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Report: Military Service

         Description: Military Service

honoring our relatives that have served this country. This list is "in progress" and by no means comlete. If you feel we've overlooked someone please contact us using the "Suggest" tab on the top of their page.

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# Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Death Date Military Service: Place Military Service
101 I40931  Avery, Edward Woodbridge  1 Jan 1841    U.S. Army   Assistant Surgeon 
102 I40931  Avery, Edward Woodbridge  1 Jan 1841    German Army   Assistant Surgeon Franco-German war of 1870 
103 I43395  Avery, Edwin  9 Apr 1838  5 Jan 1917  Civil War, Union Army   116th Regiment, New York Infantry. 
104 I40818  Avery, Edwin Cicero  20 Nov 1837  1 Dec 1862    Company I, 161st Regiment, New York Infantry. Died in service. 
105 I42358  Avery, Edwin Prentice  26 Oct 1836    Civil War, Union Army   Company A, 18th Regiment Connecticut Infantry. Taken prisoner and held at libby Prison. 
106 I38193  Avery, Egbert  26 Jul 1789  3 Dec 1854  U.S. Army, War of 1812    
107 I43173  Avery, Egbert Hamilton  1 Jan 1816  31 Jan 1899    Captain of the 3rd Company, 2nd Regiment, Connecticut, Horse Artillery. 
108 I38128  Avery, Elihu  6 Apr 1755    Continental Army, American Revolution    
109 I35820  Avery, Elijah  15 Sep 1734  6 Sep 1781  Continental Army, American Revolution   Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre. 
110 I35837  Avery, Elisha  1755  6 Sep 1781  Continental Army, American Revolution   Killed at The Fort Griswold Massacre. 
111 I38635  Avery, Elisha Sr  30 Dec 1756    Continental Army, American Revolution    
112 I38707  Avery, Elisha      Continental Army, American Revolution    
113 I39901  Avery, Elisha Jr  16 Oct 1783    U.S. Army, War of 1812    
114 I38379  Avery, Elroy McKendree  14 Jul 1844  1 Dec 1935  Civil War, Union Army   He enlisted as a private in 1861. He mustered into the 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry. At the end of the war he mustered out as sergeant-major of the
11th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry. 
115 I36137  Avery, Francis Dennison  11 Feb 1843  Aug, 12, 1869  Civil War, Union Army   Company C, 27th Massachusetts Infantry. He was wounded May 14, 1864, at Drewry's Bluff. He died Aug, 12, 1869, from the effects of the wounds.  
116 I42390  Avery, Francis Greer  16 Feb 1839    Civil War, Union Army   Company K, 27thRegiment New York Infantry. 
117 I41764  Avery, Francis Henry  3 Oct 1833  30 Oct 1884    Enlisted August, 1861, in Company C Fourth Illinois Calvary 
118 I40197  Avery, Francis Moffit  26 Jun 1839    Civil War, Union Army   7th Illinois Calvary. 
119 I41296  Avery, Francis Newton  29 Aug 1826    U.S. Army Mexican-American War    
120 I44576  Avery, Frank Porter  24 Aug 1853    U.S. Army   Captain 
121 I40934  Avery, Franklin Newell  18 Mar 1840  19 Nov 1864    Being researched 
122 I39593  Avery, Fred    13 Mar 1865  Civil War, Union Army   POW. Died in Andersonville Prison. 
123 I38893  Avery, Frederick      Continental Army, American Revolution    
124 I40563  Avery, Frederick Allyn Jr  29 Apr 1819  9 Sep 1866  U.S. Navy    
125 I43533  Avery, Gage Hughes  6 Jan 1880    U.S. Army, Spanish-American War   34th Regiment Michigan Infantry. 
126 I38578  Avery, Gardner    28 Dec 1831  Continental Army, American Revolution    
127 I41620  Avery, George  Abt 1836  28 Jun 1862  Civil War, Union Army   9th Vermont Regiment, Company G. Died in service. 
128 I40005  Avery, George III  23 Jan 1791  17 Aug 1829  U.S. Army, War of 1812    
