the aircraft and recover the bodies of the crew were fruitless. There is a monument to Sgt. Brigham at Fort William McKinley in Manila, The Philippines. He was awarded the Air Medal and the Purple Heart. 
187 I2145  Brigham, Franklin Whiting  13 Sep 1841  28 Feb 1899  U.S. Navy    
188 I2341  Brigham, George  7 Mar 1730  26 Mar 1808  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served as a Private under Captain Silas Gates and Colonel Ward. Eh served as selectman, and a Representative to the General Court. 
189 I7615  Brigham, George Allen  17 Oct 1924  10 Oct 2006  U.S. Marine Corps, WWII   Marine aviator. WWII, Korea, Vietnam 
190 I2023  Brigham, George Cushing  3 Jan 1849  4 Jan 1889  Civil War, Union Army   He enlisted 8 Aug 1864, for one year. On 12 Aug 1864 he mustered into Company E 4th Heavy Artillery Massachusetts Volunteers He was discharged in Virginia 17 Jun 1865 at the close of war. He made his living as a mechanic. 
191 I3917  Brigham, Captain George Needham  2 May 1831  25 Mar 1896  Civil War, Union Army   He enlisted in July of 1862 as a Sergeant of Company D 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. He was promoted several times making Captain on the 26th of June in 1864. He was wounded at the battles of Gettysburg, Morton's Ford and Reams Station. He was discharged for health reasons on the 8th of Dec 1864.

Service Record:
Enlisted as a Sergeant on 16 July 1862.
Enlisted in Company D, 14th Infantry Regiment Connecticut on 20 Aug 1862.
Promoted to Full 2nd Lieutenant of Co. I on 16 Nov 1863.
Promoted to Full 1st Lieutenant of Co. B on 28 Mar 1864.
Promoted to Full Captain As of Co. B on 26 Jun 1864.
Discharged from Company D, 14th Infantry Regiment Connecticut on 8 Dec 1864.

Wounded 7/3/1863 Gettysburg, PA
Wounded 2/6/1864 Morton's Ford, VA
Wounded 8/25/1864 Reams' Station, VA 
192 I8057  Brigham, Sergeant George Newton  13 Feb 1896  13 Mar 1979  U.S. Army, WWI   He was assigned to Company I, 47th Infantry Regiment, 4th Division. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Purple Heart. On August 19th, 1918, he was on patrol with another soldier behind enemy lines. The two men attacked a German machine gun emplacement killing two enemy soldiers and destroyed the machine gun nest. Although he was wounded (then) Corporal Brigham refused medical treatment until the mission was completed. 
193 I15100  Brigham, George W  29 Feb 1836  16 Mar 1863  Civil War, Union Army   Died of disease during Service in Co. D, Michigan 22nd Infantry.

194 I3132  Brigham, Lieutenant George Washington  22 Sep 1836    Civil War, Union Army   He was 1st Lieutenant and Quartermaster of the 103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  
195 I11198  Brigham, Captain George Washington  6 Nov 1836  15 May 1862    He was a Captain in the 117th New York Volunteers. He was killed in the battle of Drury Bluff, Virginia. 
196 I201  Brigham, Gershom  27 Jun 1750  22 Oct 1817  Continental Army, American Revolution   Gershom was a minute man from Marlboro, under Captain William Brigham at Concord in 1775. 
197 I2493  Brigham, Harold Montford  6 Apr 1900    U.S. Marine Corps   He was a student at the High School of Commerce in Worcester Massachusetts. He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps at Worcester, 7 Aug 1918; was examined in Boston; sent tot Paris Island, South Carolina 21 Aug.1918. He remained there nearly three months before shipping out to Naval Training Station at Great Lakes Illinois to study aerial gunnery. He then went to Miami Florida where he was attached to Platoon G, Aviation Force. He hen went to Port au Prince, Haiti, where he remained until 2 Aug 1919 when he was transported to Philadelphia Naval Station where he was discharged 10 Sep 1919. 
198 I3686  Brigham, Harrison Merriam  4 Feb 1838  22 Mar 1906  U.S. Army, War of 1812   He enlisted 27 Jun 186 for three years On 16 Jul 1861 he mustered into the 13th Regiment Company K Massachusetts Volunteers. He was transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps, Feb. 15, 1864; and was discharged at Washington, D.C, 16 Jul 1864 at the expiration of his service. 
199 I5391  Brigham, Harry Whiting  19 Dec 1890  30 Jan 1919  U.S. Army, WWI   He died of illness while in the service of his country. 
200 I4640  Brigham, Haven T  17 May 1846  Jan 4 1826  Civil War, Union Army   At 16 he enlisted as a private and served for 6 months he was honorably discharged. 

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