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Report: Military Service

         Description: Military Service

honoring our relatives that have served this country. This list is "in progress" and by no means comlete. If you feel we've overlooked someone please contact us using the "Suggest" tab on the top of their page.

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# Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Death Date Military Service: Place Military Service
101 I24651  Blackman, Denver  2 Nov 1917  20 Apr 2009  U.S. Navy, WWII    
102 I35132  Blanchard, Augustus  29 Jul 1746  27 Feb 1809  Continental Army, American Revolution    
103 I37693  Bledsoe, Maynard Tevis  28 Feb 1900  1 Jul 1955  U.S. Navy, WWI   also WWII. 
104 I12606  Blount, Sir Walter  Abt 1350  21 Jul 1403    At the Battle of Shrewsbury he served as the royal standard bearer, was mistaken for the king and killed in combat. 
105 I29838  Bowen, Verna Sarah  29 Jan 1917  30 Sep 1996  U.S. Army, WWII   Sergeant. 
106 I20749  Boyer, Dennis Clark  28 Jul 1941  11 Oct 2009  U.S. Army, Vietnam    
107 I20732  Boyer, William H  1829  29 Apr 1865  Civil War, Union Army   17th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Company K. 
108 I28357  Brady, Gale O  6 Oct 1924  7 May 2000  U.S. Army, WWII   Also served in Korea. U.S. Army Veteran serving 4 years. U.S. Navy Veteran serving 7 years. 
109 I11946  Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell Sr  14 Jan 1842  1920  Civil War, Union Army   Officer in the Union Army and the regular army after the war. 
110 I33119  Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell  6 Mar 1872  11 Feb 1898  U.S. Navy Spanish-American War    
111 I11628  Brewster, Private First Class Walter E  14 Dec 1920  26 Feb 1945  U.S. Army, WWII   Killed in Action 
112 I16327  Briggs, William Henry Jr  1920  2000  U.S. Army, WWII    
113 I3017  Brigham, Aaron  22 Nov 1762  23 Mar 1831  Continental Army, American Revolution   A private in Captain Amasa Cranston's Company, Colonel Samuel Dennis' Regiment for a month in 1779. In 1780 he was in the Continental Army and discharged 13 Jan 1781. 
114 I3852  Brigham, Aaron  20 Oct 1797  16 Feb 1876  U.S. Army, War of 1812    
115 I3987  Brigham, Aaron  11 Mar 1796  7 Jun 1872  U.S. Army, War of 1812    
116 I4228  Brigham, Aaron Augustus  27 May 1836  7 Dec 1864  Civil War, Union Army   Co. F, 8th Minn. Vols. Killed in the battle of Murfreesboro, 7 Dec, 1864.
117 I1837  Brigham, Abel  25 Mar 1760  Aug 1844  Continental Army, American Revolution    
118 I2251  Brigham, Abijah  26 Aug 1737  2 Apr 1814  Continental Army, American Revolution   He was a Lieutenant on the Sudbury muster roll of 1775; he marched on the Lexington alarm from Sudbury to Cambridge. He. was in Captain in. A. Wheeler's Company, Colonel. E. Howe's regiment, as 2d Lieutenant, commissioned 5 July, 1776; also, enlisted 20 Oct., 1779, as 2nd Lieutenant, in Captain. A. Cranston's Company., Colonel. Denny's regiment. 
119 I3860  Brigham, Abner  19 Feb 1750  14 Mar 1800  Continental Army, American Revolution    
120 I2784  Brigham, Abraham  25 Feb 1720  10 Nov 1788  Continental Army, American Revolution   He marched on the Lexington alarm with Captain William. Brigham s Company, Colonel. Jonathan Ward's Regiment for service of 14 days. 
121 I2498  Brigham, Addington Munroe  27 Mar 1837  2 Jan 1924  Civil War, Union Army   Company E 5th Massachusetts Infantry 
122 I7665  Brigham, Agnes Abigail         
123 I2144  Brigham, Albert  11 Jul 1845  8 Jul 1887  Civil War, Union Army   He enlisted 25 Nov 1863 for three years. On 4 Jan 1864 he mustered into the 57th Regiment Company B Massachusetts Volunteers. He was wounded in left arm at the battle of Spottsylvania Virginia on 1 May 1864, and was discharged at Washington D.C, 10 Jun 1865, on account of disability caused by wound. 
124 I929  Brigham, Alfred Milo  21 Oct 1828  15 Jun 1864  Civil War, Union Army   He entered the Union Army in the fall of 1862 as a Corporal in the 39th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. In September 1863 he took an examination and was commissioned lieutenant in the 4th Regiment Infantry U. S. Colored Troops. His first service was in Maryland and northern Virginia. After joining the Colored Regiments he served under General B. F. Butler on the Virginia Peninsula. He was hospitalized for a short time late in 1863, owing to a leg wound received when one of his soldiers accidentally discharged a musket. He was mortally wounded on June 15, 1864 in the attack on the Confederate lines near Petersburg. 
