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Family: Samuel Shattuck, Jr / Chloe Field (F15311)

Family Chart     |    PDF

Samuel Shattuck
Male (1716-1760)
Sara Clesson
Female (1722-1785)
Sarah Shattuck
Female (1743- )
Joseph Shattuck
Male (1745-1746)
Joseph Shattuck
Male (1749-1819)
Hannah Shattuck
Female (1753- )
Mary Shattuck
Female (1755- )
Joanna Shattuck
Female (1757- )
Lucinda Shattuck
Female (1759- )
Submit Shattuck
Female (1761- )
Samuel Shattuck, Jr
Male (1741-1827)
Chloe Field
Female (1743-1781)
Samuel Shattuck, III
Male (1764-1847)
Chloe Shattuck
Female (1766-1845)
Consider Shattuck
Male (1768-1803)
Seth Shattuck
Male (1770-1828)
Lydia Shattuck
Female (1771-1772)
Lydia Shattuck
Female (1773- )
Jesse Shattuck
Male (1775-1777)
Jesse Shattuck
Male (1777- )
Chester Shattuck
Male (1780-1823)