129 I44136  Avery, George Elfonzo  10 Mar 1834    Civil War, Union Army    
130 I44738  Avery, George Silas  12 Jul 1873    U.S. Army, Spanish-American War   3rd Regiment, New York Infantry 
131 I35967  Avery, George Smith  16 Apr 1835  29 Mar 1923  Civil War, Union Army   He enlisted in Company F, 12th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, April 19, 1861, as first sergeant, for the three month's service. He re-enlisted in September of the same year in Company I, 3rd Missouri Cavalry and, was promoted to first lieutenant. Promoted to captain in 1862. Promoted to major in 1864. He served until the end of the war. 
132 I38908  Avery, George Washington  9 Oct 1776    U.S. Army, War of 1812    
133 I41586  Avery, George Washington  24 Mar 1830      101st Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry 
134 I41483  Avery, George Whitfield  27 Sep 1836    Civil War, Union Army   He was an assistant surgeon of the 9th Connecticut volunteers. The was captured and as a POW pressed into service treating both Union and Confederate soldiers. 
135 I38453  Avery, Griswold Sr  15 Sep 1739  6 Oct 1812  Continental Army, American Revolution    
136 I44835  Avery, Harrison Orsons  24 Jul 1841  30 May 1862  Civil War, Union Army   25th Regiment, Missouri Infantry. Died at the battle of Shiloh. 
137 I32326  Avery, Harry Gardner  12 Jul 1879  18 Oct 1941  U.S. Army, Spanish-American War    
138 I42367  Avery, Henry  16 Sep 1835    Civil War, Union Army   25th Regiment Connecticut, Infantry 
139 I36138  Avery, Henry Gardner  7 Feb 1845  23 May 1904  Civil War, Union Army   He enlisted October 2, 1862 in the 52nd Massachusetts Regiment  
140 I41613  Avery, Henry Hale  3 Jul 1840    Civil War, Union Army   Company K, 23rd Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry
141 I38198  Avery, Henry William Sr  12 Oct 1795    U.S. Army, War of 1812    
142 I43170  Avery, Henry William  12 Nov 1838    Civil War, Union Army   Company B, 15th Illinois Infantry 
143 I41659  Avery, Hiram  13 Nov 1842    Civil War, Union Army   26th Regiment New York Calvary. 
144 I42770  Avery, Homer James  7 Dec 1921  30 Apr 2018  U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII   He enlisted right after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. He trained at Lackland AFB. He flew 44 missions over Germany as a B-26 bomber pilot. 
145 I43089  Avery, Horace  7 Apr 1844    Civil War, Union Army   Company K, 12th Connecticut Volunteers 
146 I41765  Avery, Howard Delos  4 Apr 1839      Company C 84th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry 
147 I42380  Avery, Howard Stanbery  22 Feb 1876  3 Apr 1902  U.S. Army, Spanish-American War   Company I, 14th Regiment, United States Infantry. He took part in the battle of Manila and, was wounded at Zapote. 
148 I40790  Avery, Ichabod  25 Aug 1817  29 Oct 1893    Captain of the state militia. 
149 I44465  Avery, Ira Walter  13 Sep 1855  5 Apr 1893  U.S. Navy   In 1875 he enlisted in the Navy for two years. He was on the ship USS Huron. He one of the survivors when the ship was wrecked. Discharged, January 1878. 
150 I38210  Avery, Irving Montgomery  1 Jul 1832  15 Aug 1909  Civil War, Union Army   From the Groton Avery Clan book; In 1861, he, with William B. Barton, raised and largely equipped the 48th regiment of New York volunteers; he went to the front as regimental quartermaster; was soon made quartermaster of the second brigade, tenth army corps; was with Admiral Dupont at Port Royal ; was with Grant before Petersburg as quartermaster of the tenth army corps, having been promoted to the rank of colonel.  

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