125 I4478  Brigham, Alfred Willard  19 Jun 1837  1907  Civil War, Union Army   Enlisted on the eve of the firing on Fort Sumter, as Corporal, Co. B, 13th Mass Vols Wounded at Antietam and discharged. Re-enlisted as 1st Lieutenant Co C, 3d Mass Heavy Artillery, 1863 A.A.Q.M. 3d Brigade Hardin's Div, 22d A.C. from Apr to Oct, 1864. Captain, Co C, 3d Mass. Art., Oct., 1864; Judge Advocate Gen, Court Martial in Fort Stevens, D.C, Jun and Jul, 1865 commanded Fort Mahan, D.C, fall to spring, 1864-65 mustered out, Oct, 1865 retired, disabled by wounds. 
126 I3887  Brigham, Alpheus  30 Apr 1746  Abt 1826  Continental Army, American Revolution    
127 I428  Brigham, Alvin Ozro  11 Feb 1824  25 Mar 1865  Civil War, Union Army   He served in the 57th Massachusetts Volunteers under Captain Lawrence. He was on picket duty when he was killed During the attack on Fort Steadman Virginia. 
128 I3468  Brigham, Amariah  18 Sep 1757    Continental Army, American Revolution    
129 I1903  Brigham, Antipas  25 May 1740  20 Jun 1791  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served under Captain Daniel Barnes, and Colonel Jonathan Ward. 
130 I344  Brigham, Lieutenant Artemas  29 Sep 1739  25 Nov 1802  Continental Army, American Revolution   In 1775, he marched on the Lexington Alarm, and as a sergeant in 1777, the town voted him 18 for volunteer service. He was assessor in 1778; selectman in 1788 and '89.  
131 I348  Brigham, Artemas  10 Jan 1753  Abt 4 Jan 1799  Continental Army, American Revolution   He was a private in Captain Caleb Wright's company of Minute Men which marched on the Lexington Alarm. He also served under Colonel John Brown. 
132 I3326  Brigham, Asa  2 Dec 1721  6 Nov 1777  Continental Army, American Revolution   Served as a Major under Colonel Nichols. He served as Fitzwilliam town moderator, selectman, and treasurer of the committee of safety. 
133 I2996  Brigham, Asa  9 Nov 1729  18 Nov 1806  Continental Army, American Revolution   He was a Private under Captain Sibley and Colonel Whitney. 
134 I3909  Brigham, Asa Jr  10 Sep 1758  1839  Continental Army, American Revolution   He served in Rhode Island in 1778, in Colonel Josiah Whitney's Regiment. 
135 I5212  Brigham, Azel Parkhurst  7 Sep 1832  21 Feb 1916  Civil War, Union Army   He enlisted in the army as a musician. Later he served in the Navy. 
136 I1329  Brigham, Barnabas  29 Mar 1756  30 Jan 1817  Continental Army, American Revolution   He was a private in Captain Edmund Brigham's Company of Minute-men,Major General Ward's regiment, which marched on the alarm of April 19 1775. He was in Captain Todd's Company, Colonel Craft's Regiment of Artillery, from North Brookfield, from February 1 to May 8, 1776. 
137 I3549  Brigham, Bela Brewster  4 Feb 1784  5 Dec 1870    He was on the side of the British in the War of 1812. 
138 I4312  Brigham, Bela Brewster  10 May 1807  26 Nov 1841    Enlisted 18 December 1840 for service in the Seminole Wars. He died in service at Fort Brooke, Florida. (now present day Tampa) Cause of death was listed as "neuralgia". 
139 I9979  Brigham, Ben Bule  10 Jul 1900  2 Dec 1957  U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII    
140 I9943  Brigham, Benjamin  21 Apr 1815  21 Apr 1836    Died fighting for the independence of Texas at the Battle of San Jacinto. 
141 I194  Brigham, Benjamin  19 Feb 1714    Continental Army, American Revolution    
142 I33101  Brigham, Benjamin  4 Apr 1843  6 Jan 1935  Civil War, Confederate Army    
143 I2125  Brigham, Benjamin Franklin  24 Jun 1830  14 Apr 1895  Civil War, Union Army   He enlisted as a Private on 5 August 1862 at the age of 32. He enlisted in Company C, 24th Infantry Regiment Michigan on 15 Aug 1862.Transferred into Company 9th, 2nd Battalion, Regiment U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps on 15 May 1864. He was wounded 15 May 1864 at Gettysburg and transferred out of Company C, 24th Infantry Regiment Michigan on 15 May 1864. He was discharged from Company 9th, 2nd Battn Regiment U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps on 6 Aug 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky. 
144 I27389  Brigham, Bruce Alan  14 Jun 1924    U.S. Army    
145 I756  Brigham, Calvin Lloyd  30 Jul 1844  11 Jun 1902  Civil War, Union Army   He enlisted 23 Nov 1863 for three years. On 4 Jan 1864 he mustered into the 57th Regiment Company B Massachusetts Volunteers..He was wounded before Petersburg, 24 June 1864 in left foot, and was discharged at Worcester Massachusetts 26 June 1865, at the close of war. 
146 I5912  Brigham, Carl Campbell  4 May 1890    U.S. Army, WWI   He was commissioned as 1st Lieutenant in the Sanitary Corps, psychological service Oct. to Dec 1917 at Camp Dix. He was then assigned to Surgeon General's office in Washington DC with the group of psychologists revising army examinations. Jan to Mar 1918 he was at Camps Meade, Lee and Gordon, for psychological experiments. in Apr he was commissioned 1st Lieutenant in the Tank Corps, but did not go across to France.

