News: Now in the library; "Genealogy of the Cooke and Cook family". New under the Moments in Time section: my "I Love Me Wall". (purely self-indulgent, I know.)
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 Elusive People

My Great Grandmother Anna L. Kleinfeldt 1887 - 1980 (maiden name Gerber)

She entered the United States in 1903, according to the 1930 Census. I have recently found a passenger list that may be hers. What is known from this list is that an Anna Gerber age 16, a German, sailed from Bremen, Germany to Baltimore, Maryland. Oct 22 1903 - 5 Nov 1903 aboard the S.S. Cassel. The ultimate destination was Chicago, Illinois. All of this would fit. Other data is that she sailed with Emilie Molebzkowski (spelling?) age 19 and Fritz Modell age 20. They were going to see Minna Wallies. Minna might have been married to Gottlieb Wallies (Chicago census data). Her maiden name might have been Budnoh (U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes). I've been unable to connect my Great Grandmother to any of these names. The first time I've been able to find her for sure is in the 1910 census where she was a servant for George Frisbee and family. This is important because the passenger list seems to infer that Minna, Anna, and Fritz were cousins. It also gives the city of last residence (which I've yet to figure out). Currently this line dead ends at my Great Grandmother Finding a connection here would be extremely useful! Update: Came up dry with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Apparently she became a citizen by marrying my great grandfather who was U.S. Born. Therefore she had no records that would have been generated by applying for naturalization.
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Nathan Lanphear Jr.

1742 - 1790, The book: The Lanphere and related families genealogy (available free at lists him as having 19 children! A huge amount even for the time. If he had this many kids they need to be properly distributed among his three wives. If you have any information on this please contact me.
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 Mystery Photos

German Soldier

The back side has a stamp from Bruno Klitscher living in Essen, Ruhr Area. The card was addressed to Emil Gerber.
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Doctors and Nurses

Photo postcard from Germany. Addressed by Fritz Gerber to his brother Emil Gerber. Dated 1917. Lieber Bruder Teile dir mit, dass ich den lieben Brief Dankend erhalten habe und mich sehr gefreut, dass Dir noch gut geht. Dasselbe kann ich von mir sagen. Nun sei herzlich Gegrüßt und geküsst Von deinem lieben Bruder Fritz Dear Brother, Let you know that I received the dear letter with many thank and was very happy that you are still fine. I can say the same about myself. Now I am sending you hearty greetings and kisses from your dear brother Fritz My Great Grandmother Anna nee Gerber was born in 1887 so Fritz and Emil are likely siblings or cousins
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The Well Dressed Motorcyclist

Likely taken in Germany in the early 1960's.
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Mystery location.

Wooden sidewalk, a classic portrait of a boy and his dog and a girl and her doll.
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Caption on reverse April 1938.

Caption on reverse April 1938.
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Engagement Announcement

Engagement Announcement for a likely Kleinfeldt cousin.
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