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Report: Military Service

         Description: Military Service

honoring our relatives that have served this country. This list is "in progress" and by no means comlete. If you feel we've overlooked someone please contact us using the "Suggest" tab on the top of their page.

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# Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Death Date Military Service: Place Military Service
1051 I8599  Wheelock, Ensign Samuel  6 Sep 1714  Abt Dec 1792  Continental Army, French and Indian War    
1052 I31566  Wheelock, Sherman  27 Dec 1792    U.S. Army, War of 1812    
1053 I31634  Wheelock, Sherman  Abt 1833    Civil War, Union Army   Wounded May 6th, at the Battle of the Wilderness. 
1054 I8593  Wheelock, Colonel Silas  11 Mar 1718  Bef 28 May 1793  Continental Army, American Revolution   Served in the Worcester County Regiment. 
1055 I8852  Wheelock, Simeon  18 Mar 1741  26 Jan 1787  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served as First Lieutenant of minute men at the Lexington Alarm in Capt. Joseph Chapin's company. He later served as Lieutenant in other companies.

After the war he was killed when his horse slipped on ice while, while on duty protecting the Springfield Armory during Shays' Rebellion. 
1056 I9079  Wheelock, Stephen  22 Feb 1750    Continental Army, American Revolution   He was a Private in Captain Job Cushing's Company of Minutemen. He marched in response to the Lexington Alarm of 19 April, 1775. 
1057 I17566  Wheelock, Theodore Darius  3 Apr 1840  21 May1906  Civil War, Union Army   Company H, Illinois 19th Infantry. 
1058 I14998  Wheelock, Theodore Henry  16 Jul 1919  23 Feb 2012  U.S. Navy, WWII    
1059 I8932  Wheelock, Private Thomas  7 Apr 1749  15 Aug 1804    He was a private in Captain Jacob Miller's Company, Colonel Ephraim Doolittle's Regiment; serving for the town of Holliston. 
1060 I20965  Wheelock, Thomas D  29 Nov 1830  22 Nov 1864  Civil War, Union Army   Died as a Union prisoner of war in a Confederate camp in Millum, Georgia. 
1061 I15271  Wheelock, Thomas Gordon  22 Jan 1904  13 May 1967  U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII   Served as a meteorologist. 
1062 I8470  Wheelock, Timothy  1673  2 Jan 1761  Continental Army, French and Indian War   According to "The Story of Colonial Lancaster", by Marion Fuller Safford, 1937, Timothy Wheelock participated in an "unsuccessful, even disastrous expedition against Canada", in or around 1688. Conducted by the Royal Governor of the Commonwealth, Governor Phips, this expedition resulted from the ongoing conflict between Britain and France. Timothy Wheelock, and the four other Lancaster soldiers who participated in this conflict were not properly paid until "50 years later" when land grants were made to their heirs. William S. Tilden, in "The History of Medfield" writes that Timothy seems to have been incapable of taking care of himself. In 1699, a special town meeting was called to see what to. It was decided "to pay out of the town treasury to John Arnold, prison keeper, to take the best and most prudent care of Wheelock". In 1749, Joseph Wheelock of Lancaster deeds lands to Ephraim Wheelock of Medfield "for taking care of my brother Timothy Wheelock." 
1063 I8682  Wheelock, Timothy  24 Jun 1724  14 Apr 1812  Continental Army, American Revolution   According to the DAR Timmothy was a Minute Man in the Revolution, however this may be an error in which his son was the actual soldier. 
1064 I19255  Wheelock, Walter Edwin  4 Jul 1891  9 Feb 1986  U.S. Army, WWI   Minnesota National Guard  
1065 I24339  Wheelock, Warren Ray  19 Nov 1932  20 Feb 2015  U.S. Army    