Analyzing data from the Army tests he came to the conclusion that the white race was of superior intelligence. He wrote about this in his book; A Study of American Intelligence, Princeton University Press, 1923. Though he later retracted his views on the intellectual superiority and specifically disowned the book. 
147 I1174  Brigham, Charles  21 Jun 1841  Jul 1925  Civil War, Union Army   Company K, 5th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry 
148 I3404  Brigham, Captain Charles  27 Jul 1769  2 Dec 1847    He was appointed fourth sergeant in captain Jonathan Wheeler's foot company, second regiment, second brigade and seventh division. He was promoted to captain. He resigned his commission as captain 20 Jan 1809. 
149 I2795  Brigham, Charles  22 May 1799  22 Sep 1871    He attained the rank of colonel of his regiment in the state militia. 
150 I2485  Brigham, 2nd Lieutenant Charles Clayton  16 Aug 1898    U.S. Army   He was a student at the Springfield, Massachusetts Y. M. C. A. College was recommended by the President of the College to receive training that he might become an instructor in the College in the fall of 1918. He enlisted in the U.S. Army July 28 1918 was sent to Plattsburg Barracks for instruction; while there was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant. On September 20 he reported for duty at first station Student's Army Training Corps at Long Island College Hospital
Brooklyn, New York. He remained there until unit was disbanded Nov 8 1918. He received special orders to report without delay at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy New York on Nov 11. He was an instructor there until the Student's Army Training Corps was disbanded Dec 18, He was discharged Dec 23 1918. 

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