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Report: Military Service

         Description: Military Service

honoring our relatives that have served this country. This list is "in progress" and by no means comlete. If you feel we've overlooked someone please contact us using the "Suggest" tab on the top of their page.

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# Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Death Date Military Service: Place Military Service
1001 I23196  Wheelock, John Edwin  5 Sep 1920  3 Mar 1957  U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII    
1002 I19521  Wheelock, John Francis  23 Feb 1832  9 Sep 1901  Civil War, Union Army   He was a soldier of the Civil War, Company K of the 4th Michigan. 
1003 I29334  Wheelock, John Gray II  2 Apr 1890  23 Feb 1971  U.S. Army, WWI    
1004 I24321  Wheelock, John P W  20 Jun 1825  6 Aug 1863  Civil War, Union Army   Company G, 52nd Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers. Died in service of Illness. 
1005 I9065  Wheelock, Jonathan  25 Feb 1754  13 Aug 1842  Continental Army, American Revolution   He marched on the Lexington Alarm in Captain Ross Wyman's Company of artillery. He was later seved under the command of Lieutenant Jackson. 
1006 I8672  Wheelock, Jonathan  18 Sep 1727  21 Oct 1798  Continental Army, American Revolution   Jonathan was a Minuteman in the Revolution. 
1007 I9208  Wheelock, Jonathan  11 Jan 1759  5 Sep 1845  Continental Army, American Revolution    
1008 I27865  Wheelock, Joseph Brayton Sr  May 1844  16 Mar 1909  Civil War, Union Army   185th New York Infantry, Company H 
1009 I20072  Wheelock, Joseph Henry  13 Jan 1829  Apr 1862    Graduated from West Point Military Academy, enlisted Massachusetts 7th Infantry Regiment, 20 Nov 1861 - 31 Jan 1862. 
1010 I8607  Wheelock, Private Josiah  30 Mar 1725  20 Dec 1794  Continental Army, American Revolution   Responded to the Lexington Alarm under Captain William Jennison. 
1011 I9073  Wheelock, Jotham  26 Aug 1763  27 Apr 1831  Continental Army, American Revolution    
1012 I15046  Wheelock, Julia Susan  7 Oct 1833  7 Jun 1900  Civil War, Union Army   While she was never officially in the service and was never compensated, she was a volunteer that served in field hospitals and brought aid and comfort to the wounded.

In 1862 she traveled from Michigan to Alexandria, Virginia to care for her brother Orville, was wounded at the Battle of Chantilly. It was only her intention to help her brother and then return. Upon her arrival she found she was to late that her brother had already passed.

Seeing the suffering of the other solders she resolved to stay and do for them what she would have done for her brother.