1066 I9417  Wheelock, Welcome  26 Sep 1784  20 Mar 1865  Civil War, Union Army    
1067 I19964  Wheelock, Willard Elmer  29 Aug 1889    U.S. Army, WWI   Medical Corp, 307th Infantry, 77th Division. 
1068 I19469  Wheelock, William H  1826  28 Jul 1864  Civil War, Union Army   New York, 14th Artillery. POW. Died in Andersonville Prison 
1069 I27773  Wheelock, William Hawkshurst  16 Sep 1936    U.S. Air Force    
1070 I19617  Wheelock, William Warren  14 May 1835  9 Apr 1920  Civil War, Union Army   Illinois 15th Infantry. 
1071 I14665  Whitney, son    2 Oct 1422    A son of Sir Robert Whitney was killed at the Battle of Pilleth on Wednesday, 2 October 1422 in Radnoreshire, Wales. 
1072 I29416  Whitney, Wheelock Jr  30 Jul 1926  20 May 2016  U.S. Navy    
1073 I15226  Wiborn, Edward W  11 Apr 1934  24 Apr 2000  U.S. Army    
1074 I6738  Wiborn, Frank  28 Feb 1907  14 May 1958  U.S. Navy    
1075 I36784  Widner, Omer Dale  16 Nov 1918  15 Jun 1977  U.S. Army, WWII    
1076 I30548  Willey, Able      Continental Army, American Revolution    
1077 I858  Willey, Ensign Abraham  11 May 1750  12 May 1841  Continental Army, American Revolution   A soldier of the Revolution. "He is in the Lexington Alarm" list From East Haddam Connecticut. He was appointed Ensign in the 9th Company 1779. 
1078 I37652  Williams, Lytle George  19 Aug 1895  11 Oct 1960  U.S. Army, WWI    
1079 I8321  Witherby, Thomas  1 Jan 1747  8 May 1828    According to the Daughters of The American Revolution Thomas's military service needs proof. They say the service popularly accredited to him "belongs to another man of the same name".  
1080 I33353  Witt, Merl Wesley  19 Sep 1922  14 Oct 2004  U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII    
1081 I8901  Wood, Josiah  Abt 1737  3 Nov 1815  Continental Army, American Revolution    
1082 I25492  Wood, Maxwell  14 Oct 1924  19 Feb 2013  U.S. Army, WWII    
1083 I36051  Woodbridge, Christopher  4 Jul 1756    Continental Army, American Revolution   Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre. 
1084 I36049  Woodbridge, Henry  25 Oct 1750  6 Sep 1781  Continental Army, American Revolution   Killed at the Fort Griswold Massacre) 
1085 I20225  Woodruff, Julia Ellen  14 Nov 1874    U.S. Navy, WWI   Recruiter, Chief Petty Officer. 
1086 I34520  Woodward, George Wheelock  12 Feb 1810  29 Jun 1887  Civil War, Union Army   Served as a chaplain for the Illinois 45th Infantry. January 1, 1862 to January 28, 1863. 
1087 I22686  Young, John  30 Nov 1750  28 Feb 1826  Continental Army, American Revolution    
1088 I7801  Young, Joseph Ernest  9 Jan 1869  1901  U.S. Army   Joseph died in the service of his country in the Philippine Islands. 
1089 I8212  Young, Richard Whitehead  19 Apr 1858  27 Dec 1919    In 1882 Richard Young graduated from West Point, 15th in his class. He went on to Columbia University Law School and graduated in 1884. He practiced as a military attorney until 1888, when he returned to Utah to open a private law practice.

He reentered the Army as a captain during the Spanish-American War, and led the Utah Light Artillery in the Philippines. When the war ended, he was appointed as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Territory of the Philippines Supreme Court. He later returned to private legal practice, acting as attorney for the Idaho Sugar Company.

During WWI, 1918 he was commissioned as a brigadier general. He led a U.S. infantry brigade in France. He died of appendicitis in 1919. 
1090 I34342  Young, Vera  5 Nov 1902  12 Dec 1984  U.S. Army, WWII    
1091 I23740  Zog I King of the Albanians  8 Oct 1895  9 Apr 1961    During the First World War, Zogolli volunteered on the side of Austria-Hungary. 

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