Newspapers of the day often referred to her as The "Florence Nightingale of Michigan". 
1013 I15046  Wheelock, Julia Susan  7 Oct 1833  7 Jun 1900    October of 2002 she received a posthumous award from the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame, for her efforts during the Civil War. 
1014 I19496  Wheelock, Kenneth John  17 Aug 1908  27 Dec 1987  U.S. Army, WWII    
1015 I21394  Wheelock, Kenneth Richard  25 Mar 1939  29 Sep 2011  U.S. Navy    
1016 I28923  Wheelock, Laurence R  16 Aug 1947  8 Nov 2006  U.S. Army, Vietnam    
1017 I8921  Wheelock, Levi    17 Jan 1813  Continental Army, American Revolution    
1018 I27830  Wheelock, Levi Delorma  26 Sep 1838  1922  Civil War, Union Army    
1019 I32691  Wheelock, Lewis Lorenzo Jr  12 Nov 1839  31 May 1907  Civil War, Union Army   Enlisted in the 160th New York Volunteer Infantry 13 August 1862. He served as a lieutenant for company B and was promoted to captain for company C. He was discharged 14 November 1865 when the regiment was disbanded. He served under General Sheridan during the Shenandoah campaign.  
1020 I19504  Wheelock, Loren August  24 Aug 1931  30 Dec 2012  U.S. Navy    
1021 I18878  Wheelock, Lorenzo  24 Dec 1812  17 Feb 1895  Civil War, Union Army    
1022 I36258  Wheelock, Lorenzo Stillman  11 Sep 1834  5 Oct 1875  Civil War, Union Army   Wounded at The Battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862, Washington County, Maryland. 
1023 I19039  Wheelock, Luman Cyrus  10 Mar 1845    Civil War, Union Army   Company F, 95th Illinois Infantry. 
1024 I9273  Wheelock, Lyman  30 Nov 1761  29 Mar 1848  Continental Army, American Revolution    
1025 I19227  Wheelock, Lyman  13 Nov 1832  1902  Civil War, Union Army    
1026 I27771  Wheelock, Morgan Dix  10 Jan 1909  26 Sep 1988  U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII   Served as a U.S. Air Force reservist after the Air Force separated from the Army. 
1027 I9014  Wheelock, Moses  11 Jan 1737  15 Apr 1801  Continental Army, American Revolution   He responded to the Lexington Alarm. He was commissioned Captian in 1775. He was a major under Colonel Jonathan Smith in 1776. On 16 June 1777 he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the Worcester County Regiment that reinforced General Gates. 
1028 I17838  Wheelock, Norman  2 Jun 1825    Civil War, Union Army   Company D, 28th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers 
1029 I8925  Wheelock, Obadiah  20 Apr 1762    Continental Army, American Revolution    
1030 I21168  Wheelock, Oliver  12 Nov 1837  17 Jan 1907  Civil War, Union Army    
1031 I15041  Wheelock, Orville  30 May 1826  9 Sep 1862  Civil War, Union Army   Company K 8th Regiment Michigan Infantry. He was mortally wounded on the afternoon of September 1st, at the Battle of Chantilly. He lay on the battle field until the evening of September 5th. At that point had had a limb amputated and was transported to the hospital at Alexandria, Virginia where he died on September 9th. 
1032 I17837  Wheelock, Orville Edgar  11 Jan 1823  9 Aug 1899  Civil War, Union Army   1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery Regiment, Company A. 
1033 I9784  Wheelock, Oscar Merritt  10 Jun 1877  15 Apr 1911    While on the run from arrest warrants in the United States he served as an officer in the Mexican Revolution. On 15 November 1951 he was posthumously awarded the Mexican Legion of Honor medal. The U.S. Government denied his mother's request for military honors at his burial due to his criminal activity.  
1034 I37744  Wheelock, Otis E  26 Dec 1829  13 Feb 1864  Civil War, Union Army   11th New York Calvary Volunteers, Company G. Died in service from small pox. 
1035 I8846  Wheelock, Private Paul  Abt 1755  21 Aug 1840  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served as a private in Colonel Jonathan Holman's Regiment. 
1036 I8802  Wheelock, Corporal Paul  9 Feb 1738  1807  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served as a corporal in Colonel Joseph Reed's Regiment. 
1037 I8595  Wheelock, Peter  23 Jul 1724  18 Feb 1802    In 1781 Peter was a member of a committee to hire soldiers for the Revolution. 
1038 I20120  Wheelock, Philip Oughton  19 Sep 1924  7 Mar 2009  U.S. Army, WWII   He served as an infantry paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne. 
1039 I8983  Wheelock, Ralph Jr  6 Sep 1758  28 Aug 1847  Continental Army, American Revolution    
1040 I18916  Wheelock, Richard Lawrence  27 Sep 1926  20 Aug 1951  U.S. Army, WWII   TEC4, 91st Constabulary Squadron 
1041 I19086  Wheelock, Robert Evans  18 Sep 1909  22 Jan 1955  U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII   510th Bomb Squadron  
1042 I19498  Wheelock, Robert Leigh  14 Nov 1918  6 Nov 1999  U.S. Army, WWII    
1043 I28986  Wheelock, Ronald Clarence  11 Nov 1915  29 Sep 1987  U.S. Army    
1044 I24338  Wheelock, Russell George  27 Dec 1927  4 Nov 2002  U.S. Army, WWII    
1045 I8915  Wheelock, Private Samuel      Continental Army, American Revolution   He responded to the Lexington Alarm of 19 April 1775 under Captain Staples Chamberlain's Company of Militia. 
1046 I8599  Wheelock, Ensign Samuel  6 Sep 1714  Abt Dec 1792  Continental Army, French and Indian War    
1047 I31566  Wheelock, Sherman  27 Dec 1792    U.S. Army, War of 1812    
1048 I31634  Wheelock, Sherman  Abt 1833    Civil War, Union Army   Wounded May 6th, at the Battle of the Wilderness. 
1049 I8593  Wheelock, Colonel Silas  11 Mar 1718  Bef 28 May 1793  Continental Army, American Revolution   Served in the Worcester County Regiment. 
1050 I8852  Wheelock, Simeon  18 Mar 1741  26 Jan 1787  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served as First Lieutenant of minute men at the Lexington Alarm in Capt. Joseph Chapin's company. He later served as Lieutenant in other companies.

After the war he was killed when his horse slipped on ice while, while on duty protecting the Springfield Armory during Shays' Rebellion. 

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